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Space Affairs

NEWS 2017

07.12.2017: USING WEIGHTLESSNESS FOR IDEAS! Who remembers the legendary scene from Stanley Kubrick's "2001 - A Space Odyssey" when the transport spacecraft took Dr Heywood Floyd to the orbital station? Here is a small homage to Kubrick's masterpiece with the hint that we make it possible to turn unusual ideas into reality. So if you are brooding over an idea and you only come across question marks, let us know. We have an ear for you, no matter how crazy your plans may be! We create realities with your technical team, or you can involve our experienced filmmakers right away. We look forward to your ideas! By the way, the filming and organisation of that what you see in the video was performed and planned by us together with Philips Electronics Ltd., Japan, and if you can: WATCH IT IN 4K!

20.11.2017: SOYUZ MS-09 "HORIZONS MISSION" The launch date for German ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst is shifted now to June 15, 2018. That means, we do have to adjust our Baikonur expedition to June 10 up to June 16, 2018. This date is to be confirmed (TBD) as ever. We can influence all, but not the launch dates. Soyuz MS-08 expedition will happen in March, the exact launch date isn't given at the moment. When you want to participate in a very deep emotional journey, give us a note! We do offer a new 7-day expedition program!

Soyuz MS-09 - Horizons Mission

26.10.2017: THE ZERO-G BIRDEYE VIEW New astronauts and cosmonauts have to learn to act in Zero-G, or in "Microgravity" conditions.

We made it possible that the winners of the German project "Die Astronautin" joined on our ZeroG flight in August 2017 with their own film team. It was the first time that Nicola and Insa were adapting to microgravity for a longer time. Additionally, 13 fliers from around Europe (Austria, Finland, Slovenia, Ireland, Hungary and Germany) joined on our Space Affairs full charter flight with an adventure of complete five days.

When you want to learn more about the project "Die Astronautin", join them here: https://dieastronautin.de/en
When you dream about to be weightless, join our Zero-G flights in 2018, we can promise: it is a voyage to the inner self and you will come back home after that mind changing experience! More info you will find in our own made Zero-G flight program!

21.10.2017: ALL GOOD THINGS COME TO AN END First, there were some rumours out since the beginning of 2017 what could guide to the fact that the flights at legendary air base of Sokol in Nizhny Novgorod could find an end in 2017.

All flights were suspended first by the beginning of August to end of October because of jet- and runway maintenance and legislative work what Sokol has to do. November and December were initially limited in flights schedules. Over the last months, there was no given news about that the flights will continue in this year December and also in 2018.

In last week the information was given to our side, that the management has decided to stop all civilian flight programs. That means the legendary flights with the MIG-29 "Fulcrum" found their end.

After 11 years of flying at Sokol, we are sorry to let you know about that decision. Especially to our clients who received a slot from the beginning of November until end of December. We arranged the slots, but we never make any contracts until it wasn't known, that flights and schedule are on the go. That is Space Affairs policy with any adventure, mission or event.

We are working on other flying missions what will take you up to high above in the stratosphere. It will take time, but we can promise you: it will be incredible. So, stay tuned for a flight high up to see the Earth below as you never see it before!

24.08.2017: AD ASTRA - ZERO-G FIRST! From August 12 up to August 17 we conducted an excellent zero G flight in Star City with a group of 15 with 5 additional team members.

Inside this group were a team of the German private project "Die Astronautin" (The First German Female Astronaut), founded by Claudia Kessler.

Additionally private fliers join the group from Finland, Ireland, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia and Germany. In 5-days at the location, we did filming for "Die Astronautin" with a centre to the two finalists of the project, Insa Thiele-Eich and Nicola Baumann. We filmed them in first training sessions onboard the IL-76MDK, in the days after they get first instructions of the Soyuz MS spacecraft and the modules of the International Space station. Additionally, they get g-force training in the human centrifuge TFS-7.

