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Space Affairs

NEWS 2014

16.12.2014: L39 "ALBATROSS" CHRISTMAS 2014 SPECIAL If you didn't bought your christmas presents in July of this year, you could be a lucky one! And if you don't know yet what you might want give away like a present in this year to your loved one, then you could be more lucky! Whats about a flight ticket for a 30 minutes ride with our L-39 "Albatross" in Germany? And the good thing: if you buy a ticket for a flight in 2015, you will receive a discount of 500,00 Euro of the normal price, what still is 3.950,00 Euro! Including flight and ground videos and a lot of pictures of the very special event. This present fits mostly for aviators! Want to know more? Then feel free to visit our L39 Albatross 30 minutes flight program!

02.12.2014: WANDERERS The wish to explore our world is for us humans an inner voice. Guided by a feeling to endeavour new things is a strong force in our past since thousands of years. Our customers, driven by their own feelings and demands, are experiencing their own ways what will change their minds for to move stronger into the future. We are up to build our own future, in which way it isn't clear right now. Swedish movie artist Eric Wernquist done an awesome short movie how the future of human kind can look if we will not stop to explore!

Wanderers - a short film by Erik Wernquist from Erik Wernquist on Vimeo.

18.11.2014: HALO/HAHO SKYDIVE DENALI 2015 There is a special endeavour for you as an adventurer in 2015 if you are in need of a special and very personal experience! End of May with the beginning of June 2015 you will be taken in a plane on highest altitudes above a place what is unique on our planet! Under you is the Denali National Park! You never heard about Denali? Denali is the Indian native name of North America's highest mountain, the Mt.McKinley in Alaska! Denali belongs with his summit of 20,237 feet to the 7 summits of the world and represents also the most north mountain on our planet! You will not climb him, you will drop out of your airplane - hooked at your military free fall master (MFF) at 24,000 feet - equipped with special clothings and oxygen supply to perform a fast free fall of 2 minutes (HALO) or a long glide of more than 30 minutes (HAHO) down to a glacier! This unique skydive event can only be done in a special time in the year, and also not a lot of participants can take part on it, because our slots are limited! An extreme adventure, not suited for anybody! Your adventure starts here ...


07.11.2014: LATVIAN HIGH ALTITUDE RECORD Oskars from Latvia approached in June at our side with his wish, to go up high as possible, and come down as fast as possible. His wish was to do a HALO jump. It took some months for him to clear his holidays, and he made the long journey from Latvia to Memphis Tennessee. As a flight attendant, he knows the kind of flying, but his wish was to feel a long free fall. On October 27 at around 10:00am in the morning, he looked out of the King Air aeroplane and saw only a deep abyss below him with 30,036 feet. Hooked on his tandem master Mark, he jumped. Oskars represented the first from Latvia who did a HALO tandem jump! Also, he is the holder of 2 records for Latvia: highest drop altitude with 30,036 feet and longest free-fall time with 2 min and 5 seconds! If you want to be first from your country, still waiting for you and you can look to information about our HALO jumps here ...

31.10.2014: THE LOSS OF SPACESHIPTWO We are deeply shocked about today's loss of SpaceShipTwo. Earlier this day Scaled Composites, the contractor of Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo done a test flight and the goal was to do a rocket-powered flight with the SpaceShipTwo. Shortly after releasing from its mothership "White Knight Two", the rocket engine ignited and shuttled off after some seconds burn. The engine was re-ignited again in an altitude of 15 km, but unfortunately, it came to a malfunction and SpaceShipTwo broke apart. 2 test-pilots were onboard, it seems that one have had a chance to escape the cockpit with a chute but get serious injuries , but the co-pilot lost his life. The mothership landed safely. Our thoughts are at sides of both families and at the side of the teams of Scaled Composites and of Virgin Galactic and on the side of anybody who is involved into that suborbital project. We still hope, that the reasons for the malfunction will be found in deep investigations. We also still hope that the force is keeping upwards to fulfil the goal to build a high-level safe craft to take people up into space altitudes into the next years. PER ASPERA AD ASTRA!

