MIG-25 flight preparationsAfter in summer of 2006 the Zuchowsky airbase near Moscow closed the doors for civilians for participating on jet flights, we had to wait ages to resurgence "Edge of Space flights"! First, we flew with the MIG-31, NATO codename "Foxhound" to the edge of space, but this jet, as so powerful it was, never reach the speeds and the altitudes of the MIG-25.

Since the MIG-31 was grounded in 2008 because the engines were running out of service and there was no money for replacement of the jet engines (one jet engine has the cost of $4 million dollars, and two are needed), we fly with the MIG-29 to the "Edge of Space". We were the first company ever to took this flight in April 2008 with a customer. These trips are also offered to continue.

We worked steadily in recent years to offer a new opportunity to customers to fly with the MIG-25. And now our work is done: We have been able to get the exclusivity of a new kind of flights with the MIG-25! If you want to know more about it, we will inform you about it only if you can show that you can follow any of our advice and rules.

MIG-25 cockpit instruments We will not show officially on our website any location or more details because this kind of flights is only possible with a very selected group of customers, who have both integrity and the necessary resources. Also, there will not accept resellers for this kind of flights. If you have real clients, who can show that they are high qualified, they will be handled only by us. The jet aircraft market is totally in turmoil for several years by unfair competition, anti-theft program, copyright infringement and violations of flights. In the next few months (especially from April 2014) there will be some reforms that will affect the jet flight market in general.

We are offering now for 13 years unique experiences in high quality. We are producing quality, not quantity. We respect other companies who are selling jet flights and still hoping, that we are respected, too. The MIG-29 (RUS), the Starfighter F-104G (USA), the Phantom F4D (USA), the Jet Provost flight opportunity in the UK and L-39 are our jets with what we are operating on the highest level of safety, legality and security after the general flight legal regulation. It is currently not possible, to operate Russian licenced jet aircraft (RA////K) in Europe, also in kind of advertisement what is pointing out that you can take "the stick" This isn't allowed, especially in Germany. But do not worry, we have for friends of the L-39 "Albatross" a legal and high-quality possibility solution at hand.

MIG-25 turbines One thing in regards we can say here: the MIG-25 flights what we could arrange under special rules are not performed in Russia, and it also requires patience and a 4-day continuous safety training, which will be held before the flights. The training is carried to the highest possible safety standards, and it ends with a theoretical and practical examination. This conditions we all have to follow, also you as a possible backseater!

The training also includes a sea survival training, which shows that this program is not suitable for non-swimmers. There will be no exceptions! Also, these flights are not offered to everyone, so sorry for this. We act according to our quality guidelines, which have to own our products. The flights with the MIG-25 "Foxbat" will only be possible if the "Back Seater" at least have a valid pilot's license by ICAO guidelines with a valid Class 3 medical evidence and have a type rating for twin-engine aircraft.

Your view from 25.000 Meters If you meet these basic requirements, there is nothing up what will defend your very personal adventure.

We need 120 days to prepare for your flight and will put together 3 flight participants as a team, who will have the experience in common.

Then you will have the possibility to sit in your cockpit as in the past in the Foxbat.

A very special and high qualified pilot will take you to new heights. In up to 28,000 meters you will see the earth itself from an unusual perspective: the earth is beneath you, you see a view of over 1,100 kilometres, the sky is black, and the atmosphere goes from a shade of blue than in the black of the universe. The speed will be up to Mach 3.

You sit in front of the two-seater MIG-25, and you will have the experience of your lifetime!

Your view from 27.000 Meters Such a high-altitude flight will take you for two minutes to the "Top of the world" and makes sure you and your pilot are for this moment in time the highest flying persons of planet Earth. (Aside the crew of the International Space Station ISS, what will circle Earth 350 kilometres higher).

You can reach the apex of your flight, the "edge of space".

The flight in an MIG-25 'Foxbat' requires a lot. You will have your take off with a speed of 380 km/h. Then your pilot will accelerate the huge plane to 6 km altitude, where you will cross the sound barrier.

Once you realise that you are flying now faster as the speed of sound, your pilot will show you some barrel rolls. With such a big giant jet you can't do high-risk manoeuvres, but you will fly a parabola what will take you to weightlessness! Then, the afterburner is ignited again, and the machine breaks after a short time the following limit, Mach 2 and gets higher up. You will be 15 km high up when you cross Mach 2, and you will reach the stratosphere. Here, you are higher as any other passenger aircraft at this moment in the world.

Back to Earth! Then, your pilot will put the Foxbat at Mach 2,2 in a long steep curve; you feel the g-forces acting on your body. Between 2.5g - 4.5g during flight can attract to you.

Within minutes you are at a flight altitude of 25 kilometres! The ground beneath you will now have a long way, the curve of the horizon becomes apparent, and you realise that Galileo Galilei with his in the 15th century established theory that the earth is a sphere and not flat was right.

During the winter months, November to March, the MIG-25 'Foxbat-C' can rise higher. Altitudes up to 28 kilometres and more can be achieved here. However, this decision is entirely made alone by your pilot of the day. Do not stress him up!

The flight adventure will need five days. Four days of full day training (as with the sea survival training what we mentioned before). You will be on a military airbase "somewhere in nowhere", but you will not miss anything. The airbase is an own small city what has anything that you need: supermarkets, gym-halls, swimming halls and a lot of other attractions more. But, you are not there for leisure, you are there for training to have the experience of your lifetime. Don't worry about the service and the jet: anything is according to the existing law. It would be business suicide that we would offer such a kind of a flight without according to the rules of the authorities.

The hard training what you have to do will end on a 60-minute flight, what you will never forget, in no case, in your life!

Welcome back at the real edge of Space with the MIG-25 Foxbat!

Specifications MIG-25 "Foxbat"
Country of Origin: Former Soviet Union (now Russia)
Function: Attack fighter, all-weather fighter, reconnaissance
First construction year: 1964
In service since: 1973
Crew: 1 (MIG 25PU: 2)
Turbines: 2x Tumansky (now Soyuz) R-1-300 5BD turbojets, with afterburners, each 24,690 lb thrust each
Speed: 3,450 km / h (Mach 3.6)
Maximum altitude: 25,000+ m (time of flight height: 8 minutes 55 seconds)
Range: 1730 km
Length: 23.82 m
Height: 6.10 m
Wingspan: 14.02 m

Addition: The MIG-25 is the world record holder for jet turbine aircraft. 37 800 meters altitude.