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Space Affairs

NEWS 2016

24.12.2016: HAPPY HOLIDAYS, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! The team of Space Affairs wishes to all of our clients and their families, our supporters, suppliers, friends and fans a great holiday time. For those who are celebrating Christmas also a Merry Christmas to all of you.

Even when times seems to be harder, there is always something out what needs to be discovered. Even it is still your next day.

Keep your eyes upwards! And when you love the stars, never leave faith in that to come closer to them!

25.11.2016: HALO TANDEM 30,000 FT - THE VOID HALO tandem jumps belonging to the most thrilling adventures we have. People get up with a King Air turboprop aircraft to 30,000 ft and will be hooked on their tandem master. After reaching altitude, the boss of the flight will open the door, and you will hear "Exit! Exit! Exit". You will know: inside of only one minute you will be in a min 2:00-minute free fall with 230 kph! It could be the shortest two minutes in your life or the longest one!

New dates for 2017 are out! Are you dare? Here starts your first step into "THE VOID"!

09.11.2016: FREE-STYLE FILMING IN ZERO G In the last couple of years we managed some real big TV & commercial productions during a parabolic flight. We do plan with the producers such filming very precisely to have an effective way for the production. To film in weightlessness, or sometimes even in the solid 2 g phases during ascent and descent, isn't such easy. For fun flights, we fly ten parabolas. For TV productions or commercials, we do operate between 15 and 20 in each flight!

Some unexpected things can happen during a parabola, and all people on board have to take care of this situation. Free-syle filming is then necessary, but our great instructors take care about such situations to keep all safe!

23.10.2016: MBC'S INFINITE CHALLENGE Mission accomplished. We want to thank the complete production team of MBC's "Infinite Challenge" for the special team play what we enjoyed from October 17 up to October 21. Also, we want to thank more than 200 people who helped to make this mission possible: the GCTC (Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center), Igor (long year friend for 15 years) - Head of the Business Department of GCTC, the instructors, engineers, specialists of the GCTC, photographers Thomas Rusch & Markus Gloger. To our "multitasker" Stanislav and lovely interpreter Lena. To Alla and Alina who hosted us during the time of production in Russia like a mother! To the instructor team, technicians, ramp agents and pilots of the IL-76MDK, especially Anatoly & Victor. The officials and the team of RAMPORT Airport. And hundreds of people more, who we can't name here!

More than ten months of preparation and MBC's famous stars Yoo Jae-suk, Park Myeong-Su, Jeong Jun-ha, Haha and Hwang Kwanghee received a feeling what does it mean to be a cosmonaut! We combined a zeroG flight with the IL-76MDK for MBC's production team on October 20 and flown 15 parabolas. Also, a filming at the GCTC on October 21, in which the Korean stars ride the TfS-7 centrifuge, simulated a docking of the Soyuz spacecraft with the ISS, firefighting on a spaceship and lived in a space station, before receiving out of Cosmonaut's hand their certificates.

It was a world premiere in several production phases. Also, we flew out the first time the IL-76MDK of its homeport Chkalovsky air base nearby Star City to RAMPORT international airport, what is still a new part of the world known Gromov Research and Flight Test Institute (Zuchowsky). Flight participants never received a boarding pass before their zeroG flight!

More will come in the next weeks, after the TV release of the new episode! (Will also be possible to see it some days after the national broadcast on the web worldwide). We will inform when the show is be released online!

Stay tuned!

MBC's Infinite Challenge

08.10.2016: MIG-29 HIGH ALTITUDE WITH 8 CAMS & FLIGHT DATA Two humans, two high-performance jet engines, a great jet fighter aircraft, eight cameras going to high altitude.

Our MIG-29 "Fulcrum" flights, like this one with Michael from Australia who performed a high altitude, or so-called "to the edge of space flight", can be equipped by adventurers demand with eight different cameras to catch your flight of your lifetime in all angles!

Three mounted on the tail, three mounted inside of your cockpit and also 2 in the pilot's cockpit.

By seeing this footage around a week after your flight, it remains only one question to you: Is that still me in the cockpit? You want to see you on the screen? Your seat is still available here!

