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Space Affairs

NEWS 2015

24.12.2015: HAPPY HOLIDAYS - MERRY CHRISTMAS We wish all of our customers, friends, fans, network partners and family members a special holiday season and Merry Christmas. Thanks to all of you who made 2015 a phantastic year! We know, that the year 2016 will be more phantastic. Launch preparations for our 'Agenda 2020' will start soon to lift-off in new altitudes! Have a great time and always a good flight!

10.12.2015: TO THE EDGE OF SPACE AND BEYOND We are helping since 2005 by making dreams to reality if someone is in need of a suborbital ticket, and since 2009 XCOR's "Lynx" it still is your taxi to space. Until now it was possible to have some different ticket solutions, but now it is stated by XCOR: All founder tickets are sold out. Founder tickets are the first 100 tickets for flying with the Lynx Mark II above the official border of space, what still is in 100 km altitude and named Karman Line. Future Astronauts tickets are available, and if you want to have one to belong to those who will make the step high up there, you must do your decision now more wisely. The ticket price is US$ 100,000, but only until December 31, 2015. With beginning of January 1, 2016 the price will be $US 150,000. More about a possible future journey to space you will find here!

24.11.2015: HISTORY IN THE MAKING - BLUE ORIGIN Yesterday November 23, Jeff Bezos's "Blue Origin" made a marvellous and astronishing test flight with their fully re-usable rocket system what will transport in the future humans into suborbital altitudes. Today the announcement was released by Blue Origin, that the 2 main goals were accomplished in the flight! New Shepard (Blue Origin's capsule what will transport 6 space flight participants behind the Karman line) reached a successful altiude of 100,5 km and the rocket stage landed automaticlly on ground and demonstrated the first ever landed rocket stage in history! Well done, Blue Origin! We still hope we will get in touch more deeper in the future! When you want to learn about Blue Origin visit their website here!

16.11.2015: THE WORLD FROM ANOTHER PERSPECTIVE To see the world from another perspective, who not has dreamed about it? So you can have it with a flight in the world legendary MIG-29! You are strapped in the high performance jet, in some seconds you are leaving the air strip and in 12 minutes you are high up! At this moment, you and your pilot of the day are the highest flying humans beside the crew onboard the International Space Station ISS! Afterwards, in lower altitudes, the pilot will show you some aerobatics, but this depends on your guts! With beginning of December 1 of this year the price will change for all MIG-29 flights. Edge of Space, one of the most thrilling flight adventures are at the moment at 17,250.00 Euro including the service what belongs to the flight day and HD video and photographing of your flight. When you are now a fast mover and you will book your flight in before December 1, and your flight slot will be in the timeframe up to June 30 of 2016, we guarantee the fixed price! So, on what you are still waiting? Get into the ejection seat here!

10.11.2015: THE PHILIPS JAPAN EXTREME SHAVING TOURNAMENT In only 4 days in September we produced for Philips Electronics Japan Ltd. footage for commercial movies about "shaving in weightlessness". Our own team (what still is experienced by doing special movies and photos under special conditions) traveled to Star City/´Russia to met the Japanese production team and prepared the cargo bay of the parabolic aircraft of the Yuri A. Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center to a movie stage. All special equipment was carried to Russia to do the high quality production. 2 days of extreme filming followed and the days were full of work because of the very short production time, given by our customer Philips Electronics Japan.

The movies are released at the moment on the Philips Japan Facebook website:

Kotaro Tanaka (BMX) https://www.facebook.com/PhilipsSelfExpression.jp/videos/747343878704303/

Yasuhiro Kubo (Base Jump) https://www.facebook.com/PhilipsSelfExpression.jp/videos/747346128704078/

The Philips Japan Extreme Shaving Tournament
Challenger: Yasuhiro Kubo (Base Jump)/Kotaro Tanaka (BMX)
Customer: Philips Electronics Ltd., Japan
Director & 2nd camera: Thomas Rusch
Director of Photography (RED Dragon): Albrecht Silberberger
Assistant: Laurent Friquet
Producer: Hiroshi Kondo
Creative Director: Daisuke Kobayashi
Set Location Managers: Vasily Popov / Vlad Shevkunov
Mission Director & Development: Andreas P. Bergweiler

Thanks to: Igor Rudyaev - Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (GCTC), the team of the Neutral Buoyancy Department (GCTC), the instructors of the Ilyushin 76MDK zeroG aircraft, the Russian Space Agency Roskosmos and Takamasa Fujii (Marketing Manager Philips Electronics Japan Ltd.)

