Soyuz Autonomous Missions


Space Affairs Mission Gemini OneSpace Affairs doesn’t want you to have to wait for one of the precious few spots as a 3rd cosmonaut on a “taxi flight” mission to the International Space Station. Using our extensive resources and government contacts, we are able to offer you an “autonomous flight” experience.

Autonomous flights are independent flights which are carried out with two space participants. You will receive all of the same training available with the orbital International Space Station program, with the exception of the components involving the actual docking and training for a stay on the ISS.

Those components are not necessary, as on autonomous flights you don’t dock to the ISS, instead, you remain in an orbital pattern for five to seven days aboard the Soyuz spacecraft. At an altitude of between 298 and 370 miles, you’ll circle the Earth and experience breathtaking views during this unique program.

For “Space Affairs Mission One,” we are looking for brave explorers with the financial means necessary to take this flight with a single cosmonaut accompanying you. This is a brand new program – and you could be the first to make this exciting voyage!! Go where no man has gone before!

If you have the courage and the cash, contact us and we’ll be happy to give you the information you need… with four years in the planning phase, call now to reserve your place in space!

Prices available upon request.


Space Affairs Misson Gemini ISSThe voyage of a lifetime, our “Space Affairs ISS Mission GEMINI ONE” flies two lucky travellers, along with a highly skilled cosmonaut, to the International Space Station. Once aboard the International Space Station, you will enjoy a seven to 11-day stay. You will receive 10 - 12 months of training and all of your hard work and effort will be rewarded with a view like no other!! Because arrangements must be made with the international space agencies which monitor and control the ISS, travel reservations are kindly requested five to six years in advance. If you are interesting in making this fabulously unique expedition and you have the budget available, we will happy to quote you a price upon inquiry. But, there is no price tag what could attach to it. It depends on a lot of parts and milestones to make out of this dream a real mission!

Both of our programs, Mission Gemini and ISS Mission Gemini are named in memory of the historical US-American Gemini space missions. These autonomous flight missions, with two travellers each – twin travellers, if you want to see this – present once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that you don’t want to miss!

Please be advised that both programs require full, comprehensive medical examinations and extensive, rigorous training. Only a handful of people are able to qualify initially, and even fewer have what it takes to make it through the training successfully. Have you got what it takes?

To find out if you qualify, might we suggest you first participate in one of our other programs or our “International Space Station Spaceflight Selection Qualification Training.” With these programs, you will have a memorable experience, and you can ascertain whether or not you’ll qualify for participation in a space flight. At any rate, you will be able to count yourself among the first 700 brave souls to ever venture into space, since the first flight of Yuri Gagarin.

Prices available upon request.

Prices of training starting at 180.000,- Euro (Special Space Selection Training), depending on program and accommodations.

Maybe you are thinking we are joking around? Well, some could think about and quote this, because this all sounds very special and to fantastic and not feasible. But if nobody will try it, nobody will see if it works or not. After 14 years in the business we know exactly what we are talking about.