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Space Affairs

NEWS 2008

17.12.2008: The year 2008 is near its end. We have uploaded in our gallery the best pictures of the events and adventures of this year. The pictures are speaking their own language and were made at the most incredible and interesting places. It's worth to have a look! Also, we wish you a nice Christmas and a good liftoff into the year 2009! Start here!

11.12.2008: Do you have a lifetime dream to fly a MIG-29 or a MIG-31? For a short time, we offer the MIG-31 "Foxhound" and the MIG-29 "Fulcrum" including the program at Nizhny Novgorod for a special price. Your dream, even to fly with these unique Russian aircraft to the highest altitudes or to experience what does 7 G mean, you will be faster there if you think! Visit the programs of the MIG-31 "Foxhound" and the MIG-29 "Fulcrum". Sure, you can add to this tours also some special programs, such as Moscow and the surrounding area, or a visit to the famous museum in Monino. Go fast and high!

01.12.2008: Christmas is just around the door. If you belong to those who already felt in the summer of gifts to buy, then you might now seem a bit annoying, because we have three programs selected for Christmas, and give good discounts on the normal prices. At Bitburg airfield, a former US-Airforce base, there you will find our Jet Pilot Training with to be a pilot with the L-39ZO "Albatross", the price is now 300 euros cheaper. In the U.S. you fly like Tom Cruise in Top Gun above the Mojave desert and get the absolute flight of your life smooth for 500 euros cheaper! In Russia, you are on board our Ilyushin 76 MDK, the cosmonaut training aircraft of the cosmonauts and you save 750,00 euros equal to the normal of the same weightless, and the price will also be easier: You save 750 euros equal to the normal price. You will receive if you order before December 20th, a personalised gift certificate (also with personal words of yours) will be sent directly to you or to the recipient. We ship worldwide. Do we touch your senses

02.11.2008: Follow us on the roots of Yuri Gagarin to Baikonur, Kazakhstan, the world's largest cosmodrome! In 2009, there will be 4 flights a year, manned, to the International Space Station ISS. So we will have more opportunities, to take you to Baykonur to show you in this very unique and own developed voyage all launch preparations, before the crews will have their liftoff to the stars! And not only that: before you see the world famous Star City, the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center. The trip to Kazakhstan takes 4 hours and is quite an experience in itself! If you wish, you can participate even at the docking of Soyuz 2 days after the liftoff at the Koroljov Mission Control Centre (MCC) at Koroljov City nearby Moscow. The trip will be unforgettable! More ...

04.10.2008: We have reduced the price of our "L-39C Albatross TopGun over the Mojave desert"! Now, the flights will be out from Van Nuys Airport. But the flight path, the Mojave dessert will be the same as before. You will fly with 840 km/h and in 2 meters altitude through canyThey thunder with up to 840 km / h at 2 meters in altitude through canyons and experience pure air acrobatics. If you are looking for the thrill, then it is right here! More ...

24.09.2008: Today begins a new journey into the realm of weightlessness. An international group of Germans, Swiss, Americans and Russians are aboard the Ilyushin 76 MDK, the cosmonaut training aircraft. From today until Saturday, they will see the world with us through special eyes. During the 4-day trip, they will experience the adventure of space mostly intensive as ever before. Pictures will soon appear in our gallery and customer responses of this experience will come soon. If you also next year want to be there you will find the program here!

10.09.2008: To new destinations - says the Postbank of Germany. From 17.09.08 up to 24.09.2008, at 5 different locations (Dresden/Leipzig/Bremen/Frankfurt) they will hold their executive's meeting, and the surrounding field is Space!. We supported the event agency ConceptX in the preparation of space with a basic theme. Exhibition booths, specialists from ESA, Astronaut guest speakers (Ulrich Walter/ESA - Franz Viehböck/Austria) will help the executives to show the new way of the Postbank in their new future maintenance. The Project manager for ESA missions as the "Cassini-Huygens" mission or "Mars lander" mission, as well as specialists in the field of religious studies, will participate. In addition, we bring the issue closer to space through exhibits, which the various eras of space describe as well as spot available expertise when it comes to the issue of space medicine or food goes to space.