28.09.2016: GOING TO MARS WITH "THE HEART OF GOLD" Elon Musk's "Mars Odyssey", introduced yesterday during the 67th IAC congress, infects us with the new spirit to reach planet Mars in the next 20 to 30 years, independent from any space agency what is run by tax money.

Some facts what are know so far:

Name of the first space ship: "Heart of Gold" (From the book Hitchhikers Guide trough the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. Before Elon Musk's introduction, the space system was only named "BFS", what does mean "Big F!%&§? Space Ship")

Diameter of the space ship: 17 meters
Booster Height: 122 meters
Reusability of the booster rocket: often as once
Spaceship will be refuelled in Earth orbit before heading to Mars
Weight of the space ship: 450 tonnes (depending on max capacity of Marsonauts)
Thrust at liftoff: 127,800 kN (don't ask us about the HP!)
Crew size of each flight: 100 up to 200 future Marslings.

To set up a Mars colony, it still is necessary to have between 50 and 100 flights what will take a duration of 40 to 100 years.

We will take any "Early Bird Bookings" with a discount of 10%, but we are sorry, we don't know the final price yet!

20.09.2016: SOYUZ LIFT-OFF EXPEDITIONS BAIKONUR The Soyuz MS-02 mission is postponed in lift-off now to November 1, 2016. Out of this delay the Soyuz mission MS-03, what still is scheduled for November 15 will also become a new launch date, probably in December. This can happen, it is human spaceflight. The main objective beside flying international crews to the International Space Station ISS is: SAFETY! So, it might be a little bit complicated to the end of 2016 with the Soyuz expeditions, but why not thinking about to visit Baikonur in 2017? First mission date is Soyuz MS-04, scheduled now for March 11 (lift-off day), 2017! Follow us in the steppes of Kazakhstan! Here is your space suit waiting!

29.08.2016: STRATONAUTS - SITTING ON STARS'S FRONT PORCH. Explorers and adventurers who fly high up into the stratosphere at altitudes between 56,000 and 72,000 feet are called at Space Affairs "STRATONAUTS". Going high up into the sky was since the ancient times a sincere wish for humans.

In 16 years of business we flew hundreds of private adventurers up, and since HD technology is available, the overview effect what people on the backseat endeavoured during their flights coming in high quality to the viewers.

"STRATONAUTS" is dedicated to our clients, and we thought it could be a good idea to celebrate our 10th YouTube anniversary, showing our unique own produced movies to millions of spectators.

The movie will come out soon.

When you want to learn more about our high altitude flights into the stratosphere, or so-called "Edge of Space Flights", do not hesitate to contact us around the clock!

13.08.2016: WANTED! EMBEDDED JOURNALIST! WANTED! SPACE AFFAIRS will give a professional journalist/writer in October 2016 a unique opportunity to be embedded at the weightlessness frontier!

You write for a high class international online & print magazine, and you always wanted to have a unique story about nowadays media intentions to challenge humans in extraordinary environments?

Have you passion and no fear?

Good. Contact us or send your request to info@space-affairs.com; our mission director will get in touch with you immediately! This opportunity is still open up to September 1, 2016.


02.08.2016: STRATONAUTS - GOING TO THE EDGE Nothing compares to see Earth from above! If you want to see it with your own eyes, you have to go up into the sky. High above, there is the Stratosphere, a dangerous environment for humans. The air is so thin that you can not catch the breath; the temperature is such low that you will get frozen in only 15 seconds! But the view what you will have down to Earth is taking your breath away: emerald blue and shiny white beneath you, and above you there is the blackness of space, and you can only imagine what is still behind this border! When you go up to there, you are an STRATONAUT, a human who will fly high up in the sky. You and your pilot will be the highest flying humans of that moment when you were reaching the maximum altitude of the day (besides the crew onboard the International Space Station ISS). A way to go up to there, but what can deter you from going there? Here is the beginning of your career as a STRATONAUT!

