Suborbital Pre-Qualification Training



The suborbital space tourism is just in front of the schedule. Only a few years and you have the opportunity to leave Earth's gravity and travel beyond the physical edge of space and see the world from a different angle.

If you are toying with this idea, we, of course, offer the opportunity to incorporate this step into reality. However, you know what you will expect of such a flight?

The BarochamberIn addition to your thoughts that deal with the look 'from the top back down to earth', you certainly think perhaps after the rigors of your flight.

There is the speed what is needed because you have to go up.

Then there are the G-forces what will attract you and with what you have to make a deal. During your booking certainly, somebody is telling you about it. You will have between 3 and 4 Gs during the lift off to space. Sometimes more more high Gs during the re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere – could be 6 Gs - or more! This is more like what you have to feel as with the previous Space Shuttle rides and more what you have to attract as with the Soyuz rocket flights if anything is going according to plan. Of course, that all depending on the vehicle what you will use.

More than 6 Gs you may feel on your body. And certainly, the period where you will spend in weightlessness, or rather in “free fall”.

A jet pilot has to withstand such stresses without batting an eyelash!

The human centrifuge TSF-18 - GCTCAs an example: A fighter pilot who wants to fly an F-18 “Hornet” has to stand the strain of 6 G’s without a technical help for 15 seconds without getting in the so-called “G-Loc”.

A “G-Loc" marks the moment when it comes to the absolute lack of supply of blood circulation in your brain, and the effects are loss of consciousness!

If the fighter pilot is not able to withstand the 6 G for 15 seconds without losing consciousness, he will not be permitted for the final practice sessions with the F-18 “Hornet” and only can fly G-forces not exceeding 4G.

That’s nothing for this kind of jet, and so if he can’t resist, he will never have the rating to fly the F-18 “Hornet”.

But you aren’t up to fly certainly a fighter jet! You want to fly with a fully conscious and you want to experience each second of your suborbital space flight! To exceed the 100 km line, the so-called "Karman Line". And to enjoy the blue planet from above and the blackness of space.

The horror scenario: the rotating chair!We built with international partners a "Suborbital Qualification Training" which is compiled on training sessions, based on the experience of the last 12 years. So if you want, then you can test all the moments in the pre-workout and before you go on your spaceflight.

And do not worry: the task is not about anything to withstand for the first time. It's about high-quality preparation and training. Experts and instructors, space- and flight surgeons and psychologist are available for you during your workout, to get you through the hurdles, which will open up in front of you. You will receive valuable information, tips and tricks on how to tackle the adventure of a lifetime. After this training you are travelling to "Ready to go suborbital" and your adventure into space. There will be nothing that will stand in your way!

The training sessions:

The training sessions can be booked individually or in combination. They are also suitable for very unique team trainings or for personal coachings.

Ask us if you want to have more informations about our “Suborbital Pre-Qualificatioin Training”. We look forward to seeing you!