24.10.2015: SOYUZ LIFT-OFF EXPEDITIONS 2015 The year 2014 isn't at its end. The last Soyuz lift-off expedition is in the making for end of November, but we want to give you an overview about the planned schedule of our Soyuz TMA-M lift-off expeditions in 2015. 4 manned missions are on schedule. The first mission in the year will symbol a special mission: first time since the ISS is manned, that 2 humans will head to the ISS to live onboard the station for one year. Also, a space flight participant will head to the stars: Sarah Brightman, the world knew the musical singer, will fly to the ISS in October 2015 for an 11-day space mission! The expeditions to Baikonur are awesome, and people who stayed with us there since we developed the tour more than 10 years ago are all excited! Sometimes it is not easy to go to Baikonur, but we do our best to take you to there, where humans are up to fly to the stars! Your ticket to Baikonur can be find here ...

SPACE AFFAIRS Baikonur Soyuz Lift-Off Expeditions 2015

19.10.2014: WHERE IS THE AIRBUS? Novespace, the owner of the Airbus Zero-G in France, decided to re-organize the public zeroG flights in 2015. Out of this, we can't offer you at the moment zeroG slots for new flights with the beginning of June 2015 on the European parabolic aircraft. Sorry about, but this isn't our decision and we have to follow the wish of Novespace. It happen's to all sellers who had the possibility to offer the slots since the program was started in March 2013. We flew on any flight customers what happened so far, and of course, we will fly our registered customers on the flight on April 29, 2015. We received 5 slots and the customers from the waiting list will be informed about their participation soon as possible!

16.10.2014: ZERO G "WORLD'S UNITED" Russians, Belgians, Germans, Chinese and guys from Hong Kong find today together to participate in the 2nd zeroG flight in the week onboard the biggest ZeroG plane in the world, the Russian Ilyushin 76MDK! It was raining "cats and dogs" (so sorry for the water bubbles on the lens) and the flight took off with some delay and received first no landing clearance for the airbase from where the aircraft took-off! Clouds were too deep. But then there was a short time window and the Ilyushin came back with 14 brave zeroG flyers who performed finally 10 parabolas! The participants have had a lot of fun with the encounter with Newton's Law of Gravity! Pictures and video footage are coming soon, so stay tuned! If you want to participate on world's best zeroG flights in 2015, then give us a note and we will inform you about all details! Your weightlessness ticket is still waiting here ...

Zero G World's United - 16.10.2014

14.10.2014: ZERO G "VIVA LA MEXICO" Today we held our first zeroG flight in the week with the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center's big Ilyushin 76MDK parabolic aircraft with 10 artists from Mexico who presented their art project "La Gravedad de Los Asuntos" during a zeroG flight. The Ilyushin was re-build like a theatre stage! The mission was completed after 10 successful parabolas and the participants of the flights received of course their flight certificates, signed by Yuri Lonchakov who is the head of the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center. This flight was so special, that it will be remembered in the next 50 years or more! Videos and pictures will be released as soon as possible, more than 50 GB of video files and 10 GB of pictures have to be viewed first and the best will be selected, so stay tuned! A big THANK YOU to all who helped to make this possible!

Viva La Mexico ZeroG Flight - 14.10.2014

03.10.2014: HALO TANDEM 30,000 ft - MICHAEL NAJJAR'S JUMP WITH THE DRAGON Michael Najjar from Berlin, Germany is the first artist ever to perform a HALO Jump from an altitude of 10,000 m / 32,800 ft.

On 30th June and 1st July 2014 Michael Najjar performed two HALO Jumps at the West Tennessee Skydiving Center in the USA. HALO is short for "High Altitude Low Opening" and the jump is the most dangerous of all skydiving techniques. Invented by the U.S. Air Force, only 135 civilians worldwide have made a HALO jump so far (July 2014). Michael is the world's first artist to make this extreme skydiving adventure experience.

