Zero G flight Ilyushin 76 MDK - Russia


Mission-Day 1:

After your flight to Moscow you arrive in the afternoon at the airport in Moscow, and our local travel guides welcome you there. Subsequently, they take you with the bus in approximately 90 minutes to the Hotel Soyuz Land Resort what is nearby Star City, the legendary town were the Russian Cosmonaut Training Center (GCTC) is located.

Hotel Soyuz Land Resort nearby Star City

After check-in in the hotel you will receive your room, afterwards we have a late evening dinner at around 21:00 in the hotel restaurant.

Mission-Day 2:

After the breakfast in the morning you will have your first meeting of the zeroG flight group in a "meet & greet". Our mission director will give you a warm welcome and will explain you the point of interests of the next days.

Briefing with the instructors of the zeroG flight

Afterwards you will have in the group of max 14 zeroG a briefing with the instructors of the zeroG flight in the weightlessness department of the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (GCTC). The instructors will explain you any phase of the flight and you hear about safety matters and behavior during the flight. You have time afterwards to ask any question what you might have.

After the lunch you will move to the medical department of the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center where you will have the medical inspection. Your papers what you received by SPACE AFFAIRS during the booking process you have to shown to the flight surgeon of the day. The flight surgeon will take care about you and your medical status, no worry at all - this is an easy medical inspection about some questions and measuring your blood pressure.

After that you can feel physically fit and you will be prepared for the weightlessness on the next day. You are in good physical conditions now.

The Star City Museum

In the afternoon you will visit the world famous Yuri A. Gagarin Museum, what is located in Star City with a special guide, who will explain you all the historic things, since the former Soviet Union has start the human exploration of Space (they were first!), and they will explain you the way from the past to the present, and into the future of space exploration.

The day ends with a lunch in the hotel restaurant, and you shouldn't go to late to bed to find some rest, because the next day is the zeroG flight day, and will starts early. You will receive breakfast bags for the next morning.

Mission-Day 3:

The group will be picked up at around 7:30 at the lobby at the hotel and will be transported to Star City, where you will change the bus. We will drive with the complete group now the the Chakaovksy Air Base nearby, where the zeroG flight will take of in just some hours away.

The zeroG airplane Ilyushin 76MDK pulled into position

Before the flight, the physicians will check your fitness again, after that follows security advices.

You will wear during the take off phase parachutes, and in a briefing, you will advice into this parachute. For your safty it is necessary, because inside the cargo bay, there are no seats.

Safety briefing in the Ilyushin 76MDK

After the briefing has find an end, you will sit down on the bottom of the cargo bay. The flight will begin, and you will have the experience of your life! Weightlessness into 10 parabolas. During each parabola you will feel like the Cosmonauts and Astronauts absolutely free between 25 and 27 seconds. Instructors will show you, what all can happen during weightlessness and you will wonder about, what all will be possible during the Zero-G Flight.

Free floating during the parabolas

Directly after the flight you will be awarded under the wing of the Ilyushin 76 MDK with your special and unique flight certificate, that you participated on a zeroG flight and withstand the g forces and floating free in 10 parabolas.

Around 13:00 you will be back at Chakalolvsky airbase. The commander of the day will give out the flight certificates directly under the wing of the Ilyushin 76MDK, then the bus will take you back to the hotel, where you will have lunch.

The afternoon is for recreation, because a zeroG flight is stress for the body and mind. You can also use the free of charge swimming pool in the hall of the hotel or also the sauna. At around 19:30 we will have dinner in the hotel restaurant.

Mission-Day 4:

After your breakfast in the hotel, you will have with your group a V.I.P.-sightseeing tour of the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre, the centre of the Russian human space flight. Also there are international cosmonauts and astronauts on training, who will fly to the International Space Station.

You will see on your tour the giant hydrolab (training for cosmonauts in Orlan-Space Suits under neutral buyonancy-conditions), you will see the world famous space station MIR inside, you will see the Russian modules of the International Space Station ISS (Zarya and Svezda).

The training modules of the International Space Station - GCTC

Also you will have a deeper look into the training simulators of the Russian Space Craft 'Soyuz'. You will see the biggest centrifuge of the world, the TF-18 centrifuge where cosmonauts and astronauts will train for the marvellous g-forces, which are attracting human bodies during lift off and descent of the Space Ships.

The tour will be guided from a very well known specialist and an interpreter so that you will have the chance to imagine, what is a need to take a human being into space.

After the tour, you will have lunch at the Star City Restaurant.

In the afternoon our tour bus will drive you to a 'time machine' to the world famous Airforce Museum of Monino. Here you will be guided from a World War II veteran through an exhibition of famous original aeroplanes, beginning of the 19th century.

A TU95 'Bear Bomber' - Monino Air Force Museum - Monino

You will see the world famous aircraft and a lot of jets from the past and present. That will be a fascinating sightseeing. Most of the jets and planes you will know only from pictures from books or movies and tv-documentations.

After your coming back from this tour, you will have a short rest inside the hotel.

In the evening we will have a special farewell dinner and a real Russian cosmonaut will join us. He will join around 2 hours, and you will have the chance to hear about the training, about going to space and to be in space. Finally, how it is to come back from space after nearby 180 days in space to the ground.

Russian cosmonaut Sergei Zalyotin during a farewell dinner

During this evening dinner you can talk a lot of about your experience, what you had in the last days.

Mission-Day 5:

After breakfast in the hotel, you will leave the hotel early, and if time is well, you will have a short stop at the Red Square. You can't be in Moscow, without visiting this historical place at Moscow.

After that, our bus will carry you to the airport where you will leave Moscow to your home destination. Then, our tour operatives will say 'Goodbye' to you, and your fantastic adventure will have to find an end.

Everyone who has participated onto a zeroG flight in Russia has a very own feeling after this experience. Now, you have it also - and it is one of the unique feelings what a human being can have.

* This complete tour is available from Tuesday to Saturday or from Sunday to Thursday depending on the flight schedule for our full charter flights.