We do operate as more than a decade zero-G flights, but this time it was an excellent and unique event, because of the coming together from people around Europe.

Thanks very much to all of you, who helped to make it possible, in particular by the teams of our partners in Russia and by the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center.

When you want to learn more about "Die Astronautin", a privately funded project developed by Claudia Kessler, visit https://dieastronautin.de/english-version

Astronaut Steps - ZeroG Flight Experience of Space Affairs from Space Affairs on Vimeo.

24.07.2017: NEW HORIZONS FOR ALEXANDER GERST! In next year May, German ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst will head back to the stars again after his 166-day successful mission in 2014. He will fly with Soyuz MS-06 to the station, the launch is scheduled at the moment for May 28, 2018. Alexander Gerst will serve during his half a year mission for three months as the International Space Station commander. Space Affairs is setting up a close-up expedition tour what takes you for 5 days to the cosmodrome of Baikonur, where you will follow up all of the pre-launch activities of the cosmonauts of that mission up to the powerful Soyuz lift-off. The exact schedule will come out not before January 2018, but we could list you on the participants list. Our 5-day Baikonur expedition program you will find here!

27.06.2017: TO BOLDLY GO - TO THE COSMONAUT TRAINING CENTER! Nicola Baumann and Insa Thiele-Eich, finalists of the German project "Die Astronautin" (literally "The First German Woman Astronaut") will have a tough time with us in August!

First time since they were selected, they will get in touch with human spaceflight directly. Not anywhere, no! There where the cosmonauts and astronauts are made, at the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (GCTC) in Star City nearby Moscow. We will take care of them to get in touch with the amazing technology used in human spaceflight, with some machines what stress people up and setting them into another environment.

What will they do there? Be curious, we will let you know, so stay tuned! Ad astra!

When you want to learn more about "Die Astronautin", a privately funded project developed by Claudia Kessler, visit https://dieastronautin.de/english-version

Die Astronautin

20.06.2017: SPACE AFFAIRS FOR SPACE ARTISTS! Awesome! We are glad to present you one of our special guests during the upcoming zeroG flight in August:

Dr Niamh Shaw, an Irish engineer, scientist and performer who is passionate about awakening people’s curiosity and merging performance and theatre with communication, engineering, science, art, and technology.

What she told us why she wants to do it:

"I want to use my Zero G flight to explore and document microgravity- what that's going to feel like and how my body is going to cope with such extremes of changing g-forces. Because of its just one small part of the effects of space on our bodies. And if I can't cope with microgravity, what would happen to me during more rigorous elements of space travel?

As artist and communicator, I want to investigate further the notion of the vulnerability of the human once we leave the cradle of Earth, using my body versus that of the highly-skilled astronauts. This flight is part of a larger body of work which explores our frailties as single entities versus the power of the collective within the story of human space exploration. And I can't wait to see what happens!

Ad astra, Niamh"

We can promise: you will see and feel what happens!
You want to learn more about Niamh's work? https://niamhshaw.ie

The Space Cadet by Niamh Shaw

30.05.2017: SPACEMAN CHAMPIONSHIP 2017! We supported the Spaceman Championship in 2016 with a grand prize, a participation of the 1st winner on one of our world-class zeroG flights, so we do in 2017! This year's championship will be held on September 1, 2017, in Bratislava/Slovakia. The Spaceman Championship will take you through various challenges to test your physical and psychological strength, inspired by basic astronaut training. Your score will be calculated from points and times reached. Show your true self, pass your limits and become a champion. Prove that you are one of the best and win fantastic prizes. Apply now! More information is here!

24.05.2017: INTO THE ABYSS! HALO means High Altitude Low Opening. It was developed for sending out paratroopers behind the enemy lines so that the radar systems couldn't catch them. In our HALO-Tandem jumps you will drop out of a altitude of minimum 28,500 feet and then you will have a 2 minutes free fall into the abyss! For some clients these minutes are the longest in their life or the shortest ones. When back on the ground, they all want to do it again! The HALO jump season will close in this year in November. So, why not having the most thrilling time in your life? More info is here!

