Soyuz Orbital Mission

The Space Affairs Orbital Space program includes the following training and achievements:

Approximate Cost for the complete program: on request

Only serious inquiries will be answered. You may email initially to provide contact information, after that all contact must be made either in person or through working phone numbers with valid physical addresses. You must be able to verify your identity, along with financial documentation, to establish eligibility.

Availability: Application periods, to place you definitively on one of the ISS-Taxi-Flights - scheduled during the next few years - as 3rd participant are subject to availability. All mission appointments must be arranged on an individual basis with our business partners. Availability for assignment for one of the open positions for the liftoff to the International Space Station (ISS), take place four per year - once during the mission planning period between March/April and once between the mission planning period between September/October. Next open flight seat for the Space Affairs Orbital Space Mission is starting with 2019 with a probably flight in 2020 or 2021.