Philips Japan Extreme Shaving Challenge 2015

05.11.2015: THE ROAD TO THE STARS It takes several hours to carry the Soyuz rocket from the integration hall to the launchpad where the rocket will be installed for the upcoming launch 2 days later. Nowhere you can come such close to a rocket what will fly to space like during our Soyuz launch expeditions, held 4 times a year. The technology what the Russians are using seems to be from the 60ties of the last century, but of course it has been modified a lot. But from outside, it still looks the same like what has been used for more than 50 years for now. Soyuz representing the only possibility to get to and back from the International Space Station ISS for human crews, and it is still permanently manned since 15 years. The first human permanently crew entered the ISS on November 2, 2000. Take your chance to be in Baikonur in 2016! More info you will get here!

27.10.2015: HALO TANDEM 28,000+ FEET 2016 The new dates for the HALO tandem jumps for 2016 are out! The season will start in March and will run until end of November 2016. Time for you to plan your special adventure for 2016 in advance! Jumps are always on Monday, briefing sessions will be held a day before. You need min. 5-days in Memphis/USA for to be around our drop zone for doing the jumps including a back-up day for bad weather cases on the original planned jump day. The price for the HALO tandem didn't change for 2016, special discounts are available on special jump dates. Ask us, and we will let you know. Jump arrangements have to be booked min. +50 days in advance to a jump date. If you dare: "Climb high and drop safe!" The drop zone you will find here!

06.10.2015: SKYFALL - ZERO G FROM RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE We made a lot of videos from our zeroG flights in the last years. But first time ever we are able to show to you weightlessness out of POV (Point Of View), made by Anatoly Zabruskov, master chief instructor of the GCTC's parabolic flight department. This could be your personal view in 2016, so what you are waiting for? Go to weightlessness here!

21.09.2015: MOVIE PRODUCTION IN ZERO G Last week on September 17 a lot of people get into a special zeroG flight with the Ilyushin 76MDK plane of the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center at Star City. The mission task: to produce awesome footage of 2 althletes, Kotaro Tanaka and Yasuhiro Kubo in weightlessness environment conditions for Philips of Japan. Lead by Director Thomas Rusch and his team of Albrecht Silberberger (RED Dragon camera) and assistant Laurent Friquet we made 15 parabolas to film the guys in action! Attend by Japanese crew, Hiroshi Kondo, Daisuke Kobayahsi and Hidejuki Senno we did an awesome and very stressful zeroG flight in which the dance of the athletes in weightlessness was catched on film. This sequence is a D-Shot, done by our Mission Director Andreas during the first of 15 complete parabolas what shows that it is a challenge for the whole production team to take control of all things under micro-gravity conditions! The result will come out in the next weeks, so stay tuned for more info!

D-Shot - 1st Parabola - Movie Production September 17, 2015 from Space Affairs on Vimeo.

14.09.2015: PHILIPS EXTREME SHAVING CHALLENGE 2 Japanese athletes, BMX champion Kotaro Tanaka and Base jumper Yasuhiro Kubo will do in the Philips Extreme Shaving Tournament extreme shaving under special conditions in a micro gravity environment onboard the Ilyushin 76MDK parabolic aircraft of the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center. We're conducting the complete mission beginning by tomorrow in Star City, Russia and we will try to update some special pictures and selfies directly from the event at our Facebook page . Stay calm and shave save, guys!!

