MIG-29 Fulcrum flight adventures

Note: All flights were suspended since August 2017, now the decision in October was made to stop the civilian flight program at the Sokol airbase. We are sorry about that. Maybe there will be done a choice in the future to fly again, but as for the moment, there is no other announcement to make.



There was a demon that lived in the air. They said whoever challenged him would die. Their controls would freeze up, their planes would buffet wildly, and they would disintegrate. The demon lived at Mach 1 on the meter, seven hundred and fifty miles an hour, where the air could no longer move out of the way. He lived behind a barrier through which they said no man could ever pass. They called it the sound barrier. (from the movie "The Right Stuff" - 1983)

The MIG-29 'Fulcrum'

Now, you can have the possibility to fly into this two-seater jet, and you can experience, what does it mean to fly behind the sound-barrier or Mach 2!!!

In the two-seater machine, you sit in the cockpit behind your pilot. Your pilot is one of the most experienced test-pilots of the Russian Airforce, and your adventure will be held from the Russian base of SOKOL at Nizhniy Novgorod, 450 km in the east direction of Moscow.

You climb into your machine and after that, you will be advised into all cockpit instruments, as also in your previously aimed G-Flight-Suit, that is connected to the computer of the jet. After the security instructions, and after your pilot is sure about that you know anything that you have to know, there is no way to stop your high-performance jet adventure of your lifetime!

The MIG-29 with vapor trails in the sky

On the runway, the pilot switches on the afterburner, and you are pressed into the seat before the jet leaves the base after 6 seconds and chase into heaven!

Your pilot will show you acrobatic manoeuvres, and it could occur that you will feel G-forces beyond 7G. These G-forces affect your body for seconds, and depending on the flight weather; your pilot will show you a full package of aerobatics! 360 degrees rolls, curves, inverted flight, tail slide (or known as "The Hammer") full loopings, half loopings and much more belonging to your flight! If you dare!

The flight in an MIG-29 is a very particular trip what will stress you up. Through its design possesses, the MIG-29 flight-qualities are partially beyond other jets with its mobility. So, the MiG-29 can stand short-term on its thrust-ray - necessary for the so-called cobra-manoeuvre (also depends on the kind of the jet engine - unfortunately not possible with the kind of jet what we are flying). The wing construction with wide wing-root brings a large part of the buoyancy through the torso base what improves the slow-flight-qualities.

Low level flight over the air base

The big tabs that cover the ventilation shafts of the engines at the ground are typical of the MiG-29 to avoid about a penetration of foreign bodies to the turbines. With the take-off, the engines suck in air over commutator bar-shafts on the torso upper side. The air-brake and a brake parachute are at the stern.

The machine possesses a 16-bit-onboard-computer, a front-disk-projector (HUD) plus a monitor, a shelf-own mistake-recognition (Aekran) and two sensor systems. With the radar, air-goals (reach 70 km) can be grasped and with the FLIR / laser-telemeter (reach 7 km, laser-class 3 in Germany) the infrared-goals. Also, a helmet-visor-installation, which allows the pilot to envisage a goal using head-movement is remarkable.

The target -search-heads of the rockets then get the target-parameters automatically. Exactly this appliance makes the MIG-29 superior for the very agile F-16 in the air-close combat.

The MIG-29 in low level altitude

The MIG 29 was developed in the 70ties of the last century in order to offer the American F-15 "Eagle" a counter pole. Even the German armed forces have had for serveral years after the takeover of the Airforce of the National Army of the former GDR some MIG-29 in service. Germany gave the jets to Poland, but the pilots who flown these jets are missing them a lot of!

You can fly with it. You will sit in the backseat, will feel the force of the jet turbines and you will have a phantastic view because of the special cockpit design. And, depens on you, your pilot of the day will takeover you the stick! After this experience you can say: "I was flying a MIG-29!"

Technical Datas MIG-29 'Fulcrum'
Country: Soviet Union / Russia
Function: Attack fighter, Multi-role fighter, all weather jet-fighter
First manufractured: 1977
In service since: 1979
Crew: 1 (Reconnaissance and Traîner version: 2)
Engine: 2x Sarkisov RD-33 Turbofans with afterburner, 18.300 lb thrust each
Speed: 2.455 km/h (Mach 2.5)
Max. ceiling: 17.500 m
Range: 2.100 km
Length: 17.32 m
Height: 4.73 m
Wing span: 11.36 m