MIG-29 Fulcrum flight adventures

Note: All flights were suspended since August 2017, now the decision in October was made to stop the civilian flight program at the Sokol airbase. We are sorry about that. Maybe there will be done a choice in the future to fly again, but as for the moment, there is no other announcement to make.


More information about your MIG-29 flight:

Your adventure must be booked a minimum of 60 days before your planned adventure date. Normal adventure trips are bookable from Monday until Friday, unless special arrangements are made in advance.

Please ask our staff about group rates, as up to three flights are available on the same day (depends on season of the year and flight program).

SPECIAL: Sunset flights available! If you want to know more about this special flight path, do not hesitate to contact our office!


6 Cam Multi Angle!

Because of a new and specially invented technology, we are now able to offer you the possibility to cover your flight in a very exclusive HD video! This video will be done out of the footage what will be recorded with six cameras during your trip! Also, the flight data as altitude, speed, Mach number and g-forces will be shown as real-time data. The footage will be delivered as an iso.file to your side via online download, and you can burn your own Blue Ray Disc! Ask us about conditions!

Additional equipment for sale
Moscow Program:

Changes in the travel expiration and dates under reservation. Adventure from/to Nizhnjy Novgorod/Russia. Rates are valid since January, 2017, could be changed daily. We accept as currency Euro and USD (daily changings because of currency exchange rates USD vs. Euro). Mastercards, Visa & American Express cards are welcome (we will add the credit card fee to the final price).