13.09.2015: GETTING RID OF WEIGHT IN ZEROG On August 25 we performed another zeroG flight, this time with customers from United States, Brazil, Denmark and Germany. Our partner in Russia sent Russian customers and so we set up a really nice and funny flight in which citizens of nations from around the globe came together to enjoy weightlessness! Also, a special funny participant was onboard the plane, sent by the Children's Discovery Network from New York. This guy, who is coming from an island named "Inaccessible Island" will explain later on children's via a brand new Web TV Channel what gravity still is and what happens during the attempt to get rid of it. Have fun with the video, and if you want to have also one of the most incredible feelings, you know how to find us!

07.09.2015: SECOND TIME AT BAIKONUR Some of our customers don't get enough from the cosmodrome at Baikonur: Janneke and Ton from the Netherlands stayed with us in March 2013 during Soyuz TMA-08M, 6 months later they participated also on the landing expedition of "their mission" in the steppes of Kazakhstan. They do not want to miss a daylight lift-off, so they travelled back with us to Baikonur to be there during launch preparations of Soyuz TMA-18M. What they experienced during this tour, they wrote in a mail to our side this morning:

"Thank you for your email. Indeed time goes by much too quickly. Yes, we are home again after a new, awesome adventure. Thank you for making that possible again.

The viewing of the day-time launch was impressive. For some reason, the rocket appears to be much closer than during the night. Also, the flight with an airforce plane into Yubileniy, landing on the runway built for Buran, and driving close to the Energia-Buran launch platforms was really nice.

We also met several 'officials', e.g. Mr Woerner from ESA (who is a really nice, relaxed man), Bill Gerstenmaier, Mike Suffridini, Alexander Volkov, Talgat Musabayev, Yuri Onufrienko, Tokhtar Aubakirov, Oleg Skripochka, and Mike Baker. We also got about 'one second of fame' on RT television. The second was all that was kept of a longer interview, but still, it is a funny experience.

At the suited walk-out, we had front row seats as you can see below. I am wearing the red sweater, Janneke is to the left in the picture. You cannot get any closer! I believe we have many nice pictures and some video and we will definitely send you some of them. So, more to follow. Everything was well-organized and, as always, Ksenia was good company.

Best wishes, Ton and Janneke."

25.08.2015: MICROGRAVITY Today we accomplished our Space Affairs zeroG expedition August 2015 in Star City, Russia. At around 11:00 a.m. the wide body heavy parabolic aircraft of the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center take off from Chkalowsky airport nearby Star City and transported our passengers in a special area where the parabolic flight could be held. 12 parabolic arcs (1 Mars G, 1 Moon G and 10 ZeroG) were flown and infected our flyers with the facts of Sir Isaac Newton's law of gravity! It was an international event, Russians, US Americans, Danish, Brazilians and Germans learned about the effects of microgravity. Also, there was a guy on board from Inaccessible Island, we think you've never heard about it. About this, we will show you later on in the year! If you want to float around like Superman, do not hesitate to get in contact with us for our next zeroG flight in November, boarding tickets can be found here!

ZeroG Experience August 2015 - Walking at the ceiling

19.08.2015: CLIMB HIGH - DROP SAFE 2015 is floating by in high speed. But to feel the wind also in high speed, what's about a drop from 30,000 feet (sometimes more) altitude? Our most challenging adventure what you can do as a human is to participate in a HALO tandem jump, hanging on a very experienced skydive jump master! Okay, for to feel this wind speed in a free fall, you have to think about if you can regulate your adrenaline level. When the master chief of the drop is crying "Exit - Exit - Exit", there is no way back for you and inside of only 1 minute, you are looking out of the aeroplanes door. Right is the wing, left is the tail wing, above you, is only the darker sky, but below you - there is an abyss what will take you in a more than 2 minutes of free fall in speed between 330 and 240 km/h! We have some dates available in September, so why not join this really special adventure? Not a lot of people did such extravagant skydive in the last 8 years! Climb high and drop safe, your slot is here!