Hooked to a Tandem Master, Michael jumped from an aircraft in the drop zone at 10,000 meters (32,800 ft) altitude, hurtling toward earth in an adrenaline-pumping two-minute free-fall at a velocity of 320 km/h / 200 mph. His full equipment, needed to endure such a testing free-fall, included an HGU 55/P Ballistic Helmet, MBU 12 Oxygene Mask, Tactical Googles, and Airox VIII 02 regulator and Twin 53 Bailout Bottle Assemblies.

3 solo jumpers equipped with video cameras also joined Michael on his free-fall towards earth.

In a complex choreography elaborated and rehearsed prior to the jump, the cameramen braved the extreme challenges of high altitude descent to shoot the video material Michael had asked them for. Michael Najjar will now use this extraordinary footage to create a new video work exploring the relationship between the human body and Earth's gravitation that will be yet another facet of his current "outer space" series. Alex Gubanov was the 1st cameraman carrying the RED Dragon camera.

Michael wishes to thank the incredible team who made all this possible:
Andreas P. Bergweiler - COO & Mission Director, SPACE AFFAIRS
Kevin Holbrook - Head of Halojumper.com and main HALO instructor
Mark Gerlach - Michael's extreme experienced HALO tandem master
Alex Gubanov - 1st cameraman carrying the RED "Dragon" camera
Keith Arceneaux - 2nd cameraman
Reid Larson - 3rd cameraman
Nate Heartt - Camera operator, RED camera operator
Camera support: RED Digital Cinema Camera Company

If you want to book your own HALO tandem for 2015, then you can do this here ...

30.09.2014: RISE OF SOYUZ We were from September 21st up to September 26 at the cosmodrome Baikonur to follow each steps of the crew of Soyuz TMA-14M. Beside all points of interest there (roll-out of the Soyuz carrier rocket, installation on the Gagarinsky launchpad, press conference and more) one event was astonishing our expedition participants most: the rise of Soyuz in the night sky! In the deep of the night the Soyuz rocket was launched from the pad, from which also Yuri Gagarin launched on April 12, 1961 to space! Baikonur is a special place, and if you want to participate in 2015 on one of our 4 expedition launches, let us know! Your Baikonur expedition will start here ...

13.09.2014: LA GRAVEDAD DE LOS ASUNTOS - The Issues of Gravity SPACE AFFAIRS and it's Russian team is honoured to host between October 12 and October 16 10 Mexican artists who will experience weightlessness and perform during the parabolas several art projects! The issues of "La Gravedad de Los Asuntos - The Issues of Gravity" objective is to give Mexico a voice in world-concerned conversations about art, science and outer-space. The project consists of a series of parabolic flights to produce works of art in zero gravity by a group of Mexican scientist and artists.

This project is a public initiative that wishes to emphasize the curiosity of the general public towards scientific and artistic knowledge through a series of activities over the next two years, for example an art exhibition, a book publication, a documentary and an educational program that aims to show an alternative view of the theme of gravity, scientifically and culturally. More information about the artists and their projects is coming soon!

La Gravedad de Los Asuntos

29.08.2014: FLOATING FREE On October 16, you will have the possibility to float free like Superman on board the Ilyushin 76 MDK of the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center, the biggest parabolic flight aircraft in the world. You will have the chance to meet very interesting people from around the world, and it will happen at a very historical place. The airbase where we will fly from is nearby Star City. There, the world famous Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (GCTC) is located. Beside the zeroG flight itself, you will visit the centre and you wonder about the achievements of more than 52 years of manned space flight. The complete tour will be held from October 15 up to October 18, and you will come back full of emotions and special experiences! Your flight slot is still waiting here ...

