L-39 Pilot Experience


Your training will have the following learning spots:

The L39ZO Albatross during a deep flying path

Furthermore your jet pilot's training contains the following:

Price: 3.490,00 Euro included video recording HD, 3 cameras are installed. Video will be delivered 2 - 4 weeks after your participation at the training via memory stick or online download.

During a barrel roll

Least participants: 1 person, max 3 persons each training day. For bigger groups we will be able to have more jets at the same day available. Ask for quotes and special program arrangements, also for team-trainings and incentives!

Possible training days: within the week from Monday till Sunday after request.

Registration and reservation: min. 2 weeks before the planned jet pilot's training. Flight season is between mid of April up to end of October (depends on weather conditions)
Medical certificate necessary

This program contains only your personal event during the training day with the possibility of a free flight with the 'L-39C Albatross'. We provide to you with pleasure the planning of the trip to the base of the jet. Please, ask our staff.

Other tips
Restrictions apply to the participants who want to use the possibility of the free flight, we need the following additional qualifications and certificates:

Especially PPL license holders will have a special flight experience

Note: It is not allowed to sell these kind of flights as to individuals alone. The application of "sightseeing flights with fighterjets for money" does not meet the common law rules of the Federal Republic of Germany or other countries within the EU. It doesn't matter if these flights are carried out on commercial or non commercial basis. All payments are used to conduct the training and to cover the cost of your personal training articles, as room rent, meals, transfers, tours, stuff payment and other things.

Also the jet flights or the jet alone is available for media projects. Special conditions, please ask our staff.

Flights without financial allowances (free flights) are permitted. For every airplane a passenger insurance and liability insurance exists, jets are maintananced perfectly and tunburdened from specialists.

The airplanes are checked yearly and/or all 75 hours included the technic, engine, ejection seats, cell and avionics.
We point out to the fact that an using the ejection seat in emergency situations and the upfollowing use of a parachute system will attract to the passenger very high active forces and possible bad injuries.

Our ejection seats are NOT disabled. We know, why!
Please think about, that these airplanes are not build to transport passengers. It's a military aircraft and the risk is another one as in normal aircrafts.