05.07.2015: TO THE STARS Booking period for our unique Baikonur Cosmodrome expedition for Soyuz TMA-18M has ended. Soyuz TMA-18M will make its lift-off on September 1, 2015, our expedition participants are ready to go. Also, the crew of the flight is fixed now, besides Russian cosmonaut Sergey Volkov and Danish ESA astronaut Andreas Mogensen, Kazakh cosmonaut Aidyn Aimbetov of the Kazakh space agency KazCosmos will fly for a 10 day trip to the International Space Station. The next upcoming booking period is then for Soyuz TMA-19M, planned for December 15, booking is still possible up to October 15. But we have to remark: going to Baikonur in November or December is only for the "hard ones". Temperatures are always very low. You don't find a lot of snow there because Kazhakstan is very dry. The wind is very strong what will blow your nose on the launch pad. But sometimes it happens, of course, that weather is very sunny (but temperatures are low) and the sky (also the night sky) is very clear and nice. If you want to know more about our Baikonur expeditions, please contact us at anytime. Dates for 2016 are released also: More info you can find here!

25.06.2015: GETTING RID OF WEIGHT - COUNTDOWN STARTED On August 25 we will have our next zeroG flight campaign in Star City with the Ilyushin 76 MDK of the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center. Our adventurers will have then the possibility to get rid of their weight! They will learn in the first parabolas how to interact with weightlessness conditions. After the 3rd parabola of 10, they can be braver to do own experiments with moving their bodies in weightlessness. Also, our professional instructor team will show them some special movements under weightless conditions, but this depend then only on the vestibular system of our customer's bodies! Flying like superman is state of the art! Turning around in 3 axes is something special and not fitted for anybody. But whatever they will do, we know that they will have a lot of fun and a very special moment in time! When you think you want to experience also a special adventure in your life, in which you are getting rid of your weight, give us a note and we will be in contact with you! More information is still here!

09.06.2015: THE MIG-29 TOTAL OVERVIEW EFFECT We uploaded in the last days videos what will show to you the views what you will miss a flight with the MIG-29 "Fulcrum" in a special playlist of our YouTube channel. When you are sitting inside, you will have your special "MIG-29 Overview Effect". You do not know where to look to, you will be overwhelmed by feelings. But no worry about, because there is still hope: on demand, we will install 6-cams onboard the jet what will cover your flight totally. One will show your point of view. One will show your pilots work. Then a special cam system will be installed of 3 cameras on the tail of the jet. One camera will show to the front, one will show to the jet engines, and one to starboard (right side). In addition to this, there will be a cam what will present you in the cockpit, and a ground cameraman will take care of you by all ground operations like meetings with the pilots, briefings, suit fittings and actions on the flight lane. And the flight data will be shown in the videos! More is not possible! Information about the flight programs with the MIG-29 you will find here.

01.06.2015: PLAYING WITH GRAVITY Gravity still exists everywhere in the universe. In the farthest distance of 14,3 billion light-years like on Earth's soil where we humans moving around. But there are some special flight manoeuvres what could be flown by special aircraft what will guide you into weightlessness. Gravity is still there, but the weight is gone! Our next zeroG flight campaign is scheduled for August 23 up to August 27, 2015. We will have 2 flights at one day, and for the second flight are at the moment only 4 slots left. If you like, we will book your slot in and you can play with gravity! Enjoy the absence of weight and do this at a unique location where cosmonauts and international astronauts are be trained for their flights into space. Booking is still open until June 20, but we booking the slots first comes, first served. Enjoy the time with us there, and you will never be the same! The complete 5-day program you will find here!

Zero G - The Dream Of a Controlled Free Fall from Space Affairs on Vimeo.

