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Space Affairs

NEWS 2012

23.12.2012: FURTHER UP YONDER. Our year 2012 was awesome and challenging! We wish you all a happy holiday season, a good Christmas time and a good new year 2013! We thank all of you who helped to make the special events and adventures for our customers first touchable, then real.

10.11.2012: TO THE EDGE OF SPACE. The MIG-29UB is a powerful jet and has the highest climb rates of fighter jet aircraft on the world: 1,042 feet each second vertical! We are using this capability for to send jet flight enthusiasts on altitudes between 72,000 and 75,000 feet! On this flight level, you see the blackness of space and the Earth's horizon as never before in millions of colours! In 8 to 10 minutes, you are on that altitude with Mach 1,6 (or more)! During the descent, your pilot will show you the capabilities of that jet if you want! We need 60 days in advance for to prepare you the flight of your lifetime. Prices for 2013 will change after January, so if you want to fly in 2013, hurry up! Are you dare? MIG-29 Edge of Space Program.

29.10.2012: BAIKONUR SOYUZ TMA-07M. The launch date of Soyuz TMA-07M what will deliver 3 astronauts of the ISS expedition crew 34 to the International Space Station ISS has changed. The launch will now happen on December 19th, 2012 (TBD). The launch window is open between December 19 and December 23. Our tour plan changed and we are only performing for this tour our short tour. You can take part on this tour, for this, we need until November 5th your personal data. Our Baikonur expeditions are legendary and mindblowing! Baikonur is a very special place on Earth and you will feel everywhere the spirit of Yuri A. Gagarin and Sergei Korolev. Launch dates for 2013 are set for February/March, May, September & November. Do not hesitate to contact us for much more details! Baikonur Soyuz launch missions.

14.10.2012: RED BULL STRATOS. After 4 years trying, now Felix Baumgartner is the fastest human on planet Earth! Congratulations to the RedBull Stratos team with Felix Baumgartner! Today finally after a lot of launch attempts he was successful and jumped out of 128,100 feet (39,045 meters). Felix's entire trip back to earth lasted 9:09 minutes, with 4:22 of that time in freefall (without drogue). Countless millions of people around the world watched his ascent and jump live on television broadcasts and live stream on the Internet. If you want to know more about such jumps, we are offering the HALO tandem skydives. Here you will climb up on min. 28,500 feet and you will jump with an experienced HALO jumpmaster! You will have nearly 2 minutes of free fall until the chute will pop up. An awesome adventure. Do you dare? Then do not miss the 2013 HALO jump season what will start in April 2013! Climb high and fall safely! HALO tandem jump 30,000 feet.

27.08.2012: NEIL A. ARMSTRONG. We are in deep grief about the passing away of Neil A. Armstrong, first human who set on July 20, 1969, feet on the body of an alien body of the solar system, the Moon. His death following complications resulting from cardiovascular procedures. He was 82. Armstrong's words "That is one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind," spoken on July 20, 1969, as he became the first person ever to step onto another planetary body, instantly became a part of history. Those few words from the Sea of Tranquillity were the climactic fulfilment of the efforts and hopes of millions of people and the expenditure of billions of dollars. A plaque on one of the lander's legs that concluded "We came in peace for all mankind," further emphasised that Armstrong and fellow astronaut Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin were there as representatives of all humans. "Neil Armstrong was a hero not just of his time, but of all time," President Barack Obama said via Twitter. "Thank you, Neil, for showing us the power of one small step." Apollo 11 Mission 40th Anniversary - 2009

24.07.2012: TV EVENT ON GERMAN TELEVISION. We arranged for the TV production company Endemol a visit of a TV-team at Star City. Klaas, a German TV special comedian visited the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (GCTC) and took a ride in the biggest human centrifuge in the world. During his ride, he should sing a song from Robbie Williams "Angels". Look by yourself, what he encountered and how he felt like a cosmonaut. The TV show is called "Joko gave Klaas - Das Duell um die Welt" (Joko vs. Klaas, a duel around the World) and was broadcasted in a live TV show on July 21 on German TV Pro7. Have a look at the clip (in German language) here ...

10.06.2012: THE LYNX EXPERIENCE! Since January 2009 we offering seats in the 'Lynx'. What is the 'Lynx'? The 'Lynx' is a rocket-powered aircraft that starts horizontally from its home base in the U.S. Mojave Desert and then rises vertically into the sky to bring its passengers in high altitudes! The special feature: you can sit next to your pilot and get all the impressions so out of the cockpit view! Because of the special design of the cockpit, you will have a panoramic view to the sky, then to space and back to Earth, which will always be remembered! The 'Lynx Mark I' will take you to 200,000 feet (62 kilometres). Later on followed the 'Lynx Mark II', which will carry you behind the so-called 'Karman Line', thus also across the border into space. From late 2013 or early 2014, you may be among the first people to be able to travel in these altitudes! The Lynx is designed for adventurers, not for passengers! More ...

