Russia in Space



The first artificial satellite Beep - Beep - Beep - Beep.

These were the signals of which the world was confronted on October 4, 1957.

The Soviet Union managed on this day a launch of the first artificial satellite into Earth orbit and so they were first in space with such an object in space!

It represented the Western World the capabilities of the Soviets and a lot of nations were shocked!

Barely a month later, the Soviet Union launched the second satellite, Sputnik 2. And as if it were not enough, the satellite was six times in weight more of Sputnik 1, and they shoot a special payload into space: the female dog Laika, which thus became the first living being in space.

Yuri Gagarin's space capsule (mockup) at the Star City MuseumApril 11, 1961: At the Russian Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan), a Russian test pilot named Yuri Gagarin strapped in his ejection seat of his spaceship Vostok 1 on the top of the R7 rocket, which was further modified to transport greater payloads like nuclear warheads into space.

"Let’s go!" he said as the rocket engines ignited, and Yuri became the first human who made his ways into space.

June 16, 1963: Aboard Vostok 6 Valentina Tereshkova became the first woman who flown into space. Valentina orbited Earth in the next almost three days nearby 49 times. Alexei Leonov floated in March 1965 24 minutes free in space and became the first man who enters free space.

MIR core - GCTC Star CityFebruary 1986: With the launch of a Proton rocket, the Soviet Union launched the first core module of the MIR space station and set the base work for the first major space station what remains for longer periods in space. During this time no one could have foreseen, that nine years later an American space shuttle "Atlantis" docked first on this station. This laid to a new "space foundation" for sustained international partnerships in space. Out of this cooperation in space, it ends in the partnership to build up the International Space Station ISS.

No country in the world has such affection for space, such as Russia. Aerospace is one of this country almost on daily events, and it's quickly be forgotten once which milestones this country made in the way of humans into space. Also, Russia has never really let it upset but then when the Americans won the race to the moon they congratulated and called Neil Armstrong as the "Czar of Outer Space".

Space Travellers will take you on a journey into the history, present and future of Russian and international spaceflight. There is no city in the world, except in Moscow, there are so many points of interest about space.

40 kilometres north-east is Star City. And there the home of the cosmonauts is. There is the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre (GCTC), where international cosmonauts and astronauts are preparing for their flights into space. Here, in Star City, Yuri Gagarin is omnipresent, which reflects not only by the Yuri Gagarin monument.

We would not be conceivable if Star City would never exist. Here, we started to make the first efforts in Europe in 2000 to build up the first business relationships.

The Red Square - MoscowMoscow is home of the best aerospace museums of the world. What you will see there and what you will get to see will stop your breathing and your heart beep! You will see here blueprints of Wernher von Braun's V2 in the original, or original blueprints of Otto Lilienthal, or other things which you know only from movies or books.

It might be impossible to put together a very particular voyage only for 1 or 2 days with including the best places as the 'Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics' in Moscow and other things.

That is why we offer to you and according to your plans and your wishes a very personalised tour to Moscow and the surrounding area, inside of this tour you can have access to the tracks of Yuri Gagarin, even in his native town Kluschino.

Of course, the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Star City it's a must! The Red Square and the Kremlin is another must, and we can, therefore, connect a lot of fascinating places with each other.

With our Russian partners, we can find a way for you to offer special tours and trips what are unique.

Ask us, and we look forward to meeting you!