07.05.2015: SPACE IS CALLING YOU The Lynx Mark II of US based space company XCOR Aerospace will catapult you to space! It will start like an aeroplane under rocket engine power on a runway, and after take-off, it will push you with more than +3G into your seat. In only 3 minutes you are flying nearby Mach 3! Your pilot, a former space shuttle commander and experienced astronaut who flown a lot of different jet aeroplanes and participated in several NASA missions, is pushing the Lynx towards to the sky.

You recognise that the colour around you is changing, from the blue and white bright emerald Earth view it is changing quickly to get more dark! The sky turns black! At an altitude of nearly 60 kilometres (192,000 feet) the rocket engine will shut down and your free ballistic flight will begin. The sound of the engine disappeared from one second to another and you are gliding smoothly more upwards to space in silent! You will feel the weightlessness. But you are strapped in your pressure suit in your seat. What you see outside will take your breath away! 4 - 5 minutes later you will cross the international defined boundary to space, the "Kármán-Line". This international line defined an altitude of 100 km (328,083 ft) what distinguishes aviation and spaceflight. By crossing this border, you've earned your astronaut wings!

After you enjoyed the very marvellous but surreal and spectacular view at this altitude, some minutes later your pilot-astronaut in command will start the descent mode of the Lynx and you will fly back to Earth. At some moments you will feel the g-force again what will push you between +4 g and +6 g into your seat! But beside the attraction of the g-forces, you will enjoy your descent trip through Earth's atmosphere a lot, what will take around 30 to 40 minutes.

You will land on the runway from where you started yours once in a lifetime adventure. After climbing out of the cockpit of the Lynx, you will set your feet back on Earth soil, but you've participated in a special space expedition and from now on, you are another human and your name will be in the history book of human spaceflight!

Want to know more about this unique adventure? You will find all information here! But you should give us a call so that we can give you more insights in this adrenaline spaceflight adventure!

The Lynx is gliding in space!

01.05.2015: MISSION RISE & DIVE We have demanding fans! After releasing the 15th anniversary video of SPACE AFFAIRS some days ago, our fans asked us to show more of the brilliant multi-angle video recorded during a high altitude and aerobatic flight with a MIG-29 "Fulcrum". So we edit a special version, we still hope you like it! And if you want to have your own flight, also recorded with 6-cams perspective, you know how to contact us!

22.04.2015: SEE YOUR FLIGHT IN DIFFERENT VIEWS Because of a new and special invented technology, we are now able to offer you the possibility to cover your flight in a very special HD video! This video will be done out of the footage what will be recorded with 6 cameras during your flight! Also the flight data as altitude, speed, Mach number and g-forces will be shown as real-time data. The footage will be delivered as a iso.file to your side via online download and you can burn your own Blue Ray Disc! This add-on possibility will give to you the cherry on the cake for your very special MIG-29 "Fulcrum" flight! More details ...

6 Cam Multi Angle!

21.04.2015: THE MAKING OF LA GRAVEDAD DE LOS ASUNTOS "The Matters of Gravity" is a Mexican arts project, sometimes introduced also here in the news section of Space Affairs. We tell you so often about it, because it still representing beside a lot of other projects we did in the last years the most human touched one! Because of combining science and arts. We did a special zeroG flight and the artists used this flight to do something never done before and representing their different arts projects. If you watch the making of video, you will find a lot of interesting point of views what will give you the idea what all still is necessary to provide such a flight. If you want to feel also the force of gravity, and the no-gravity, give us a note and contact us. We are sure, we will find an option for you of one of our next planned zeroG flights! More ...

19.04.2015: THE SPACE AFFAIRS OVERVIEW EFFECT THANK YOU for 15 awesome and incredible years! SPACE AFFAIRS turns 15 now. 15 years of mission design for our customers, private and corporate ones. Our stories of experience would fill up more books but we do not have the time to write. We are on the way to adapt the way to the future and we will not stop, we will invent new things and new ways, to make space more accessible for you! On the ground, in the sky, in suborbital or orbital altitudes. And who knows, sometime in the future maybe beyond! Thanks again to all who helped us to made this possible, and have a good flight through life always! More ...

