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Wild Weasel

Since 10 years we are flying jets. Since 10 years we inspire people who are looking for extreme experience. We have flown MIG-21, MIG-25, MIG-31. Today we fly Jet Provost, L-39 "Albatross", BAE Electric Lightning, MIG-29 and F-104 at lots of places all around the world.

If it's speed that counts, or G-forces, or an altitude up to the technically feasible: SPACE TRAVELLERS always has set new standards.

Now after 10 years of flight experience, we feel it's time for something new. Some of our jet clients occasionally had expressed the wish to take off on a very special airplane; some of them even swore that at the slightest chance to fly this jet they would drop everything just to get on board.

So we have been working patiently for years, and we've made it possible:

Now it's your chance to take off on a very very famous airplane that's going to give you a whole new experience!Jet Pilots

Know already which fighter plane we're talking about? Well, its the McDonnel Douglas F4G "Phantom II" jetfighter! It ruled the skies for many years. All around the world. On every continent, it was and still is on duty. Well, if you want to be among the first to fly it, you'll have no other choice than to call us at +49 2628 987420 or to send an e-mail to info [at] Then we'll tell you about this adventure!

Or, have a direct access: Here you will find our new breathtaking "Phantom II" jetflighter experience!

By the way: "YGBSM" stands for "You Gotta Be Shittin' Me". That's because at most missions this plane was used for, the pilots found only these words after their first briefings...