You will be a STRATONAUT

12.07.2016: SPACE EXPERIENCES Space Experiences is a partner space tourism agency run by Henning Haltinner and offers unique space adventures for private and corporate explorers. Besides services, they revolutionise private astronaut experiences by offering life-changing moments and easy booking procedures. Space Experiences provides safe payments, transparent prices, fair requirements and partnered up with SPACE AFFAIRS. Together, we enable the way into space and turn memorable and touching adventures into life-changing moments. Be the hero of a new and exciting age! We wish a lot of luck, climb high and fly safe! More about Space Experiences you can find here!

24.06.2016: 3 MINUTES OF TERROR At the last minutes of a MIG-29 "Edge of Space" flight, participants can choose to feel the g's! A flight with the MIG-29 also on high altitude between 56,000 and 72,000 feet (depends on year season and other facts of the flight day) is not possible without feeling g-forces, but the flight participant can have a rollercoaster ride of a lifetime, and feel heebie-jeebies! Flights are available back again with the beginning of December, so you can book now your high altitude flight! Climb high and fly safe! Your slot is here!

04.06.2016: THE SHOCKWAVE Going supersonic? You've heard about the sound barrier? We think you have. But you ever saw the barrier? Here in this short flight sequence of a flight done in April with the MIG-29, you can see on the big blue wing the shockwave-lines with your own eyes! This is "the demon who lives in the air". (video is in false colour so that the shockwaves are more visible). Enlarge the video and switch on HD!

Info: The speed what you see in left (kts - km/h) is the real flight data from the instruments. The kts and km/h is the indicated airspeed, measured by the instruments of the plane by the speed of the stream of air at different altitudes. Because of the lower pressure in higher altitude, the stream is more low in speed. The real airspeed is measured in Mach, on higher altitudes, only the Mach number is decisive.

Some figures in standard by ISA (International Standard Atmosphere):
Altitude: 12,360 meter (40,550 feet)
Temperature: -56,5 Grad Celsius
Pressure: 19,399 kPa
Density: 0,31194 kg/m
Speed of sound: 295,1 m/s
Mach 1,0 (Sound barrier) at 1,062.36 km/h (660,12 mph)

The speed of sound is between 11,000 meters and 20,000 meters equal.

18.05.2016: MIG-29 "QUADROPHENIA" 4 weeks, 4 flights, representing 4 countries. The last weeks were busy and Jez (Great Britain), Angelica (Sweden), Mike (Australia) and Johannes (Germany) flown all with the MIG-29 to the edge of space, means high up and encountered some g-forces during aerobatics. High altitude for a fantastic view into the dark blue sky above them, flying fast with Mach 1,7, doing aerobatics like loopings, barrel rolls, split-s's, tail slides and a lot of more. All withstand Newton's law of gravity excellent and spent a good time in Nizhny Novgorod for 4 days. Now comes summer in which the most flights are done with high aerobatics. The high-flying season will start again by October in this year when the atmosphere will get colder again. Do you want to see Earth from the top? Here is the way to your personal elevator high up into the sky!

MIG-29 Quadrophenia

02.05.2016: PERSPECTIVES IN WEIGHTLESSNESS On April 26 we did a parabolic flight with the Ilyushin 76 MDK, the flying laboratory of the Yuri A. Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center. International floaters from Russia, Germany and Switzerland felt really happy as they float totally free in the big cargo bay of the aircraft. To move in weightlessness isn't easy, but the human body can adapt. Where is up, where is down, where is left, where is right isn't easy to understand, but by fixing a point it still is more easy to know where going to. On board was also Russian cosmonaut Yury Onifrienko who spent 389 days in space and performed several Extravehicular Activities (EVA's) in open space. Yury handed over the flying certificates to all free floaters of the flight. Wanna be in the next? Slots are here!