17.04.2015: EXIT - EXIT - EXIT These are the words what you will hear on flight altitude of 30,000 feet. The boss of the flight will open the door and you, hooked at your HALO tandem master, moving ahead to the door. Then, you will look into a deep abyss below you. Your head is looking out of the plane and you will feel the pressure of the airspeed of 330 km/h. For this speed, you must drive a Ferrari! Then, you feel that your tandem master is knocking on your helmet, you cross your arms in front of your chest and you will fall down. You don't know where you are, it will take some seconds until you are stable. Then, you are falling down from the altitude of 30,000 feet. You can be sure: on this day you belong only to some people who climbed with you in the plane who do such a civilian private HALO tandem mission! Are you dare? Season just began, you can read all the information here ...

14.04.2015: FLYIN' HIGH - TRAILER Since 15 years we are in the business, and we can tell these years were full of emotional and special moments. We did a special flight at the Sokol Airbase in Russia with an MIG-29 on March 31. This flight was captured with 6 different cameras to have afterwards the best shots ever done during one of our high altitude and high aerobatic flight programs. A special 15th-anniversary video will be edited and will be shown later, but here is the teaser of "FLYIN' HIGH'. You have no idea what you all will see in different angles during this 40 minutes flight! Stay tuned!

13.04.2015: SARAH WILL LEAVE THE COSMODROME Sarah Brightman, world known musical singer since more than 30 years, will leave the Baikonur cosmodrome to a 10 day stay onboard the International Space Station ISS! This flight represents the first flight of a space flight participant (known also as space tourist) since the flight of Guy Laliberté in 2009. Sarah Brightman and her crew mates Sergey Volkov, RSA (RUS) and Andreas Mogensen, ESA (DK) will have their lift-off in the early morning directly after sunset on September 1, 2015! It will be a special expedition what will start on August 28 up to September 1! Your participation is green when you will be on the participants list up to June 30, 2015. You can find all information you are in need here ...

08.04.2015: JET FLIGHT NO# 250 Statistics are sometimes overwhelming us, but as a side story it came to our attention today, that our last MIG-29 flight on March 31st symbolized our 250th jet flight for private customers. Not private customers as like movie production companies or marketing flights are in another statistics. We started with jet flights in 2002 at Zukowsky airbase nearby Moscow. There we flow all the kind of jets like L-39/MIG-21/MIG23/MIG25/MIG29 and the SU-27. Flying in US we started in 2005 with the L-39 flights in California at side of Dave Riggs, the guy who fallen so many times out of favour (we didn't have had in a lot of flights there any issue. Dave died in a flight accident in China in 2012, so R.I.P. now, Dave.) We started to fly at Russian Sokol airbase in 2006 to fly there MIG29 and MIG31. In 2007 we started as first in Europe the flights with an L-39 in Germany. In 2011 we flew first time the Starfighter F-104 in Florida and the Phantom II in Texas. So, if we look back we flown the most kind of jets what were or still are available on planet Earth. We still working always on new opportunities and check locations, but we have a high quality so that our customers are feeling safe all the time. So: "Always check your six!"

Jet flight No. 250 - March 31, 2015

07.04.2015: A GREETING FROM THE ZERO-G INSTRUCTORS Our Mexican friends of the artist group of La Gravedad de Los Asuntos promised after their special zeroG flight to send a real Mexican Sombrero to the instructors team of GCTC's Ilyushin 76 MDK parabolic aircraft. So the artists did and the instructors sent us this very special picture here as a warm greeting (besides the fact that the weather wasn't real good on that day) for a Muchas Gracias! If you want to know more about "La Gravedad de los Asuntos", you can read the customer statement from Nahum, director of the artists group from Mexico here ...

