Space Exhibitions


Russia in Space - on the Frankfurt AirportThere are some exhibitions, but in topics for 'space' you will find the not not everywhere.

In the past, we supported and consulted some exhibitions actively, so e.g. for the exhibition 'Russia in Space' (April - July 2002 - Frankfurt/Germany Airport - and for the exhibition 'Experience Space Flight' at the Centro Market at Oberhausen/Germany (November 2002 - April 2003).

Exhibitions are not regular shows, we putting together all specialists who are necessary, to let the display become a success. We co-operate with model makers, fair-builders and stage-builders, with whom we sketch a particular choreography, to put the topic 'space' to a broad public.

Space Exhibitions during the Postbank Führungstagung 2008We possess first-class contacts to the space agencies of the world and can procure also original artifacts about space flight, e.g. the original core module of the Russian space station MIR. (The original module for training is located at the Yuri A. Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre - GCTC at Star City/Russia), the Apollo Lunar Excursion Module (LEM) from the USA, or models of the International Space Station ISS, in the biggest scale of the world 1:10. (largest ISS model of the world with a wingspan of over 10 metres!)

Exhibitions about space need technical personnel, which is versed with the topic. We put personnel together at the disposal, or we submit training courses to the fields of knowledge of space and astronomy so that your personnel knows the correct answer to each question.

Also, we support programs for fairs and events, we co-operate with first-class artist agencies, and offer everything out of one hand so that you don't have to speak with a dozen of specialists. If you inquire with us, your desires may appear also fantastic, we take care of you and will do all the work what is needed.