Zero G Ilyushin 76 MDK


The Zero-G Flight will always remain in our memory. It is a completely special memory. What do someone thinks on the way during such an experience?

On the one hand excitement, on the other satisfaction. But however, the slogan is: "I have done it!"

Thomas in Zero-GThat weightlessness is not to be seized nearly into words. The body does not know this feeling. I did not have during these phases a time feeling, reduced orientation, felt hardly G-forces. In addition, the feeling of endorphins overcame me. The body was in this moment full of lucky hormones. Most of us began to laugh also and to shout, everything in the positive sense.

However, always a very strong force went to that ahead (climb). On the bottom of the aeroplane, I have had a better feeling than in sitting. After the 7. parabola I sat with my back in flight direction. Before this, my instructor has turned me into the air like a windmill several times. Now we expected again the rising of the machine. That was the moment, where my blood-cycle was not very well ... . A unique feeling in my feets and my hands ... and to choke strongly a little bit.

Then, in the form of a knocking hand on the shoulder, the release came. The instructor stopped the flight. (bad weather). In addition, the descent was pleasant, not straight. Many turbulences brought the stomach in excitement. But I hold on. My wife Ilona did not have to feel anything from this things. She has had no bad feelings and no problems - she is even a woman!

Thank you again for this experience. Perhaps, we see us again for another experience.

T. Lauschke, participant Zero-G Flight Campaign June 2004 (SciFi-Channel/Universal)

Juergen in ZeroGNow, I have the chance gradually to understand, what this adventure was for a unique time. I would like to thank all of you completely, that you have given me the possibility, which I would otherwise never had. This flight I give to my wife from my heart, and I have to try to explain, what for a completely unusual experience a Zero G Flight for her could be - but she could not understand my words. Everyone must have simply this experienced feeling, before that - no chance to describe.

... Which I regret a little bit, otherwise on the other hand I know, that there was waiting for something a great thing of us, on the other hand, we began the journey, however, more with consciousness, to make a short time trip to Russia, to visit any museums, and beside this- we have to fly on board an Ilyushin 76 a handful of parabolas. After we arrived onto airbase, this conscious to me like a hurricane ... .

I enjoyed this time, each individual second before the flight, hoped, this time, has gone not so fast past around me, I watched the ground personnel, I want to see and recognise all things - so I have later a better chance, to remember all things, like in a film.

I thought how it will be, to fly with this machine parabolas. I have had amusing-proves absolutely no fear, however, somehow a feeling, which I cannot describe afterwards. I believe - and I expressed that already here at home - after such an experience, somehow, somebody is another human. I do not find an end if I think about my special adventure, and in my head, I'm flying one parabola after another.

So, I should close now and thank you again completely cordially. We could not find a better "space guide" and such so an experienced man like Andreas Bergweiler. He has shown us another world with his special service. Unbelievable!

J. Krüger, participant Parabolic Flight Campaign - (SciFi Channel/Universal - June 2004)