26.04.2012: HALO SPECIAL JUMPS - FLORIDA. We considered with our U.S. partners because of the upcoming summer season 2012, where tandem jumps and could still perform in order to combine sun and beach with each other! It didn't take long and after a glance at the map Florida came out! On 1 and 2 August, we perform over Pensacola in north-west Florida Special HALO tandem jumps! You can jump with your experienced HALO tandem master during the sunset from 30.000 feet altitude and watch the sunset from a slightly different perspective. Or, a day later from the same altitude level and you will make your landing directly on the beach where the beach boys and girls were wondering, where the guys coming from! Reservations are accepted up to July 1, 2012, hurry up because the jumps are performed not only in one specific location but also at much lower prices! More ...

23.04.2012: BE YOUR OWN AVIATOR. In 60 days you could be in as a backseater of one of the best fighter jets in the world - a Russian MIG-29UB "Fulcrum"! The MIG-29 has the highest climb rate of fighter jets in the world and you will feel the powerful thrust of the jet engines if you are heading straight up into the sky behind the clouds! This flight is belonging to the greatest flight adventures what we could offer to your side. We are providing since 2002 jet flights around the world, and the MIG-29 belongs to the best flight opportunities inside our programs. The only what you need is COURAGE! Meanwhile, we equipped the MIG cockpits with GoPro HD cameras, so that your flight will be recorded in HD, sharper as your own eye could see your flight! Come on board the MIG, be strapped into the backseat, and enjoy the most thrilling ride what a civilian could have during a ride with a fighter jet! More ...

12.04.2012: YURI'S NIGHT. 212 (9 virtual) events in 50 countries on 7 continents. Yuri's Night 2012 (https://www.yurisnight.net) is a worldwide event. Hundred thousands of people are celebrating since 2001 on April 12 each year the first flight of a human to space and honour the Russian hero Yuri A. Gagarin who made on April 12, 1961, his first route into space. So, why not to visit this legendary village outside of Moscow called "Star City", where the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center is located? Here, international crews are on mission training for their route to space to the International Space Station ISS. You can visit this legendary place, or - maybe you want to have some adrenaline and train for your own mission? Let us know, maybe you are also investigating an event location for your next corporate "kick off meeting"! More ...

07.04.2012: FIRST ORBIT COMPETITION. 'The Attic Room' and we raffle for the DVD & Blue-ray release of Christopher Riley's movie "FIRST ORBIT" 5 DVD with the signature of the director and producer. The movie shows nearby the orbit of Yuri Gagarin's 'first orbit' around Earth on April 12, 1961, and was filmed from onboard the International Space Station ISS through the window to the universe, the Cupola. Here you can win ...

28.03.2012: SOYUZ TMA-04M & TMA-05M. The Russian space agency Roskosmos set up the new launches for the upcoming both Soyuz liftoffs for May 15th and July 15th. So, we switched our voyage dates for our Baikonur expedition tours. We have two ones: a longer one (what will include the Gagarin Cosmonaut Traning Center, Moscow and the Flight control centre at Koroljov), and a shorter tour what includes the liftoff of Soyuz at Baikonur. If you want to see it in May: please hurry up, booking is still possible up to April 4, 2012! Here you will find your Soyuz Baikonur Liftoff ...

28.03.2012: MAINTENANCE ACCOMPLISHED. 8 weeks we worked very hard to re-edit and re-configure our websites in German and English. Now, it seems that we are ready. Of course, we have to correct here and there something in the next days, so if some mistakes are in, we beg your pardon! But we are glad, we made it!

12.03.2012: MAINTENANCE. In the next upcoming days and max. 2 weeks our English language web page will have some reconstructions and re-editions. We beg your pardon for problems what will occur sometimes and with possible dis-function of some parts of the website. Our engineers, technicians, program managers and workers are speed up to take the website to a new mission readiness. So sorry for discomfort in the next upcoming days!

17.02.2012: SOYUZ LIFTOFF POSTPONED.The liftoff of the Russian Soyuz Missions Soyuz TMA-04M and Soyuz TMA-05M are postponed between 30 and 45 days. This influences our tour plannings for the Baikonur Expeditions. It seems to be that TMA-04M will not have its liftoff earlier as May 15th, 2012 and Soyuz TMA-05M not earlier as July 15th, 2012. Stay tuned, we will give information as soon we will get it.


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