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Space Affairs

NEWS 2009

30.12.2009: NEW! SUBORBITAL SPACEFLIGHT TRAINING STARFIGHTER! Finally, it's done: After months of preparation and program development We can offer to you now a program that is heralding the era of the sub-orbital space flights: Are you ready to test whether you can transgress into suborbital altitudes and know all about all the things for you are coming? SPACE TRAVELERS has now for Europe exclusively the "Suborbital Space Training Starfighter F-104G. 3 days long, you will be at the Kennedy Space Center Flight line in Florida/USA, and with the help of the most experienced Starfighter flight instructors, you will be brought trough a special training program. And it will end in a unique flight with the 'F-104G Starfighter', the 'Astronaut Maker'!. The program is developed under special guidelines with NASA and will take you to a suborbital preparation training, what will familiarise you with the phases of flight and flight manoeuvres, which you will have during a flight with the suborbital RLV's in coming years. Try it out now even if you have the 'Right Stuff' to be able to fly one day, actually to the stars! Ready? Then take a look at our program and do not hesitate for a second! To Suborbital Space Flight Training 'Starfighter F-104G' ...

27.12.2009: Visit our new YouTube Video Log on our website. Here, we are presenting our best adventures what we made in the last nearly 10 years of our space- and flight tourism experience. Enjoy the adventures. Watch the videos ...

24.12.2009: Our team wishes all the best for Christmas and a quite and nice time between the years. We will be reachable between the years and also we will show to you at the end of the year a unique program, what you can book exclusively in Europe at our side!

22.12.2009: Visit the Cosmodrome Baikonur! When a group of international Astronauts and Cosmonauts will leave this planet to fly to space, this is one of the greatest adventures of mankind! You can take part on this adventures on our 7 or 10 days long journey, what will start in Star City nearby Moscow with following the footsteps of Juri A. Gagarin. Then, you will fly to the Cosmodrome Baikonur and you will follow 4 days there the preparations for the liftoff to the Stars! You will be directly in touch with the liftoff preparations as the international press conferences with the crew, the rollout and the erection of the Soyuz rocket on the launch pad, and finally the liftoff itself! The journey what we are offering now since years is one of the best experience, what you can have if you are space and earth interested. This voyage will touch your soul! Your Soyuz TMA-19 experience will start here!

24.11.2009: A new adventure, a new thrill: We are proud to announce a unique program: a spaceflight pre-qualification training for suborbital space rides. We are the only company in Europe who will offer this fantastic program to people, who are thinking to have a ride to space in the future. The 4-day program will be conducted at the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida/USA and will be held under guidelines and rules of the American FAA and NASA. You will have an insight look to special procedures and after the program, you will be qualified to take a ride to space. The highlight of the training is a ride with the Lockheed F-104 'Starfighter'! The program will be online in the next days.

10.11.2009: Short before our 10th anniversary of our adventures, we worked hard with our partners around the globe to find new prices for our jet flight adventures! We can say, we have had success! Before this day a Edge of Space Flight with the MIG-29 costs 23.000 Euro. Now 17.200 Euro (included the complete program)! If you do not want to go so fast and so high, also good news: The both flight opportunities in USA and Germany with our favourite L-39 Albatross programs are having now both cost of 3.150 Euro. Some other programs will also be newly calculated, and we will see, if we can achieve our goals!

22.10.2009: The blackness of space is familiar to the most only from the earthly realms if one is outside and looks toward the sky. Depending on the weather you can see, however, especially in winter, sparkling stars and planets and the deep darkness in the sky at night. If you want to risk a glance, besides all weather conditions, we give you the opportunity to travel into space. The Rocketplane XP will take you to an altitude of 330,000 feet. The official boundary of the earth to space is at 300,000 feet, so you will exceed one of the first commercial adventure the boundary to space. Then, seeing not only the blackness of space, you look back on our blue planet Earth, which appears to you in its stunning beauty. To the Rocketplane XP Suborbital Program ...

