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Space Affairs

NEWS 2007

29.12.2007:We wish all of our customers, partners and friends a good "liftoff" in the year 2008! We will work hard in the next year, to offer you the best places and experiences on this planet (and outside, if you wish!) from space & flight events.

21.11.2007: We are glad to offer now also our foreign customers the program "L-39 Jet Pilot Training" in Germany in the Eifel. You will have the possiblity to train like a jet-pilot, and if you will have successful test, you can receive the permission to participate on a free-flight with the worlds famoust trainer jets, the L-39 'Albatros'. Flights will have a take off in Germany and you will cruise with this jet in the heaven of Luxembourg. Take this chance to be one of the first free-flyers inside a jet-aircraft over Central Europe! More ...

06.11.2007: Follow us to your adventures of your lifetime! We have re-designed our "Adventure Cinema", there you will find high quality movies about our space- and flight experiences. To watch this section, you need time. If you don't have enough time, you can order from beginning of end of November 2007 our DVD! Watch out! More ...

05.11.2007: In September 2007 Joe Golightly, a citizen of the Faroer Islands done a trip of his lifetime: during a 8-day special journey he followed the steps of Juri Gagarin trought the Russian aviation- and spacehistory. The climax of the voyage: A flight with the MiG-31 'Foxhound" nearby the "Edge of Space". You can read his customer resonse and maybe, you also have the wish, to fly as high as possible with this famous fighter-jet. Nowhere else you can reach this altitudes! More ...

31.10.2007: The Rocketplane XP has a new airframe design! During the XPrize Cup from October 26th to 28th, Rocketplane Global Inc. presented the new airframe design of the Rocketplane XP first time to public. The design was developed from the engineer and industrial designer Frank Nuovo. Now, the Rocketplane XP has more space inside, 5 passengers and a pilot can reach the suborbital altitude of 330.000 ft. If you dream about space, take a deep breath and visit our section of the Rocketplane XP. More ...

08.10.2007: We will be a exhibitor and present our space & flight adventure tours and our services on the "Millionaire Expo 2007" at the "Royal Siam Paragon Hall" at Bangkok, Thailand. The exhibition will be from November 1st to November 4th. If you are there at Bangkok during this period, contact us before and we will arrange a entry there for to have meetings with us. More ...

02.10.2007: New picture update inside of our "Gallery". You will find brand new pictures of our last jet-fighter tours with a customer from the Faroe Islands (Joe Golightly - MiG 31) and Thomas Stein (Germany - MiG 29), pictures of the Sokol Airplant Museum and of the city of Nizhny Novgorod, from the EAC (European Astronaut Training Centre EAC), from the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre at Star City and a lot of other picture. Don't miss our "Gallery" from astonishing pictures! More ...

27.09.2007: The first Soyuz flight in 2008 is announced. The Soyuz TMA-12 liftoff to the International Space Station ISS will be on April 8th 2008 from the Russian cosmodrome at Baykonur. Our fantastic voyage on the roots of Sergei Koroljov and Yuri A. Gagarin will start on April 3rd 2008. Follow us! More ...

11.07.2007: Until Yuri A. Gagarin, who had made the first human step into space, 1.600 humans had made their step into the weightlessness. Our Zero-G Flights in Russia are follow the roots of Yuri A. Gagarin and show you completely inside of max. 15 parabolas 5 minutes of weightlessness. You will feel inside of each parabola 23 - 28 seconds, that your feets will leave the ground. Inside of this year, we have only 5 seats free at our last flight in October, but since today you will find also the new schedules for 2008. More ...

10.06.2007: The date of our tour "VIP at Star City and LiftOff of Soyuz" has rescheduled. The liftoff of the Soyuz TMA-11 will now take place on October 8th, 2007. So, our complete program will be from October 3rd until October 9th 2007. If you want to take apart at the addon program "Live Docking of the Soyuz TMA-11" at the Koroljov MCC (Mission Control Centre), you will stay 3 days longer to watch on October 10th the docking live on very big tv-screens. So, you have the possiblity to see all stages of "your mission". We have open only 3 places for the tour to the stars, and we can promise a tour of your lifetime! More ...

11.04.2007: Celebrate with us "Yuri's Night 2007" in Stuttgart, Germany. On April 12th, 1961 the brave soviet cosmonaut Yuri A. Gagarin blasted off into the sky of Kazhakhstan. He was flew onboard his spaceship "Wostok 1" into Earth orbit and circeled the Earth 1 time in 107 minutes, before he landed safety on ground. On April 12th 1981, 20 years after the first human spaceflight, the American Space Shuttle had opened the doors for reusable spaceships. Every April 12th, around the planet on 5 continents, Yuri Gagarin will be honored with several events, so called "Yuri's Night"! This year, the German "Yuri's night" will be at Stuttgart, and we will give some prices away: Two winners can participate into 2008 at our voyage "VIP in Star City and Soyuz LiftOff at Baikonur! About the German "Yuri's Night" you can find informations here: www.yurisnight.de

04.04.2007: From now on, you can book your single seat inside the ZeroG airplane at USA: The flights will takes place in several cities of US and you will have a lot of dates inside of this year, where you can go into weightlessness! At Las Vegas/Nevada/USA there are 19(!) flights planned inside of this year, and you can combine your own operated USA holiday with this extra event! What a feeling.... More ...

11.03.2007: The MIG-29 "Fulcrum" is one of the best fighter jets of the world. After our long year experiences at the Zuchowsky airbase nearby Moscow, now we are proud to offer you the re-starting of the flight experiences with the MIG-29 "Fulcrum" at Niszhny Novgorod on the Sokol-Airbase. Fly with this extraordinary jet some special flight manouvres like loopings, rolls, Immelmann's or other aerobatics. It's only up to you, if you can handle this! Some special flight-missions are availible, also normal flights up to 30 minutes. Our biggest program with our MIG-29 is to fly into an altitude of 18.000 meters, feel more then 6G's onto your body and feel the ride with one of the exclusivest fighter jets on this world. And maybe, you will fly one of the worlds famoust flight manouvres, the "Cobra". Trust yourself and take a ride! More ...

09.03.2007: The experience of a liftoff of an Russian Soyuz rocket in Kazakhstan is among one of the most impressive blast-offs world-wide. Come with us to this amazing adventure trip on the roots of Juri Gagarin, visit the legendary "Star City", nearby Moscow where the international crews are performing their trainings to reach the stars. Then you will fly to Baikonur/Kazakhstan to watch only 2 km in distance the blast-off of the giant rocket to the stars. More ...

23.01.2007: New dates for Zero G Flight events at USA: Our Zero G flight program in 2007 will show you the feelings of weightlessness and the American spaceflight history at the Kennedy Space Centre, Florida. More ...

02.01.2007: Welcome into the new year 2007! In 2006 we travelled more as 20.000 kilometers around the planet. We are participated on the 'Emirates Millionaire Show 2006' inside the Emirates Palace Hotel at Abu Dhabi in December 2006, we are visited the facilities of 'Rocketplane Ltd.' at Oklahoma USA in summer 2006, and we organized a special event at Bremen (Germany) 'Meet an Cosmonaut' with an invitation of one of the experienced cosmonauts of Russia, Yuri Usachev (more then 550 days in space, 5 EVA's). Some of the pictures you can see inside our column "Gallery", 'Space Affairs inside'. More ...


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