19.04.2016: BRITON TIM PEAKE WILL HAVE HIS LANDING Tim Peake, British ESA astronaut, in orbit on board the International Space Station ISS since December 15, 2016, will come back to Earth on June 2nd. To see a tiny space capsule what was only some hours before a module attached to the space station is a real strange experience. Inside of the descent module of the Russian spacecraft, Soyuz will be 3 humans, coming back from Earth orbit in only 90 minutes. But what a ride! First will be the separation from the ISS, followed by a break ignition to lower the speed from below 28,000 km/h. As lower the speed, as lower the altitude will be. Then before 100 km altitude, the spacecraft will be separated into 3 parts, and only the middle part will come back to Earth and bring back the 3 humans safe and sound. You can have this opportunity in the middle of nowhere during our Soyuz TMA-19M landing expedition, running from May 30 up to June 4! So, if you ever dreamed about to see it, June is the real good weather opportunity to do so, one of the best in the year. If you need more info, you will find it your 4-wheel car here: Soyuz TMA-19M Landing Expedition

12.04.2016: APRIL 12, 1961 to APRIL 12, 1961 Yuri A. Gagarin left Earth as the first human on April 12, 1961 and orbited Earth one time in 92 minutes until landing. This was the next achievement of the Soviet Union after launching the first artificial satellite (Sputnik) and the first animal (the dog Laika) to space. Between 1961 and 1981 there happened the most challenging missions ever in human spaceflight. From Gagarin to the Moon (1st landing 1969), to the first space stations (Salyut & Skylab) to the first reusable spacecraft in the world, the US space shuttle. Space Shuttle "Columbia" made its maiden flight on April 12, 1981. It was the first time ever in the history of NASA that they tested a spacecraft directly manned. The space shuttle started a remarkable era of exploration of space. This era stopped in 2011 after 135 flights. Happy Cosmonautics Day to all!

03.04.2016: PLANTING A NEW FLAG! We do fly MIG's since more than a decade. All kind of where on the runway. Since 2006 we are flying in Nizhny Novgorod the one and only MIG-29. Jez from England came to our side with a deeply desire, to fly high & fast. We arranged for him the flight and so he does. He flown to high altitude (17,230 meters), he flown very fast (Mach 1,7 - 1,850 km/h) and he felt the g-forces (+7G / -2G). And the video footage is such special (like the pictures) that we made a specially edited video out of it. The 9 cams what were in action for to cover Jez's flight were all in good shape, and the men behind the technical quests worked really good! One of the best footage what we ever saw! Have fun and happy flying!

14.03.2016: FILMING IN WEIGHTLESSNESS We do provide zeroG flights since more than 16 years. But we do not only provide such flights for to have fun (and you can have a lot of fun, believe us!), we also provide such kind of flights for demands by customers coming from the filming industry or producing commercials. This is a huge mission integration what we still have to do by demand by customers. It's not only to get them into weightlessness, it starts with the first dot on a white paper with a lot of questions and demands. We are professionals for conducting such flights, whatever (legal and serious) demands customers have. Small things or cinematographic stages, commercial filmings for advertisements, TV shows or in a bigger scale! We always gave a lot of attention to movies and footage from the beginning on (we own by the way the biggest YouTube channel of its kind!). If you have a really serious idea in mind, what you ever wanted to do, ask us and we will work with your demand for a really special mission! By demand with also an own approved movie crew with special equipment, what purpose ever!

Philips Extreme Shaving Tournament - Kotaro Tanaka from Space Affairs on Vimeo.

23.02.2016: SPACE AFFAIRS ON WAKELET Wakelet is one of the most fast growing new communities of the social media nowadays. A good reason for SPACE AFFAIRS to be also there present. When you don't like Facebook, Wakalet.com is a good choice for you. What Vimeo still is for filmmakers, Wakelet.com could be the new source for real science, high-quality information and things what are really concerning humans. Or only for fun. Our mission director is curating SPACE AFFAIRS on Wakelet and so it is a new mirror in the web what reflecting our daily business, to take people closer to SPACE! You will find SPACE AFFAIRS on Wakelet here!

SPACE AFFAIRS is on Wakalet!