08.08.2014: HELLO, COMET A fantastic milestone was achieved on August 6, 2014: After a more than 10 years and billion of kilometers journey the European Space Agency's comet hunter probe "Rosetta" made its breaking maneuver and is now in orbit around comet C67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko! To go into an orbit around such a small object isn't easy because of the very low level of gravity. “Arriving at the comet is really only just the beginning of an even bigger adventure, with greater challenges still to come as we learn how to operate in this unchartered environment, start to orbit and, eventually, land,” says Sylvain Lodiot, ESA’s Rosetta spacecraft operations manager on last Wednesday to press media. The team and partners of SPACE AFFAIRS congratulate the ESA Rosetta team members for this fantastic result! If you want to learn more about ESA's Rosetta mission, you can visit the ESA Rosetta Mission Homepage

Comet C67/Churyumov-Gerasimenko

02.08.2014: HAVE A MARVELLOUS EXPERIENCE! This day is only for you. After you are briefed and equipped with 12kg of personal equipment, you will be belted in the cockpit of the MIG-29. Under you the explosive bolts of your ejection seat, what will bail you out if necessary with 87 m/s (what still is 16G). You got instructions in the cockpit instrumentation. Then, the canopy will be closed and the engines will be started. Outside it is loud and without ear protection it could come to damage of the ears. Inside you are good protected from your helmet. Then, it goes. On the runway, your pilot will throttle up the engines after checking all systems again. Then you will feel the force on your back and inside of some seconds you are in the air, heading up to a special area where your flight manoeuvres will starting ...

Give us a note and you are in 60 days min on your personal flight! Your seat is still waiting here ...

15.07.2014: FLY WITH ME! Congratulations again for "Jogi's Jungs", now Germany is world champion. Well done, good job! We don't have to give away world champion titles, but we have other kicks. A flight with an Aero L-39 "Albatross" jet from the former US Air Force base Bitburg in Germany is a very special flight, especially if you think about to fulfil your lifetime dream to fly with a jet aeroplane! Especially for those who own a flying license like a PPL (Private Pilot License). For aviators, this is a special kind of experience! You can fly for 20 or 30 minutes, or longer. If you fighting in a Cessna with cross-winds, you will not feel such a lot in the Albatross. The complete flying day at the former air base will give to you a special experience. Since 2007 we are flying there and starting in Europe first with such kind of flight. Your slot can be reserved on short demand in the co-pilots seat!

12.07.2014: FEEL FREE - AIRBUS "ZERO G" FLYING AGAIN IN 2015 The European weightlessness flights are coming back! After 6 successful zeroG missions with Novespace's Airbus A300 in 2013 and 2014, you will now have the opportunity to be one of the first free floaters on board the new Airbus A310 "Zero G" in 2015! The first flight is now on schedule for May 12, 2015. Selling will be open with the beginning of September, but we will set absolutely interested free flyers on our list so that you will have the opportunity to fly in 2015 onboard Europe's best-known aircraft! Be first! Your tickets are still waiting here ...

08.07.2014: ANDREW'S LONG JOURNEY Andrew contacted us in last year end of October because of a special dream: he wanted to do a HALO tandem jump! It takes him more than 7 months and a long journey around the globe from Sydney, Australia to Memphis, Tennessee. On June 23 he performed with his tandem master Mark Gerlach (originally also from Australia) a 2 minutes and 3 seconds free fall out of an altitude of 30,070 feet! The HALO season is still open until the end of October of this year. Hope to see you on 30,000 feet!

28.06.2014: PRESS RELEASE - FROM 30,000ft down - THE ART OF FREE FALL

German commercial space agency SPACE AFFAIRS provides artist Michael Najjar a HALO jump from almost 10 km altitude.

Bremen / Memphis (Tennessee) The German visual artist Michael Najjar wants with his art literally really high up. And this time in free fall down again. For his ongoing project "Outer Space" he will head towards the Earth plunge on June 30 and July 1, 2014 in two HALO tandem jumps above the "West Tennessee Skydiving Center" from 30,000ft altitude (equivalent to about 9,500m).

HALO stands for "High Altitude Low Opening". The name perfectly describes the special adventure that even for experienced skydivers (usual jump height 13,000 – 19,000 ft) is a real gamble and requires a special license and training.