The instructors team of the IL-76 says Muchas Gracias

02.04.2015: INTRODUCING: MICHAEL NAJJAR In our opinion, German artist Michael Najjar represents the most trained private person who is up to fly to suborbital altitudes. Michael Najjar is doing all this trainings and visits of special places in the world for his arts project "Outer Space". He wrote a very special book about his work MICHAEL NAJJAR - OUTER SPACE what represents a deep voyage in the soul of an artist who has decided to go to space! On top of this, he is still working on a 45 minutes documentary what will be released soon. We are proud of him that we've had the possibility to develop a lot of mission together with Michael Najjar, some of the missions were combined with a lot of mental and body stress! More to come! Here you see the teaser video of the documentary Michael Najjar "mission:space". More information about his artwork: www.michaelnajjar.com

15.03.2015: LA GRAVEDAD “I am very interested in giving people very intimate and personal experiences that relate to the cosmos and eventually bounce back to us for a better appreciation of what is happening here on earth, in this time." [Nahum]

Nahum is a Mexican multi-artist Nahum, inventor of La Gravedad de los Asuntos. Nahum came to our side in June 2014. 2 years he was in a loop to find a possibility taking Mexican artists into zeroG conditions. He always received a "No!" or "Nowadays you can't do that!". Until he met us. In only 2 months we invented with him and his team the mission handbook, it was a ride on a razor blade because in this time there was no possibility for zeroG in the world.

As we recognised that this mission isn't a normal mission, something magic started and after a lot of e-mails and hundreds of papers printed we received from Russia a "Roger, we will do it!" in August. So, the Mission director and his photographer Marcus flown to Moscow to meet the Mexican artists first time in real in October 2014.

What afterwards happened during the upcoming days was a kind of magic, and what it still is you can see up to March 22 in Mexico City. Next stop will be the Polytechnical museum of Moscow, where the very special exhibition will be shown for some months at the beginning of March 31, 2015.

Guys, this flight will also be in mind! Not only here, also in Russia at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center. This mission shows the peaceful collaboration of countries and what can happen when arts meet science!

We wish you good luck for the last days of the exhibit in Mexico City and a good start in Moscow!!

04.03.2015: HIGH ABOVE AND G-FORCES Our newest clip on YouTube (by the way our YouTube channel is one of the most loved of its kind) is ready. Alex from Germany did a special flight on February 16, he decided to go high up as possible and wanted also to feel some g-forces. So Alex was transported to high altitude and learned afterwards to withstand Earth's gravity. This flight with the MIG-29 shown the best flight path what is still possible. If you want to feel also the G's and if you want to see Earth from high above, do not think about too long. Our MIG-29 flights representing the only possibility on Earth to fly at the moment in a high-performance fighter jet aircraft. Your way to the backseater's seat will start here ...

27.02.2015: TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE SUN On March 20 there will be a total eclipse of the sun. Mostly to see in the northern hemisphere especially in Norway. Our partners of BLOON will do a once in a lifetime event! They will send up a balloon with a sphere of GoPro cameras to record the total eclipse from high above the stratosphere, also to see the Moon shadow on Earth's soil! The launch of the Balloon should take place at Svalbard in the Arctic circle. In a 360 afterwards video you will see something amazing! To cover the cost of the recovery and the distribution of the pictures BLOON needs your help. They set up an IndieGoGo campaign in which you can be a part of, a lot of bonuses are available for you if you give attention to this incredible mission! The campaign is launched here ...

A total eclipse of the sun with the diamond ring

25.02.2015: LET'S DO SOME G-FORCES Are you belonging to those people, born with more stardust in your eyes like others? Is your blood pressure getting higher when you think about an adventure what will come in the next years to take you behind the border of Earth's atmosphere to space? A trip to space with our Lynx will be awesome and incredible. But you should be prepared very well. Besides your health should be nominal, you have to consider to do some training so that you will know, what about your mind, your brain, your heart and your stomach will talk to you during feeling g-forces onto your chest. G-forces rise up when your speed is rising up, and during a suborbital flight, you will fly with more than 3,600 km/h to the border of space! So, good if you train it to know about, how it feels! A flight in an L-39 Albatross can help you, but a flight with the Russian MIG-29 is better because the times of pushing g-forces are longer and more stressful! And faster! So, think about to join a high aerobatic flight with one of the best high-performance jet fighters in the world! Your ejection seat is still waiting on to you here ...