07.05.2017: "DOT OF LIGHT"! What is that feeling to go up to space? Three woman astronauts, Nicole Stott, Kathy Sullivan and Anushe Ansari, share their moments in life when they were privileged to belong to humans who had the chance to see Earth from another perspective. Eliza McNitt made a short movie what spot on all of their feelings! A must see!

12.04.2017: NO TIME FOR FEAR - BULL RIDE MIG-29 360! How it feels like in real during an MIG-29 jet ride is only realised by our clients. Since 2015 we install eight different cameras by customer wish in and outside the jet to give an afterwards giant impression of the flight. Of course, some videos are presented to the public on our website, YouTube channel, Facebook or Vimeo.

Now we are doing the next step and moving to VR and adding a 360-degree camera on top of that by demand! See the flight as you never seen such before. It is like that you sit on the tail of the MIG-29, and believe us: it is more force necessary as to do a bull ride! When you want to have your own bull ride, consider to visit the MIG-29 programs here to make your choice from 3 different flight programs! The camera options are available for all of them!

21.03.2017: COMMERCIAL FILMING IN ZERO-G! We do provide zeroG flights since the new millennium started. Thousands of people joined since then our parabolic flights for having fun.

But not only the fun character is that what people drive, but it is also the possibility to show unique brands and their goods in an ideal environment: weightlessness! Of course, we could help you by sending your special payload to real space, reaching the International Space Station, but there are some more natural ways to film in weightlessness.

We operated several flights for film teams, especially in the last three years we made some awesome missions. In 2014 we flew a Mexican artist group "La Gravedad de los Asuntos", in 2015 we helped Philips of Japan to show two athletes in weightlessness, a BMX biker and a skydiver & base jumper. Both are very known for their athletics, the first time someone rides a BMX bike in weightlessness to present a new razor, invented by Philips.

In 2016 we developed a production line for Korean MBC and their "Infinite Show" for a sequel. Here, six comedians visited the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Star City to have the feeling, what does it mean to be an astronaut or cosmonaut. They used the centrifuge, they used the Soyuz simulator and, as the main gig, they board into the large Ilyushin 76MDK parabolic aircraft to fly 15 parabolas. With on board: 6 camera guys who shoot the parabolas from different angles and dozens of other cameras!

Of course, there is a difference by demand. A shoot for a TV show and a commercial are both different stories. We have our commercial TV team ready to attend you:

Our Director is Thomas Rusch, a well-known photographer for commercials & arts. Thomas is always thinking about the edge of possibilities! Our director of photography is Albrecht Silberberger, who worked for big Hollywood productions like "Captain America" and did the gaffer for Steven Spielberg's "The Bridge of Spies". Albrecht received a lot of awards for his work, especially in the last two years. Also, he is an inventor for light and developed by self a lot of unique items, what will set the movie stage under the special light! Laurent Friquet is a French photographic artist who is following his way and also serves as the chief technical guy during our commercial productions, taking care of all the camera equipment and the electronic stuff what is needed.

When you have crazy ideas, and you want to do something that was never shown before, do not hesitate to contact us directly. We do speak the film production language and do know about budgets and logistic adventures, but you can be sure: we do avoid nightmares!

Commercial filming in Zero-G

02.03.2017: YOU WILL BE A STRATONAUT! The Stratosphere is the 2nd layer of Earth's atmosphere. On the south and the north pole, it started in altitudes at 8 km, at equator regions of Earth it starts at 15 km altitude. The Stratosphere is up to 50 km, where the Mesosphere is starting. Inside the Stratosphere the temperature rises as higher you go.