SPACE AFFAIRS organized this jumps for Michael Najjar. They were responsible even for some other special trips by Michael Najjar to the direction outer space like a flight to the edge of space with the russian MIG-29, a special space suit training with the “Orlan Space Suit” or a participation on a parabolic flight.

SPACE AFFAIRS fulfilled for over 14 years everyone's dreams on the way to space. As the market leader for space tourism in Europe the specialized agency, based in Bremen, serves exceptional aerospace adventures, expeditions and extreme experiences.

"The dreams of our customers are as limitless as our offers.” says Andreas P. Bergweiler, COO & Mission Director of SPACE AFFAIRS.

The agency organizes special events in the context of speed and space for private and corporate customers. Whether jet flights, astronauts and cosmonauts training, weightlessness flights or, ultimately, a flight into space. Anything is possible.

Now the spectacular images of Michael Najjar’s HALO tandem jumps will not only stay in his creative head, a very special camera will be used. The EPIC DRAGON® by RED is a true innovation in digital cinema technology, as detected with the 6K RED DRAGON® sensor, a 9-times higher resolution than HD.

Only three German civilians dared to date a HALO jump: Extreme reporter Harro Fuellgrabe who jumped for the Pro7 program "Galileo" in depth and mother and son duo Astrid and Florian Schalowski who carried adventures litarally in their gene.

You can see the jumps on the YouTube channel of SPACE AFFAIRS, which is with over 6.2 million views the most visited channel on the subject at all.

Contact info:
SPACE AFFAIRS - above and beyond
a brand of PRO TOURA
Kleiner Ort 5
D- 28357 Bremen, Germany
Contact: Andreas P. Bergweiler, COO & Mission Director
Telefon: +49 (0)2628 74 92 832
E-Mail: mops[at]space-affairs[dot]com
Web: www.space-affairs.com
Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/SEL9000

Info Michael Najar:
Michael Najjar was born October 31, 1966 in Landau/Germany. He lives and works since 1988 in Berlin and works with the media photography and video. https://www.michaelnajjar.com

Info RED Dragon® Kamera:

13.06.2014: BAIKONUR - FACE TO FACE WITH SPACE - SOYUZ TMA-14M We developed special tours to Baikonur in 2004 and performing our tours since 2005. Nowhere in the world, you can get closer to space with your face! Baikonur means "Brown Earth" and everywhere you will go, you are recognising that this place in Kazakhstan is a special point of interest, not only for space enthusiasts! See the roll-out of the Soyuz rocket mounted with its capsule in the morning! Follow the railroad to the launchpad (mostly used is the historical Launchpad No#1 where from Yuri Gagarin made the first human flight to space)! See the actions directly on the launchpad! Visit historical places what you only know from movies and books! Get in contact with the crews during press conferences! See the big facilities where the Soyuz rockets are mounted! And you will watch the lift-off of the Soyuz rocket only in a distance of 1,5 kilometres!

We know that some customers during the last launches were "stranded" and their tour operators cancelled their trips only some days before they were up to go to the destination. This can't happen with us because our partners working directly with Roskosmos, the Russian Space Agency. And nobody is up to kick out foreigners from the Baikonur cosmodrome. Of course, we are working here with human manned spaceflight and the schedules can change with the exact lift-off dates, but this we know early enough to take precautions to safe our customers. The access to the cosmodrome is given and only limited because of accessible hotels, but we taking care early enough to arrange bookings for our groups from 8 to max 15 pax! Not anybody can provide this service. We run the programs under highest quality, and if you want to get in touch with our customers who spent time there, let us know and we will arrange it! Get in contact with us if you want to know more, we know each small hill in the widely open steppes of the region of the cosmodrome personally! Your very special tour to Baikonur is still waiting here ...

