GCTC Survival Trainings


How to feel like a Cosmonaut under off-nominal conditions!

GCTC Survival Training with SoyuzIn order to even get into space, it requires ‘hard bones’ and partial years of training. Space Training is a long-term training, which requires, first of all, adapting the cosmonaut and astronaut to a completely new environment.

The Russian spacecraft "Soyuz" is currently the only way to get to the ISS to transport people into space. The Soyuz is not only a vehicle; also it serves as an ever-existing lifeboat for the crew members aboard the space station. Constantly there are two Soyuz spacecraft docked to guarantee that the permanently six-member crew aboard the ISS can be carrying safely back to earth.

If the "worst case" scenario onboard the station occurred, the cosmonauts and astronauts must be able to leave the ISS as soon as possible. If there were such an unpredictable event, everything must go as quickly as possible: The crew must undock the Soyuz spacecraft from the space station.

Water Survival Training for Cosmonauts - Black SeaIn such a situation, it could not be guaranteed that the normal landing site in Kazakhstan could be selected as a landing point. It depends on many factors, which in the case of an emergency certainly not all are present.

Soyuz lands in the simple case in the steppes of Kazakhstan. However, the crews are well trained to go down in other areas which are of course dependent on the orbits, where the Soyuz is on re-entry into Earth's atmosphere. It may be possible to land in the steppes of Kazakhstan, but it could also happen a landing in deserts, icy or water areas. The emergency services may be required for up to 36 hours to rescue the astronauts from other places of the earth.

It is mandatory for all space travellers to handle the different situations of the areas where they could get a landing under control. The space explorers must have survival training.

Ice- mountain survival trainingA distinction is survival training for water landings, landings in desert areas and in absolutely freezing and cold areas. Here the crews have to stay and have to survive until the rescue teams are coming and evacuate the crews. It happens quickly, or also in some days. Depends on which situation occurred and how far away the landing occurs.

We are offering these survival training not only for "space enthusiasts". This special kind of cosmonaut survival is high-quality training as a survival training experience in general.

Particularly suitable for a special team training and a coaching highlight.

Depending on the purpose and the desire, we can arrange with the survival teams of the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center first-class and high-quality training, to learn what does it mean to go down with the Soyuz spacecraft "off-nominal". To give you an idea what is necessary to do and do only one work: to survive, until the rescue team arrives!

You have to learn to get along with the materials what Soyuz will bring with it. You will learn to build shelters of the parachute, rationing the food for you and your crew members and not to forget first aid measures in case of injury. You will be provided during the training with all kinds of information as meteorology, how to catch fishes or how to avoid problems with Grizzly bears.

After some days of theoretical and practical lessons with your survival trainers it goes down to business: you and your team are then asked, and you're on your own to put theory into practice. Be it in the Black Sea, where the emergency landing of Soyuz into the water is practised, or you will go into the icy forests of north-east of Moscow, where the winter training will be held, or in the vast steppes of Kazakhstan - where the desert training will be held. Special feature: This is realistic training. You can train with the original crews who will go to space, or the training is only to be held because of your purpose. There are no limits for us.