Zero G flight Ilyushin 76 MDK - Russia


Next SPACE AFFAIRS ZERO-G EXPEDITION: 2019-1: May 2019 (TBD - Exact date will be determined)

Price: please send us a request to mops[at]space-affairs[dot]com or use our contact form.

Organized by: Yuri A. Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre (GCTC) and Space Affairs

The Ilyushin 76 MDK of the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center

You should know:
A medical certificate of your physician (you will receive this before your reservation) is needed to participate on a Zero-G Flight. This certificate has to submit at the briefing-evening in Star City the flight physicians of the GCTC. We will help you to clarifying with your physician.

You also need a visa for your entry in Russia, and a valid passport, which must have at the day of your entry a validity of still 6 months. For the procurement of the visa we are able to help you.

For the entry in Russia you need a foreign health insurance. We recommend the conclusion of an insurance against accidents on travels and a travel resignation insurance. We can offer you an insurance.

Flight day:
- sporting clothes, sport shoes (your flight overall) - own photo or video photographs during the flight for non-commercial purposes allowed.
- Star City: No elevators in the different facilities. Long distances between the buildings.

Zero-G Flight Season 2019
- Zero-G 2019-1: May 2019 (TBD- exact date will be determined)
- Zero-G 2019-2: June 2019 (TBD - exact date will be determined)
- Zero-G 2019-3: August 2019 (TBD - exact date will be determined)
- Zero-G MAKS 2019: During the public days of the MAKS 2019 air show from Zukhovsky! Ask for more info!
- Zero-G 2019-4: October 2019 (TBD - exact date will be determined)

Flight dates are preliminary. Other dates are TBD.

Flight dates are preliminary. Other dates are TBD. Possibility for to be on a flight ends +60 days upfront a flight date.

Dates could change. Participants will be registred but only contracted when flight dates are confirmed. No payment in advance.

Please contact us if you have a commercial demand of booking the entire plane for TV, movie or other commercial projects. We are specialized in entire TV productions and serving clients from around the globe.

The Ilyushin 76 MDK of the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center

We are collecting the customer requests and fulfil the flights first in the schedule. We try to respect the wishes of the customers. A flight will take place if the min. of 10 pax is reached. Own complete group-flights (min. 10 pax.) on request, also with your program. Ask our staff about schedules and rates. We do not charge any interested person before the schedule is not set!

Reservations must be cleared at least eight weeks before the adventure date. Further, dates on request. For groups and corporate incentives, please ask our staff for individual schedules on demand.

Changes in the travel expiration and dates under reservation. Adventure from/to Moscow.

You can also participate only in the zeroG Flight and accomplish your program (with own travel route etc.). The program is particularly suitable for corporate incentives and profit games and prize-riddles, but you need minimum three full days at location. Please, ask our staff for detailed information.

This journey is a group arrangement for at least ten persons, maximal 14 persons and is suitable also for special corporate incentives. Ask our staff anytime. You can also book single places for intended flights, price on request.