12.10.2009: Janne from Norway has dreamed about to fly a jet. We made this possible for her, and after the event, she can't find words. Her husband Meindert wrote us a report from a somewhat different perspective. Read the eyewitness report!

25.09.2009: The Lift Off of the Soyuz TMA-17 mission was foreseen for November 2009. Now, there is a new schedule and the Russian Space Agency postponed the Lift Off to December 23rd. That means Christmas in Baikonur and the time after in Moscow. If you want to have a Christmas special, so do not hesitate to contact us. You will have a journey of your life with a special touch to human spaceflight! The Soyuz TMA-17 special experience ...

19.07.2009: On July 20th 1969, the American astronaut Neil A. Armstrong set his first footprint at 10:56 and 15 seconds (pm, Eastern Standard Time) after the successful landing of the lunar module "Eagle" on the powder like surface of the Moon, and said the famous words: "Its a small step for a man, but a giant leap for mankind!". So, with this step, John F. Kennedy's announcement to land a man on the moon within this decade, was coming to reality. The second man on the moon, Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin" followed at 11:16 pm (EST). The first lunar excursion lasted 2.5 hours, and after the successful mission, the splashdown in the Pacific Ocean occurred on July 24, 12:50pm (EST). Also now, the second announcement of John F. Kennedy, to bring the men after the landing safely back to Earth, was accomplished. Space Travellers honours now Apollo 11 with a special about this milestone. You can see the best pictures and mission descriptions of the flight path and a special Anniversary Video. We are offering special adventures in the United States. 40 years after the milestone in the history of the Apollo 11 mission you can have special experiences to feel like the astronauts of the Apollo 11 mission. The Apollo 11 40th Anniversary Special ...

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01.05.2009: It has been long known that the MIG-31 "Foxhound", with wich we provide normally since 2006 our "Edge of Space" flights, is currently not available at Sokol in Nizhny Novgorod/Russia It is planned that the MIG-31 at Sokol will return in this year, but at the moment we can't say anything about a time schedule. But we can say that we have performed in the past few months with the MIG-29 "Edge of Space Flights" up to an altitude of 72.400ft (22km). The advantages of the MIG-29 compared to the MIG-31: You sit in a large cockpit, have a better view on all sides, and - the MIG-29 program is much cheaper than the MIG-31. Please contact us for the details, we would be happy to speak with you about this unique flying experience! To your MIG-29 program ...

18.04.2009: The German newspaper "Die Welt" brought today on the first side of its publishing a header-story about our tour to the Landing site of the Soyuz-TMA13 spacecraft on April 8th, 2009. Here you can read the article online from the journalist Dennis Buchmann, who attended this voyage for our customer Sandoz. The article is named "Eine Landing it der Soyuz ist nights für Weicheier" (A landing with the Soyuz is nothing for softies - only in The German language).

17.04.2009: The first article about our trip to the landing side of Soyuz TMA-13 was published today in the German newspaper "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung". The article "Der Tag, dem die Kugel as dem field" (The day, as the sphere, was falling from space) you can find here! (only in The German language).

11.04.2009: We are one of the main sponsors for the "Yuri's night" at Stuttgart, Germany - for 3 years for now. This year the day was a little bit earlier out of Easter. Yuri Gagarin was the first man in space, as he lifted off from the Baikonur cosmodrome on April 12th, 1961. Since some years, at the "Yuri's night", a lot of people celebrating this night of the flight of Yuri. We gave a special price for the party in Stuttgart: a winner will be attained in next year our special "Space Shuttle farewell tour" in May 2010, when the Space Shuttle will have its last flight to the stars. More information about this voyage are coming soon.

08.04.2009: World premiere: Kazakhstan, near Jezgesgam. Inside the steppe. 13:16 hour. Mission accomplished! The Soyuz TMA-13 landed with the space travellers Yuri Lonchakov, Mike Fincke and Charles Simonyi. And we are standing by as the Soyuz capsule appeared in an altitude of 35.000 feet above our head with two sonic booms. As the main parachute deployed, a hunt began: we rushed with offroad cars behind the Soyuz capsule to meet her at the landing point. If humans are starting to space, it's marvellous. If they are coming back - it's astonishing! We developed for our customer Sandoz a very special journalist tour in the heart of the Russian space history and opened the journalists the doors wide open at Russia and Kasachztan. In the next days you will find more here.

