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The Lynx Experience


The Lynx is at the moment in a permanent construction at XCOR Aerospace - Mojave California/USA. The Lynx Mark I will be presented to the public first as a prototype model "Mark I". The Lynx Mark I will carry passengers up to an altitude of 61km, the Lynx Mark II to more than 100 km. Test flights will be conducted upfront so that the commercial flights with the Lynx "Mark I" can be provided, and later on with the Lynx Mark II.

Construction of the Lynx "Mark II" will be starting after the first commercial flight of Lynx "Mark I". "Mark II" readiness is to be expected to be ready for flight 12 - 14 months later. This vehicle will carry you on suborbital altitudes, means more than 360,000 feet (ca. 110 km) or crossing the 'Karman Line' what is the physical border between Earth atmosphere and space. This flights will transport you to space!

The Lynx - Your flight to spaceClick to enlarge

About the Lynx Programs

Founder Program – the first 100 people to travel into space (Lynx Mark II) - SOLD OUT!
The first program was the exclusive meanwhile sold out 'Founder Program'. Only 100 people have the privilege to be part of this program. Founders will make the very first flights into actual space (100 km+), from Spaceport Curaçao or Spaceport Mojave. Many have already signed up for the Founder Program, including Victoria’s Secret model Doutzen Kroes and the world’s number one DJ Armin van Buuren.

Now, XCOR Space Expeditions will organise a great space event, including a big raffle. The results will determine which Founder will be our very first to travel into space, who will be number 2, 3, …….100. Founders made a direct payment of $100,000.00.

Future Program
The second XCOR Space Expeditions program is the Future Program. With the beginning of January 2016, the price for a Future seat ticket is US$ 150,000.00 After all Founders have travelled into space, future ticket holders are next. A slot number will be assigned after you sign the contract. This program also includes a three-night stay in a luxury hotel. Future ticket holders make a payment of $75,000.00 within seven days of contract signing. The remaining $75,000.00 can be paid three months before the actual scheduled flight and includes the medical check-up.

Pioneer Program – a near-space experience
For those of you who cannot wait until with flying the LYNX Mark II, we offer the Pioneer Program the option to fly to 61 km altitude with the Lynx Mark I when it readies to fly. Launching from Mojave Spaceport, you will have the privilege of experiencing the excitement of travelling on a spacecraft before everyone else. You can acquire your Pioneer ticket for $150,000.00, with 50% to be paid upon signing the contract and 50% three months before your flight; it includes the medical check-up.

Rookie Program
This Space Program gives you a reservation in the Future program with merely a down payment of $20,000.00. The remainder can be paid three months before the actual flight; a medical check-up is not included.

Advanced Program
The Advanced Space Program is for true space fanatics, who will pursue all possible training and other space-related events involved. This program is specifically designed for those that are prepared to do whatever it takes to undergo the XCOR advanced program. An advanced ticket holder will receive an array of the XCOR training missions and events besides the spaceflight. Advanced ticket holders can choose to fly on the Lynx Mark I with the Pioneer program to 61 km or to fly on the Lynx Mark II with the Future program up to 100 km. A full payment of $185,000.00 within seven days after signing the contract should be made. Of course, the medical check-up is included.

Iconic Program
The Iconic Space Program are the legends who are not only true space fanatics but who are also eager to become an XCOR Ambassador by starring in a full video production about their journey to space with XCOR. An Iconic program participant will receive the same features as the Advanced program participant, however additionally a tailored personal documentary will be shot including edited mini clips for online use. Besides having your camera crew during your XCOR missions, the 1:1 Lynx spacecraft model will be available for personal use for one whole week. Moreover, very exclusive XCOR merchandising are included in this package. Iconic program ticket owners can choose to fly on the Lynx Mark I with the Pioneer program to 60 km or to fly on the Lynx Mark II with the Future program up to 100 km. A full payment of $235,000.00 within seven days after signing the contract should be made; the medical check-up is included.

The "LYNX" - Some Technical Figures

The Lynx - what is so special - click to enlarge!Click to enlarge

The XCOR Lynx is a special spacecraft indeed. XCOR Space Expeditions has selected the Lynx Mark I and Lynx Mark II for a number of remarkable specs that offer its passengers the ultimate space experience:

You are not a passenger, you are the co–pilot
The Lynx carries only two people; the pilot and you, the spaceflight participant, in the right seat. You are in the best seat, up front with all the action, watching every move of the pilot. You are truly part of the mission, not just cargo. This also means that you will be given a suitable “call sign,” a pilot nickname. And, just like any other pilot, you will have no say in this at all.

