Soyuz Landing in Kazakhstan



When the powerful rockets or space shuttles ignite their rocket engines and are up to go into space, it is quickly realised that for doing this, a substantial effort is required.

Finally, space is for a person a deadly whereabouts, he is not protected from his inner self, he is protected only by the technology of the dangers in space.

December 2018 - Soyuz MS-09 landing expedtion

Since years, we are offering to participate in such a rocket or space shuttle liftoff from close. So, it was only a matter of time that it should also now allow showing people, who return from space!

The Russians trusts their Soyuz rockets since 1965. Soyuz is now proven so much so that also since decades, non-Russian astronauts flying with this system. The technique has been refined since 1965, but basically, they build their rockets and spacecraft to the design of the Russian genius engineer Sergei Korolev.

Since decades, for now, the landing of the Soyuz is happening in the same way: The Soyuz Descent Capsule is doing a dangerous ride (it can occur high temperatures of 1,700 degrees Celsius) through the atmosphere.

Setting up the steppe biwak

Then, in an altitude of 10 kilometres, a big parachute system will be opened and followed by a special landing routine, the capsule glides into the vast steppes of Kazakhstan. And now, you can be there!

We arranged in April 2009 first time the opportunity for to participate on such a landing! The Soyuz TMA-13 landing (onboard there was the US spaceflight participant Charles Simonyi after his second flight to space) will be present in the memories of the people, who stayed there!

High in the sky in 30,000 ft the capsule is decelerated after its ride through the atmosphere from the higher layers with a loud sonic boom! At this altitude, the large main parachute will open, and the voyagers from space are happy, that they were able to bring the most dangerous part of their journey well protected behind them. Now, the braked fall begins towards to ground!

The amphibic cars, named Ducks, of Roskosmos

We are offering this unique adventure! Maybe you will find it somewhere else, but you can be sure: our experience with such events is not able to be copied! We were the first to have it done. Thanks to our individual contacts, you can be a witness. Many people only saw the landing on tv or internet streams.

We fly to Kazakhstan. The rescue team will consider the possible landing at four landing zones: Baikonur, Astana, Karaganda and Arkalik. These areas differ all that comfort is not necessarily to be expected here.

Out of logistic reasons, we always decided, to use as the main base for the landing events Karaganda. From here, all landing zones are reachable inside of (okay, there will be some) hours.

Soyuz TMA-13 landing successful! - April 2009

In Karaganda, we will stay in a very nice 4* hotel. But, do not expect too much. It is, in any case, an adventure! You have to prepare yourself! It's not a 5-star holiday ride! Anything can happen. You will feel very safe; you will have specialists around, who are doing this rescue since decades for now. And also, you have to follow the rules! Only if you follow all the security advises, we can show you one of the unique events of human spaceflight!

The landing procedures are not in any case up to be planned to 100%. You must have a little bit adventure spirit inside of yourself and to get involved even abrupt changes in the time and the mission plan. If you can do, and you want to experience something unusual, you will be rewarded for the hardships what will come to you!

SPACE AFFAIRS Souyz landing expeditions 2019 (planned - all schedules TBD)

Soyuz MS-11 - June 25, 2019 (TBD)
Soyuz MS-12 - October 03, 2019 (TBD)