16.02.2015: NEWS FROM THE FLIGHTLINE: MIG-29 EDGE OF SPACE Alexander, a german aerospace engineer returned back safe and sound to the base after performing his today's MIG-29 Edge of Space Flight. He reached 18,000 meters altitude, Mach 1,8 and felt +7g on his body! He wrote to our Mission Director an SMS:

"Thanks, guys, it was super! I want to underline: +7g's under the own control of the jet, with unsolicited control of acceleration by myself. These g-forces were exactly this what I could withstand today! I want to mention that this flight today was held under "combat conditions" because I didn't sleep the last night! I thought first, I have to postpone my flight, also the night before coming to Russia wasn't a real night and only 3,5 hours long! All is good, feeling well and comfortable, now I have a reason to sleep and to dream about my high flight! Thanks for this experience!"

So, Alexander is happy and received his entry in the "hall of fame" of our high-altitude flyers. An Edge of Space Flight is a "once in a lifetime event", what a real adventurer or aviator shouldn't miss! Your edge of space is starting here ...

A successful edge of space flight for Alex from Germany - picture by Vasiliy Popov

10.02.2015: HALO/HAHO SKYDIVE DENALI 2015 There is a special endeavour for you as an adventurer in this year, if you are in need of a special and very personal experience! End of May with the beginning of June you will be taken in a plane to highest altitudes above a place what is unique on our planet! Under you is the Denali National Park! You never heard about Denali? Denali is the Indian native name of North America's highest mountain, the Mt.McKinley in Alaska! Denali belongs with his summit of 20,237 feet to the 7 summits of the world and represents also the northeast mountain on our planet! You will not climb him, you will drop out of your airplane - hooked at your military free fall master (MFF) at 24,000 feet - equipped with special clothings and oxygen supply to perform a fast free fall of 2 minutes (HALO) or a long glide of more than 30 minutes (HAHO) down to a glacier! This unique skydive event can only be done in a special time in the year, and also not a lot of participants can take part on it, because our slots are limited! An extreme adventure, not suited for anybody! Your adventure starts here ...


09.01.2015: FLOATING IN WEIGHTLESSNESS We offer our zeroG flights with the training aircraft of the Russian Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (GCTC) now since 15 years. Nowhere in the world, you have such big space around you to feel how it is like to be weightless! We extend our tour now 1 day longer to make it more comfortable for our zeroG flyers. The zeroG expedition tours now have 5 days. Between your arrival in Russia and your big adventure is now a day between. This day we will use for doing the briefings and the short medical preflight medical investigation in the morning at the medical department at the GCTC. In the afternoon we will give you insights in the Russian history of spaceflight by visiting the Star City museum. In this 5 day very special and personal adventure you will get in touch with astronautics on a very high level. Most zeroG flyers are influenced for the upcoming orbits around the sun a life long! Our next zeroG flight expedition is up for April 21 to April 25, 2015. There are some slots available, so if you want to take a ride, give us a call! What happens outside and inside during a parabola you will find in the video below, so you can prepare yourself! More info you will find here ...

01.01.2015: 15 YEARS SERVING MOMENTS IN TIME We wish all of our customers, friends, team members with their families around the globe a happy new year!

2015 includes a special number. 15 years ago we started with our first programs in Europe to offer our special adventures and programs. Since then we influenced the business of space tourism a lot. Time changed since then, we learned a lot (thanks to all who helped us to be on track!). But we also learned in hard lessons sometimes to adapt to new ways and paths. Out of this, we can promise that we will not stand still in this year! We do not sell anything that you can take to your home. We are serving moments in time, and we will do the best ever to take you to places and you can see, that there are no boundaries! In this year we will work very hard so that this could be your year!



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