10.06.2014: 30,000 FEET HALO TANDEM: FLORIAN'S HALO EXPERIENCE Beside his brave mother, Florian left the plane on May 26th just behind his mother, made his free fall of more than 2 minutes out of 29,860 feet (MSL) and landed first! He represents behind TV action reporter Harro Füllgrabe of Galileo/Pro7 the second German male who did a HALO Tandem Jump with our special "troops" in Memphis, Tennessee. Have fun with the video!

06.06.2014: 30,000 FEET HALO TANDEM: ASTRID'S FREE FALL BACK TO EARTH Last week on May 26th we announced the world record HALO tandem jump of mother and son. Now we are proud to present Astrid's free fall back to Earth in a special Video: Astrid done the first HALO tandem jump as a German woman! She represents the 2nd German civilian citizen who ever did the jump under MFF (Military Free Fall) conditions , better known as HALO (High Altitude Low Opening). Astrid jumped from nearby 30,000 feet (9.144 meters). the temperature outside was -43ºF (-47ºC) with her Tandem Master Mark Gerlach in a 2:05 minutes free fall until the main parachute was opened! Well done, Astrid! If you want to join a HALO tandem jump (what is definitely nothing for couch potatoes, your personally free fall is still waiting here!

26.05.2014: HALO PREMIERE NEARBY MEMPHIS We are providing since years for now together with our US partners high altitude low opening skydives called HALO. Today we have some premieres: Premiere No#1 is the first German woman who will do the HALO tandem jump out of 30,000 feet altitude. The second premiere is that first time the HALO jump is done in a "mother & son" HALO! Astrid and her son Florian having a good time at the West Tennessee Skydiving Center at Whitefield nearby Memphis/USA and performed yesterday the training for the today's HALO tandem jump. Florian will represent the 2nd German man who will do the jump after Harro Füllgrabe for Galileo Extreme! We will have a bunch of new pictures and footage in the next days, so stay tuned! If you want to have an extraordinary experience of your life, do not hesitate to contact us. Here is your gateway to heaven!

Florian ready for his today's HALO tandem jump

09.05.2014: 5,000 SUBSCRIBERS ON YOUTUBE! Today, we hit a milestone: we welcomed today our YouTube subscriber No# 5,000! Our YouTube channel is growing and growing and we are proud that you all love our videos about our adventures and events. We want to say thanks to all of our customers. Without you, our business would not be possible and the videos also not! So, we will have soon some very new ones of special adventures, so stay tuned! We will run for the YouTube Oscar! Our YouTube cinema channel ...

15.04.2014: ZERO-G IN FRANCE 2015 We conducted on March 26 2014 the last commercial zeroG training flight on board the Airbus A300 of Novespace. Participants loved it very much! For new bookings, we have to wait until the 2nd quarter of 2015. Novespace, the owner of the Airbus A300 "ZeroG" will receive a new Aircraft, and Airbus A310. If you want to participate on the first flight in 2015 with the new aircraft, do not hesitate to contact us. We have a waiting list and will give out information about new dates for 2015 as soon as possible! Your parabolic flight in France 2015 could start here ...

19.03.2014: H.A.L.O. SEASON 2014 WILL START IN 4 WEEKS HALO means High Altitude Low Opening and is a kind of special skydive, developed in the 50ties of the last century by US paratroopers. The goal was not to be on the radar systems to long during a parachute mission. Since 6 years HALO skydiving is also possible for private skydivers by themselves, if you have a special skydiving license (comparable with USPA B-license). If you don't have any skydiving license, no worry - you can do a HALO in a tandem jump with an absolutely experienced HALO tandem master and you will climb high on altitudes between 28,500 and 32,000 feet and then, you will jump out! You will have a free fall of 2 minutes always! First, you drop out the plane by 320 km/h, then you will fall with 220 km/h down to Earth! HALO tandem jumps belonging to the best adventures what we have in our portfolio! The HALO season 2014 will start in 4 weeks! So, climb high and drop safe! To your drop altitude ...

