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In the long run men hit only what they aim at. - Thoreau

Yuri Malenchenko - ISS Crew 7  with the Space Odyssey Project CDMagellan, Columbus, Armstrong, Gagarin.

Men of wisdom, men of courage, men who aimed at discovering new worlds and succeeded!

Every day, men and women like these great explorers are forging ahead, making daily discoveries in technology, space exploration, and more! Maybe you’ve created the next type of Segway Human Transporter, or you’ve concocted the newest craze in energy drinks – whatever it is you’ve got that you want people to know about.

We’ve got the ultimate in promotion for you!

Star-Spangled Advertising Ideas

With the invention of digital television, the need for premier product-placement opportunities has skyrocketed! While your target audience is fast-forwarding for the specific purpose of missing your message, your advertising dollars need to be utilised wisely.

One thing that is never missed by the masses in media is a human space flight! News media like print media and the drive by media are clamouring for an inside look. Imagine millions of people around the globe tuning in to see the launch of a space-bound rocket and there on the side of that rocket is your brand name or logo?
Maybe the cosmonauts could take along your tasty beverage for a quick, liquid pick-me-up!

If you can conceive it, we’ll make sure humankind sees it! There are thousands of marketing opportunities within the space-travel industry, especially if space travel now comes up with 'to do it on private wings'. We’d like to help you with one of the most innovative and fascinating forms of advertising you’ll ever experience! Imagine looking into the night’s sky and seeing a giant billboard drifting above you. But why think small? Our space marketing thoughts are greater than that.

Here are a few examples of what we’ve been working on:

Yuri Malenchenko - ISS Crew 7 - Space Odyssey ProjectGranted, you may not be a big soft drink corporation or a big hardware company, but you too can reap the rewards, like a big Swedish car manufacturer did with their 15 seconds of Super Bowl advertising. Imagine this: luxury space tourism and space marketing without sacrificing quality.

We can offer businesses a turnkey solution within their localised marketing area. We can provide exceptional writing, press release services, video services, and creative graphics. Imagine if the group you chose to sponsor wins - the enormous attention your business would receive!

Before space marketing, businesses could only wish they could afford to see their product floating in space. We have brought this amazing opportunity home to the backbone of the worldwide economy – the small business owner! Whether your product is larger than an ocean liner or smaller than a space needle, we have a revolutionary space marketing solution for you. Just send us an inquiry. If you can dream it, we can help you to achieve it!

Feeling really futuristic?

If you love football or soccer, you will love this one! Imagine, during halftime, seeing your favourite space-football team play in Zero Gravity. Consider the sponsorship opportunities and the European TV international broadcast ratings! What a great opportunity to wow the millions of viewers of the World Cup, while helping to promote the educational events. Well, the future is now!!

Need something else to spark your sporting imagination?
How about: cricket in Space!

CD All it takes is just the first step towards to the future of amazing advertising; just make an inquiry and we will deliver! The sky is no longer the limit!

Video presentation, outtakes from movies, or live transmission from on board the International Space Station (ISS) - or any of our other space vehicles - presents a special visual image for your target audience. There are no limitations to what we can do for you. In some of our previous missions, we have expanded the range of “space marketing,” and our customers have been completely satisfied with what we were able to produce!!

Their customers were AMAZED and yours will be, too, with our eye-catching designs strategically placed during an ISS mission. Items with your logo, free-floating in a weightless environment – without computer tricks – are sure to impress! How about your creation floating out in space? We have the ability to make it happen!

Also, we are accepting arrangements made through third-parties – where you can offer your own 'Cosmos Adventure' to your advertising and marketing clients – it’s a winning combination that will set your business apart from the ordinary.

Space Marketing, explore the possibilities!!

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