Since the year 2000, we fly into the Stratosphere with high-performance fighter jets. We call this region "To the Edge of Space" or "Edge of Space" because the FAI ("Fédération Aéronautique Internationale") named it decades ago. It is a fixed term in aerospace. The physical border, so the real edge of space, is at 100km altitude, called the "Karman Line." At this point, aerospace is transferring to astronautics.

Flights with the MIG-29UB "Fulcrum" are nowadays the only possibility to get high as possible with tremendous speed. Altitudes between 17 and 21 kilometres can be reached, depending on the situation of the day. Mostly, such "Edge of Space Flights" are performed in winter times between October and April, because the temperatures below the Stratosphere are deeper like in summer times. That gives more lift to the plane, and because of speed, it can go higher than like in summer times.

So, when you want to go high up, flying with Mach 1,7 (around 1,850 kph), you are strapped to your ejection seat, packed in layers of special clothes and an anti-g-force full body suit. That all keeps you alive! You can enjoy the view high above; you will see Earth curvature like never before!

Afterwards, you will feel the g-forces during aerobatic manoeuvres, what the test-pilot will show you. You go up as a human and will come back down to Earth as another one. No doubts! And you are an STRATONAUT!

Your carrer as a Stratonaut starts here!

18.02.2017: YOUR ROAD TO THE STARS! A change in the launch schedule for 2017 because of decisions of the Russian Space Agency Roskosmos, makes it a little bit more challenging for us to take you on your road to the stars. The two first launches of the year will be in March and May, but this year it will be April and July. Because of a problem of the Soyuz MS-04 spacecraft, there was done the decision to change the missions. For human spaceflight, everything is done to be on the safe side! Soyuz MS-04 will lift-off now on April 20, 2017, and Soyuz MS-05 will lift off on July 28, 2017! It is a really "hot" adventure to be in July at Kazakhstan, but it is also a very nice time to stay there, if you don't have any problems with high temperatures, what can be behind +40 degree Celsius in the early morning. But no worry, in the nights the temperatures falling to +10 degrees for cooling you down! Soyuz MS-05 will lift a three men crew to the stars. Also, Italian ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli will be on the flight. To see the road to the stars in real belongs to a "must-do" trip for any space enthusiast. Interested fans, we will set on the participant's list for no costs, contracts will only be made min. +45 days before a confirmed lift-off. More info about our trips are here!

Road to the stars!

10.02.2017: GETTING RID OF WEIGHT! Getting rid of the attraction of gravity means to go into a huge plane in Russia, the Ilyushin 76-MDK. This aircraft used for decades for cosmonaut training and scientific research of behaviour in weightlessness. Since the year 2000 we fly with this big bird, what represents the largest wide body parabolic aircraft in the world, zeroG flights, in which you can float free like the astronauts onboard the space station ISS. We do each year several fun flights and also specific flights for purposes of filming commercials. Depending on the demand, we can fly 10 to 20 parabolas in each flight, maximum two flights a day. When you want to get onboard during our fun flights you will come back full of emotions. Your personal boarding pass is waiting on you here!

14.01.2017: YOUR PRIVATE VOID! You are sitting in a turboprop aeroplane, equipped with different skydiving gear and hooked to your very experienced HALO jumpmaster. The aircraft is flying up to 30,000 feet, you trying to relax. When reaching the altitude, you hear the command "EXIT! EXIT! EXIT" and the master chief of the drop flight opens the door. You will move with your jumpmaster quickly to the open door, and then you have your private void in front of you! You were looking down in a 30,000 feet abyss! You will have a more than 2 minutes free fall to do, then 3 minutes longer before reaching Earth's soil again. Your pulse is rising more, and then you jump out! Sounds incredible? Try it in this year, your abyss is still waiting here!

02.01.2017: WELCOME TO ALL OF YOU IN 2017! New challenges, new endeavours, new programs and new adventures are on the drawing boards. Also, SPACE AFFAIRS will have a tremendous change in this year, we will make the next step in our evolution after 17 years in business! Watch out, and hope to see you!



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