03.04.2009:A group of 10 journalist will be guided to Moscow/Star City and to Kazakhstan from April 3 up to April 10. We have organised this tour to watch the landing of the Soyuz TMA-13 mission on April 8th in the steppe of Kazakhstan. Our complete team will be absent out of this reason up to April 10. Please have the understanding that in this time e-mails and calls can't be answered. On April 14 we are back in service. Thanks a lot for your attention.

27.03.2009: Our Zero-G flights in the U.S. on board the Boeing B272 have available new dates. There are several cities, where the Boeing will perform its Zero-G flights. Take attention: the price for a participation of such a flight is given by the operator (participation in the Zero-G flight with a special program). The price is (as of the exchange rate of Euro = USD for today) 3.820,00 Euro (incl. 5% tax). There are some sellers on the internet, who are selling you the participation absolutely overpriced. We suggested, that you request the current price on daily details. More ...

22.03.2009: We are working on, to present you inside of this year a new jet-flight opportunity: a flight with the successor model of the MIG-29, the MIG-35! The flight will be a breathtaking adventure, because not only out of the kind of this unique jet, also out of the place, where it will be! We do not give you at the moment any more details because we would like to increase the tension! But - you can be sure: as in the past - we are don't build up dream bubbles, we are talking about realities!

28.02.2009: The Lynx arrived! From the renowned American manufacturers XCOR, the two-seater Lynx represents new, especially safe techniques employed for the departure into space: Like a standard aircraft, it takes off and lands horizontally, and during the flight, its rocket fuel propulsion can be activated and deactivated as required. The cockpit offers a comfortable space and is specially designed to provide to the passenger optimum panoramic views. You will reach an altitude of 200.000 ft (61km) and you will have the adventure of your life! More ...

19.02.2009: Come with us in June 2009 to a legendary peak, over which you will have the chance to parachute. An aircraft will fly you directly over the summit of Mount McKinley. You will be one of the first jumpers in the world to conquer from the air, the highest mountain in North America. The jump will be executed from a height of between 7,200-7,400m (23,622 - 24,278ft), wearing an oxygen mask and employing the same apparatus as your NATO trained specialist. Nowhere in the world will you find such a highly qualified skydiving team to accompany you on your challenging adventure! The instructors are the only ones certified by the FAA who are allowed to carry out high altitude parachute jumps, sometimes even from heights of over 10,000m (32,808ft)! More ...

20.01.2009: We are looking forward to presenting you in the next days an experience of a special kind: as the first Space Tourism Agency in Europe, we will offer you lifetime adventure! The term "Edge of Space" will assign a different meaning! You can fly with the beginning of mid-2011 on a unique way with the rocket-powered "Lynx" to an altitude of 200,000 feet (~ 61 km)!. Enjoy, directly beside one of the most experienced NASA space shuttle commanders on the co-pilot's seat a flight to the frontiers of space! From New Mexico, your flight will begin. The "Lynx" is a revolutionary vehicle which uses non-toxic rocket fuel, kerosene and liquid oxygen. The "Lynx" offers a unique approach to security of the plane and the crew and protect them on such a special way. The program includes a 5-day preflight qualification test in. stay in the "Canyon State" Arizona/USA in a 5-star country resort, you will feel medical care from flight surgeons and specialists of the world famous Mayo-Clinic, and a cancellation insurance, what will protect your investment for the flight to the stars for 7 years! A little bit patience more, and you will be astonished and amazed!

05.01.2009: The new year 2009 arrived! As a special for the beginning of the new year, we present here three extraordinary adventures. With this adventures, you can experience the full speed of a jet in the heaven, in an altitude of 2 meters above the surface of the Mojave desert, or you can lose earth's gravity. This can be the topic of your new year! More ...


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