27.02.2014: THE NEXT GERMAN ASTRONAUT WILL HEAD TO SPACE Alexander Gerst, german ESA astronaut, is now since years in training to fly to space. Now, the day of the lift-off is coming closer so that he and his crew mates will make their lift-off on the board of the Soyuz TMA-13M mission, planned for May 28, 2014! SPACE AFFAIRS developed in the last years own programs for space enthusiasts, who want to see one of the most incredible places on the world, the Russian cosmodrome of Baikonur in the middle of Kazakhstan! You can book your trip to the cosmodrome until March 20, 2014. You will not only see the lift-off, you will see anything that you can see down there in a very special trip. See the Soyuz Integration Hall! The very special space museums at Baikonur! The Energia complex where the next space ships are tested before they will be mounted on top of the Soyuz rockets and a lot of more. The climax: see a night launch in only 1,5 kilometres in distance to the launch pad and follow the very bright spot of Soyuz in the dark sky when it is disappearing in the direction of space. Only around 6 hours later, the spacecraft will make its docking at the International Space Station, and you will see this live on big screens! So, follow us! To your personal launch pad ticket ...

11.02.2014: SOYUZ TMA-11M LANDING EXPEDITION 6 hours after a countryside ride with a 4-wheel drive car you will be in the middle of nowhere! In the centre of the Kazakh steppe! Maybe you will cross railroads, see some telephone and energy lines, but mostly you see only in any direction the same: the dry grass of the steppe. You will stay a night in no man's land, and on the next day, you will be greeted by the morning sun very early. Believe us: sunrise in Kazakstan is so special, you have no idea! Some hours later you will hear a loud boom. What was that? Then you realise something special and your eyes going upwards: this what you see is the reason why you are there: the Soyuz descent capsule, only some hours before a part of the International Space Station, is coming back to Earth. And in it: three brave cosmonauts and astronauts who stayed in Earth orbit for half a year! You will spot the big chute in the sky what slows down the speed (you have to realize in addition: from 28.000 km/h to only 36 km/h in only 8 minutes!) of the capsule, and then the rally restarting again: you will chase the way to the landing point to give the space travellers a warm welcome! You are there! To your personal Soyuz landing site ...

07.02.2014: THE LYNX - YOUR PERSONAL SPACE ADVENTURE Time is coming near that you will be able to fly to space to see planet Earth from a far distance of more than 100 kilometres! Since 2005 we are offering seats on suborbital spaceplanes what will make you by crossing the Karman-Line to a private astronaut! The Lynx will have it's roll-out at the Mojave Space Port in California in the 3rd quarter of 2014 (of course, it could change) and if anything is moving forward (and Jeff Greason, the CEO of XCOR, the manufacturing company of the Lynx) and our very good friends at Space Expedition Corporation in the Netherlands (SXC) are twittering this the whole day! So, give us a note or a call if you want to know anything about this very special and personal space adventure. All information about the flight to space itself, training issues and the different astronaut programs you will find on our new details website of the Lynx! Your route to space starts here ...

04.02.2014: MIG-29 SUBORBITAL FLIGHT PATH PROGRAM New challenges are just in front of the door: in some months the first civilians will fly onboard of rocketplanes to suborbital altitudes, behind the 'Karman Line' (100 km or 360,000 feet). To go up to this altitude and afterwards coming back the place where you are coming from isn't easy! The flight will stress you up, you will fly nearby Mach 3 and g-forces between 2 and 6 G will attract you! Are you ready to handle this? Are you feeling well prepared? You should be safe with your decision to buy a suborbital ticket, the flight tickets aren't really cheap! You can test yourself with a flight path what is the same (without the altitude of course) as with a suborbital rocketplane what will make it's take-off to space horizontally! Better to know before if you like that kind of style of flight, because that what you will get out of this is a lifetime experience! To your personal suborbital flight path ...

