MIG-29 Edge of Space
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A flight into the stratosphere belongs to the most oldest dreams of mankind. Humans flown into the stratosphere with special balloons since the 30ties of the last century. Between 1957 and 1958 the US Air Force ran the project "Manhigh". A helium filled up balloon was used for to transport gondolas what carried one balloonist. The balloon flights were carried out for to receive science data about radiation and the enforcement of such flights onto the human body. Auguste Piccard done the first flights in high altitudes in 1931 and 1932. The BLOON is using a technology what is build up science experience of more than 80 years!

What is making the BLOON so unique?

  • No using of explosive materials
  • No high speeds or high angle of attacks
  • Certified using of technology what is still existing since more as 80 years
  • The gliding sail will give the highest safety during descent from flight altitude back to Earth.
  • No sea sickness or motion sickness
  • No stressful preparations and trainings
  • Usable for private or corporate events/incentives
  • Absolutely family friendly
  • No using of toxic, chemical or dangerous fuels and materials
  • 100% environment friendly
  • Unique and not comparable with other high-altitude or suborbital flights
  • Main objectively is on the unique voyage possibility and for the complete duration of the BLOON adventure (nearby 5 hours)

BLOON - Flight phases

With the BLOON you can experience longer the beauty of Earth and the high space as with any other possibility. (2 hours of flying time on the highest altitude of the day - between 36 and 39 kilometers!) In 36 kilometres 99,5 percent of the mass of Earth's atmosphere is below you, you left the blue sky behind you, and you are moving very stressless in the blackness of space!

More as 50 years of human spaceflight have demonstrated that the using of gliding parachutes represents the safest method to come back home to Earth. During the descent, it could be carried out of special wishes or needings max 1 minute of weightlessness. There are no any stressful moments with high forces or speeds what will attract the human body. You don't need medical documents of a flight surgeon. Anybody who can fly with a normal aeroplane has the possibility to float with the BLOON on highest altitudes!

We are offering more like a voyage! We are offering to you with the BLOON EXPERIENCE a sustainable and rising experience!

BLOON - 31 km flight altitude

How to book the BLOON?

We accept from now on preflight bookings of the BLOON. In 2020 the commercial operations will start. The technology is ready and developed; test flights are done and performed very lucky in the last three years. The legal issues for to start with any commercial operations will take time. Legal matters are for all the same, also for those who are still working at the moment on projects of suborbital crafts. All missions are done at the time as R&D tasks (Research & Development) under experimental status and could be then released for commercial transport of humans if any terms & conditions are fulfilled and could be operated. It is to be expected that the first human test flights will be carried out in the second half of 2019.

Price and services

The price is 110,000 Euro and your participating is done in 3 steps:

1. payment 10,000.00 Euro (payable with booking): You are registered as a flight participant, and you receive a price guarantee. We are using "first comes, first, fly".

2. payment 50,000.00 Euro after the first successful commercial test flight.

3. payment 50,000,00 Euro on the schedule of your flight adventure. Now, there is no way back!

You will receive the following total services:

- Pick up at the airport in Spain
- Two accommodations in a high-end resort hotel nearby the BLOON launch port in south of Spain.
- Scientific briefing
- Safety briefing in regards to emergency situations and behaviour during the flight.
- Ca. 5 hours experience (2 flight hours on highest altitude of the day) until landing.

Most asked questions:

Could the balloon explode?

No way! The balloon has no pressure (zero pressure) and can't explode. Helium what is be used can't explode and is non-toxic. In the case of a leak of the hull of the BLOON, the helium would escape smoothly, and the BLOON is descending gently back to Earth. If the fortifications would crack and the gondola would be un-released non-steered, the parachute systems would be engaged directly, and the gondola would be flying back safely to Earth. Airbags would be used as a quiet break!

What will happen if the parafoil will not open?
There is still existing a 3-way redundant system. If the parafoil would have a malfunction, it will be engaged a security system what will start a 3-ways safety system.

What happens if the parafoil or the gliding chute will be touched by hard cross- or side winds and can not withstand the necessary altitudes during the descent of the BLOON?
The system will also work under such situations properly. Also, in this case, the 3-way security system would be activated, and one of the three parachutes would be deployed to make it possible to have a safe and smooth descent.

What happens if the gondola would have a leak and it would come to a decompression?
Also, we are taking care of this issue. The gondola has a 2-way safety redundant system and can withstand three more forces of pressure like it was build. If a decompression happened, security systems would be engaged what you will also know by decompression in regular aircraft. Oxygen masks would be deployed.

What happens if there is any other emergency in the gondola?
Our BLOON pilots are very experienced balloonists who know any balloons and also are often trained as once to take care of any emergency situation, also very highly in first aid.

What will happen if the weather on the flight day is not good and the flight will be cancelled?
We can mostly predict anything, but not the weather! The flight will only be performed if the weather conditions (besides all other conditions of the day) are hitting our very high-quality measurements. We were using any weather predicting systems existing on this planet to run the predictions very well. The most common problems what could arise shortly will be cross-winds, what could come up during the inflatable phase of the BLOON. Nobody can't predict so crosswinds before. If the lift-off can't be done on the mission day, there will be tried a restart on the next day.

What happens if I change after signing the contract my opinion, and I do not want to participate in the flight?
If you did not receive and signed a flight confirmations, you are engaged for to receive 91% of the total payment back, at any time and without giving any reasons.

What happens if I am getting ill and I will never be able to participate on a BLOON flight?
If you did not receive and signed a flight confirmation, you are engaged for to receive 91% of the total payment back. If your sickness what will avoid a flight with the BLOON at any time after signing of the flight confirmation and schedule, we will find a way to use the best possibility for you.

What happens if the manufacturer of the BLOON, zero2infinity, will never receive the permission to perform commercial flights?
There is no any reason known at the moment why this would happen. If it will happen, you can cancel your contract, and you will receive 91% of your payment back.

What happens if the certification of the commercial licensing will not happen in a normal predicted time or I change my opinion, and I do not want to participate anymore on a BLOON flight?
Also here: you are forced up to release without any reason the contract, and you will receive 91% of the total amount back if you did not sign a flight schedule.

How I can imagine the flight with the BLOON?
SPACE AFFAIRS was established in 2000, and we have more like 18 years experience in the business of space tourism and commercial space flight. Our customers, who participated on "edge of space flights" with the MIG-29 or on zeroG flights or other high-performance events did not have had any imagination upfront of their events and adventures. The experience is for each customer very individual. We can say that the voyage up to the stratosphere with the BLOON is one of the most luxury and safest possibilities what are still existing. We can't predict you anything, but we can talk with you about our experiences and the experiences of our customers. Our SPACE AFFAIRS AMBASSADOR'S (individual customers who love to talk about their experiences, missions and events) can do that, too. If you like it, we will keep you in touch with them.

microbloon 2.0 test flight zero2infinity official video from zero2infinity on Vimeo.


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