15.08.2008: The MIG-29 "Fulcrum" is one of the best fighters in the world. Many pilots describe the Russian jet as "the best of aviation" Some describe the MIG-29 better than the brand new Eurofighter, what is inside the last few months serviced at various air forces in Europe! With us, you go even higher! Fly with an MIG-29 "To The Edge of Space." With a full and massive push, the MIG-29 reaches now altitudes from 22 up to 24 kilometres! And you'll enjoy a flawless look around thanks to the good and spacious cockpit designs! More ...

20.07.2008: Weightless, see the world with different eyes. Our ZeroG-Flights in Russia have been an integral part of the program and enjoy international popularity. For our flight in October 2008, only a few seats available. If you want to be, then act now - the October flight will be the last single flight in the year 2008! More ...

13.06.2008: At the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Berlin, Michael Schultz gave a lecture on "Space tourism - space for pedestrians" and constitutes a young audience interested in the current situation in the new "Space Race" and its impact on the future so far. The lecture was developed in collaboration with the University of Stuttgart - Institute for Space Systems.

08.05.2008: Jet pilot for a day! Our program "Jet Pilot Training", which is held in Bitburg/Eifel/Germany, can end for you with a free flight of 30 minutes with an L-39ZO "Albatross", the best training aircraft of the world. The program is becoming more and more popularity. Our customers are excited by the program and partly speechless directly after the training, and also some weeks later if they see the flight videos (addon) on their home tv. If you want to be also there, we bring you on board one of the most flown jet trainers in the world! More ...

07.05.2008: The MDR filmed with us at the airport Bitburg/Eifel/Germany on the former US-Airforce Base Bitburg. The film will be showed on German TV in the program "Lexi TV" of German TV MDR and will show the movie about the famous Otto Lilienthal a jet flight participation and training on the L-39ZO Albatross. The movie will be shown on German tv MDR at the end of May 2008.

18.04.2008: New schedules for our Zero-G flights in USA. From May up to the end of September of this year, you will find a lot of dates in several city's insides of the USA, where you can have the experience of weightlessness also as in Russia. The absolute highlight will be on August 17th: onboard, you will be attained from Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin, the second man on the moon of the legendary Apollo 11 team. This date will be a very special date, and if you want to take part on this flight, do not hesitate to contact us for details and price schedules, seat space is strongly reserved. More ...

14.04.2008: During our last tour to the liftoff of the Soyuz TMA-12 mission to the International Space Station ISS, our customer headed with us to Baikonur and were touched with human spaceflight in reality. During the 8 days tour, they saw the famous Star City nearby Moscow with the training facilities of the Yuri A. Gagarin Training Centre (GCTC), the Gagarin Museum there before they flown with us to Baikonur. There, they saw the rollout of the mounted Soyuz rocket on a train, the erection of the rocket on the Gagarinsky Launchpad. They take apart at the press conferences of the primary and the secondary crew of Soyuz TMA-12, saw the giant launch pads of the Energia rocket and the space shuttle Buran. They conquered Baikonur in an international group, and the climax: in a distance of 2 kilometres they watched the liftoff of the Soyuz rocket, as it blasted into space to touch the International Space Station ISS two days later. Back in Moscow, they visited the Energia museum and stood beside the original Vostok descent capsule of Yuri Gagarin, and saw at the Mission Control Centre (MCC) at Koroljov the docking of the Soyuz TMA-12 mission live on the big TV screen. People were astonished about, how near they came at the Soyuz and about the space history, that the Russians are writing since the launch of the first artificial satellite Sputnik in 1957. The next Soyuz launch is settled up for October 12th, and if you want to go on a very special journey of your lifetime, contact us and head with us in October of this year also to Baikonur, to watch the next (and maybe the last) space tourist Owen Garriott, who will fly on the 100st Soyuz mission to the International Space Station! More ...

07.01.2008: Every year on April 12th, there is a worldwide party called "Yuri's Night". This party will be around the planet from the United States across the Ocean to Europe, Russia, Asia and Australia. As also in the last year, we will be one of the sponsors for the German Yuri's Night and we will give away a special price: be one participant on one of our Zero-G flights on board an Ilyushin 76 MDK during our 4 days special program! More ...


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