19.01.2014: SEE EARTH FROM ANOTHER PERSPECTIVE You strapped in the second ejection seat. During take-off, you will feel the power in your back and you will be transported in only 10 - 12 minutes high as it could be possible on your flight day! Depends on the weather your altitude will be between 63,000 and 75,000 feet! You will head with MACH 1,8 up to the sky! You will realise in minutes, that it is starting getting darker and darker above you! You will see Earth curvature and the different Earth atmosphere layers at the horizon! You will fly in the direction of space, and you and your pilot in command are the highest flying humans in this minutes, besides the crew of the International Space Station ISS! Nowhere in the world, you can fly at present higher! You are sitting in a 4th generation high-performance jet fighter aircraft and you will be amazed about its capabilities! Up to you, what your pilot will show to you, and do not wonder if you will hear during the flight "It's your machine. Take the stick!" You are then steering the MIG-29 and you will only wonder that you can do it! Your way to your personal afterburner ...

13.01.2014: SPACE AFFAIRS IL-76 ZERO-G MISSION The year has started, and this could be your year of weightlessness! Floating free inside the biggest parabolic aeroplane of the world, the Russian Ilyushin 76 MDK will take your breath away! You will be in a group of max. 14 people, so you will have enough space around you to find out, what weightlessness is the meaning of! 10 parabolas will give you enough time for feeling free as free you can be. It's your own challenge to participate in special training parts what the original trainers of the cosmonauts will offer to you! Windmills, walking upside down, flying free as Superman and a lot of other things! SPACE AFFAIRS conducts a full charter flight only for SPACE AFFAIRS customers on April 24, 2014. Your voyage starts on April 23 and runs until April 26. It's not only the zeroG flight what makes this experience very attract, it is also the place where it will be done. Here, the human spaceflights started in 1961, and you will see a lot of things in addition. This is a special tour developed by us and run now for more than 10 years! Deadline for to participate is February 24, 2014! Some slots are available. But do not think too much, we are selling "first comes, first served". Cu in weightlessness! More information ...

12.01.2014: ZERO-G FLIGHTS WITH AIRBUS A-300 All slots for the last 2 flights with Novspace's Airbus A-300 "Zero G" are sold out. In 2014 there will be no possibility to join a flight on this aircraft. Novespace will receive a new aircraft in 2014, an Airbus A310. This aircraft has to be rebuilt and fitted so that it can become a licenced aircraft to participate zeroG flights for research & development flights, for training flights and for flights with individuals. It is to be expected at the moment that the flights with the new Airbus A310 "ZeroG" will be continuing for the public not earlier than the 2nd quarter of 2015. If you are still interested in to join one of the first flights with the new parabolic aircraft, do not hesitate to give us a note and your contact details. We will handle a waiting list. You will receive then information as soon as possible about the restarting of the zeroG flights in Europe. Please take attention to the fact: we are selling "first comes, first served". ZeroG flights with Novespace in 2015 ...

04.01.2014: WHEN A RACE DRIVER CONTROLS A FIGHER JET We want to share with you the long-awaited 5,000-word first-person story penned by our very special client Max “The Ax” Angelelli (yes, he wrote every single word of it!), along with photos posted by Autoweek.com. Max goes into interesting detail about the chance to finally live his dream of flying in, and even taking over the controls of, a fighter jet. We still hope Max that for the now starting racing season you will not use your car as the MIG-29. Up and down with your car isn't nominal! Accepting left and right and only forward! God speed for your next season, Max! Sports-car racer Max 'The Ax' Angelelli flies high in a MiG-29!

01.01.2014: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 2013 has finally ended, and now we are in 2014. This will be representing the 14th year of our operational services in regards of space & aerospace tourism. What a ride! What a time! We will promise to offer to you in this new year also new adventures, what are at the moment in development. It takes a time until they are ready because we have to do the mission design first and we only operate under the best high-quality aspects, also safety first, always! Also, it will be a very interesting year because the suborbital rides are coming closer! We are ready for to take your requests, also those who are challenging us and what were never done before! And thanks a lot for your participation at our very special events, without you, it would never be possible! We will turn your eyes skywards in 2014!


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