11.02.2016: EVERYTHING STARTED BECAUSE OF HIM The world wonders in 1957 about that the Soviet Union was able to lift-off the first artificial satellite to space, Sputnik. Even some weeks later, the Soviets sent the first living creature to space, Laika. And in April 1961, first not known from the world because anybody bet on that the US-Americans would win the space race, the Russians sent the first human into Earth orbit. Yuri Gagarin orbited Earth as the first human on April 12, 1961!

Behind all of this was Sergey Korolev, prime father of the Russian space technology. He was the mastermind behind all of the constructions of rockets and spacecraft, based on German V-2 technology originally. First, he had fallen out of favour by Stalin; sent to a Russian Gulag to Siberia and spending there a really bad time. Then reactivated after years to help the Soviets to achieve their goal to develop the first ballistic rockets to send nuclear warheads to the enemy. But Sergey Korolev, even as his US-German counterpart Wernher von Braun, never left dreaming to discover the space for non-military purpose!.

When you will go with us to the Russian cosmodrome of Baikonur (what means "Brown Earth") you will see all of his achievements in real. In 5 days you will be walking like in the footsteps of Korolev by yourself. You see all of the historical places where it all starts. And then the highlight of the expedition: in only 1,5 kilometres in distance the nearby 50 meters height Soyuz rocket will take 3 brave humans sitting in a tin can to space to dock only 6 hours later with the International Space Station ISS! If you want to do your own expedition from the past to the present, you can follow SPACE AFFAIRS Road to the Stars!

09.02.2016: ICE SKATING ON THE RINGS OF SATURN? Our solar system has been discovered still since the beginning of the exploration of space, and meanwhile, all the celestial bodies, including dwarf planet Pluto, have been visited by probes and men landed on the Moon, last time in December 1972. But imagine, how the sparkling rings of Saturn would look like if you would see them with your own eyes? The giant bright orange spot of Jupiter and you could see the strong winds blowing the clouds on the biggest gas planet in our solar system? Does whats base jumping on Jupiter's moon Ganymede? Ice skating on moon Europa? Paragliding in the upper atmosphere layers of Venus? Well, all of that will be possible probably in some hundred years, but there is no doubt not to think about it just right now! We started in 2000 with opening the view from other perspectives and what we see more than 16 years now later, will stop our breathing! So, what will be in the next 16 years?

Nicolaus Wegner, young video artists, is also just dreaming about ice skating somewhere out in the solar sytem, and he edited a short video what shows a journey through our solar system in a special beat, what will infect you deeply. So, come with us on the journey through a part our solar system!

22.01.2016: LAUNCH, LAND AND REPEAT Blue Origin's New Shepard spacecraft made it's second flight to the Karman line at 100 km altutide, what symbols the physicially border to space in aviation terms. They launched the same rocket what they used in November 2015 and landed them successfully. So they demonstrated first time ever a reusable rocket spacecraft what will transport adventurers in the upcoming years to the blackness of space! Congratulations Blue Origin!

15.01.2016: PHANTOM II - A SPECIAL EXPERIENCE The legend comes back! The Phantom II, one of the world's most recognised jet fighter aircraft, will be back on the strip in July 2016. After more than a year of maintenance to overhaul any system and structure of the famous jet, we will be able to put you safe and sound in the backseat again. But you have to be an owner of a pilot license (min. PPL). If you own a single engine type rating: no hands on controls. A twin-engine license will give you the necessary possibilities to touch the controls (of course supervised by your experienced pilot in command)! The Phantom II is huge and loud, to sit in the backseat will give you a lot of chills! This isn't a fun program for tourists, it is a pilot experience program for aviators only. 1 day is necessary before your flight to keep you familiar with the system, and especially the using of the ejection seat, what could secure your back. Do you want to know more? Then your flying with the legend could start here!

Phantom II Pilot Experience Flights

03.01.2016: HAPPY NEW YEAR We wish you a happy new year and we still hope you are excited about things what are upfront. The year 2016 is promising new kind of missions and we still moving on to fulfil the task of our really ambitious clients and their demands, for private expeditions and adventures or for corporate clients and movie producers and their really special mission profiles. Now we are 16 years in business, for us, it is also very exciting to have always new challenges. We promise we will turn your eyes skywards!


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