A giant canopy
We all understand that you did not travel this far to look at the Earth through a tiny airline window. Therefore, the Lynx cockpit canopy is approximately 4 square meters, making it the most impressive theatre in the world (and beyond). It offers the widest view possible.

It is self-propelled
Thanks to its four powerful rocket engines, the Lynx does not depend on a mother ship to slowly take it to a high altitude launch environment. The Lynx experience starts immediately, from T+1. Lynx Mark II reaches Mach 1 at T+58 seconds, and Mach 2.9 at T+180 seconds.

It is sustainable
A lot of thought has gone into building an environmentally friendly spacecraft. Lynx is constructed of lightweight materials and is powered by common biofuels and reusable rocket propulsion. The Lynx rocket engines are designed for more than 5,000 flights, a breakthrough in the history of rocket development.

It is more than just a glider
After reaching maximum altitude, the Lynx will glide unpowered back to Earth. However, one of the unique characteristics of the Lynx is that the pilot can choose to switch the rocket engine on again during the flight. This is a singular advantage in terms of flexibility and flight safety.

It is a scientific platform
The Lynx will carry out scientific programs on almost every flight. So while you are enjoying a life-changing experience, you may also contribute to scientific research with great potential to benefit mankind.

Some Figures:
Length: 27.9 feet
Wingspan: 24.0 feet
Height: 7.22 feet
Crew: 2 (incl. your Astronaut Pilot)
Propulsion: 4 x XR-5K18 Liquid Fueled re-ignitable rocket engines
Max. thrust: 11,600 lbs
Canopy surface: 45.2 ft2

Our Special Pre-Qualifying "Lynx" Training Programs:

In order to be completely prepared for your space travel, you can participate in a number of optional XCOR Space Expeditions "Lynx" Training Missions, in addition to the complimentary preparatory program.

Mission tactics course (mandatory)

We will teach you all you need to know before you go into space. Our professional instructors have developed an enjoyable and tailor-made training package to ensure you come fully equipped for your space expedition.

Desdemona SimulatorDesdemona Simulator

The Desdemona simulator is a state-of-the-art simulator and unique in its kind. Built by the Austrian company AMST and TNO, it is located in Soesterberg, the Netherlands.

Desdemona is the first simulator that is both full-motion and capable of generating all possible G-forces up to 3.3G. In the cockpit, an advanced high-resolution video simulation gives the astronaut a view of almost 180 degrees wide. No simulator anywhere in the world can generate the high-performance simulation you will experience in Desdemona.

L-39 Albatross TrainingFlight in the L-39 Albatros Jet

The L-39 Albatros is a single engine, tandem-seat jet trainer. This high-performance jet is ideally suited to prepare for space flight in the Lynx Mark I or Mark II.

You will fly in the back seat, behind our professional instructor pilot, and gain valuable experience flying in a high-performance aircraft, wearing a helmet and dealing with varying G-levels.

We simulate the most important stages of your space flight.

ZeroG Flights in RussiaZero-G flight

SPACE AFFAIRS is operating for XCOR Space Expeditions some training missions like the zeroG flight opportunity.

Experience weightlessness. Zero-G or parabolic flights are conducted on board a heavy and big IL-76 "MDK" aeroplane in Russia for to experience weightlessness.

You will be weightless for about 28 seconds during a special manoeuvre called a parabola. The parabolas will be repeated several times per flight, we are flying 10 parabolas on a mission. This is more than enough!

During the short periods of weightlessness, you will experience the same sensations that astronauts feel on board of spacecraft or onboard the space station ISS.

You will be able to float freely through the cabin and you may train to perform various tasks under weightless conditions. More information about the zeroG flights you will find at our special ZERO G PROGRAM offer.

SPACE AFFAIRS has in Europe the most experience in regards to training for spaceflights. We are operating such special adventures for suborbital rides since 2005. We are always influencing the providers who are building the crafts with experience resulted of adventures of our customers to have the best service available. It isn't only the offer, it is - in any case, our experience with a lot of customers in more than 15 years of operational service!

If you want to learn more about the "Lynx" real space flight adventure or about training missions, please contact us to any time via our Contact Form or to the e-mail address lynx[at]space-affairs[dot]com. We are pleased to prepare you for the adventure of your life!

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