The Lynx Experience


Attention: Unfortunately the very challenging project of XCOR, the "Lynx Suborbital Space Plane" has ended in July 2017 after XCOR Aerospace filed bankruptcy. We still hope, that the successor will keep on the path to make space reachable for individuals!

Dawn breaks. You are blinking in the rising sun, outside the Mohave Spaceport. From there in a few hours, on board a rocket propelled aircraft, you will departure into space!

The Lynx

You will reach a height of 61 km with the Lynx Mark I and more than 100 km with the Lynx Mark II. And for some minutes you will experience the magical sensation of weightlessness! You will feel privileged to experience the overwhelming views for thousands of kilometres in every direction! Above you, the vast eternal blackness of space will unfold!

Like only a privileged few before you, you will have a once in a lifetime adventure like no other.

The Lynx - A Revolutionary Flight Concept

From the renowned American manufacturer XCOR, the two seater Lynx represents new, especially safe techniques employed for the departure into space:

Like a standard aircarft, it takes off and lands horizontally, and during the flight its rocket fuel propulsion can be activated and deactivated as required.

The Lynx

The cockpit offers a comfortable space, and is specially designed to provide to the participant optimum panoramic views. The Lynx is designed for adventurers, not especially for travellers, who will fly in the passenger compartment. You will sit right beside your pilot!

When Is Take Off?

All developments are moving ahead so that in the nearest future the required 50 test flights for the American F.A.A. can take place, 17 of which will reach the full height of 61km with the Lnyx Mark I.

The Lynx

The Lynx Mark I will perform his testflights to be ready later and will carry passengers regularly for up to 4 times a day.

On the following websites you will learn everything what you have to know about your very special real space adventure!

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