Space Media



Interviews with pilotsWe are able to open the doors and gates at the space agencies. Also on site at private space companies in the world.

Through unique partnerships out of the last 16 years, we gain access to areas that previously seemed closed to you, and if it is not - only possible to have an entry permission with an enormous regulatory burden of documents and finally for your time.

Depends on your purpose, we investigate historical aspects, taking care of available pictures in print quality and footage what can be broadcast. Doesn't matter if for smaller or bigger projects. We are supporting you for your plans not with computer tricks, we are supporting you with reality, of course, based on your budget.

You want to go to Star City, to the traditional village which was available before the collapse of the Soviet Union only for scientist and politicians of the East? Do you want to go to the United States to have a look over the shoulders of the private companies, who will bring back the US to space? Do you have a specific idea of a TV show revolving around the theme of space travel or space science? High-tech and adventure at its best? You want to talk about the 'private road to space' with the private space companies like XCOR, SpaceX, Armadillo or Virgin Galactic?

TV production Soyuz TMA-13 return - KazakhstanThe Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan is for the next few years the only place on planet Earth where the transportation of people to the International Space Station will departure to space. We provide through our unique access and networks your filming permission for interviews with witnesses and responsible persons.

You can attend our expeditions what we carry on with our clients, whether in U.S., Russia, Europe or South America. Do you need interviews with witnesses? No problem. Do you want to speak with an American 'Moon Walker' who has left his footprints on the moon (and is there visible for millions of years because the moon has no atmosphere because there is no weather)? Or a Russian cosmonaut like Alexei Leonov who floated 1965 as the first human free in outer space? We offer you these contacts so that you can use their direct quotes for your reports.

Also available is a large squad of cosmonauts and astronauts, specialists from space ages and engineers and technicians who can come to your TV show or scientific journal. Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can assist you. Out of our work and our specific ways, we can save you time, nerves and finally also money for your gruelling research.

Our reference list from the last few years is long.

We look forward to your outstanding projects and tasks that you provide to us!

A small list of our media references to the last 16 years (not complete):