MIG-29 'Edge of Space' Flight

Note: All flights were suspended since August 2017, now the decision in October was made to stop the civilian flight program at the Sokol airbase. We are sorry about that. Maybe there will be done a choice in the future to fly again, but as for the moment, there is no other announcement to make.


The to the edge of space flights belonging to the most thrilling and awesome adventures what we are offering now since more than 14 years. We promise a very special experience, what not only consists because of the spectacular view what you have from high above!

We are offering a complete package, all out of one hand. Of course, you can reserve a slot in the backseat of the phantastic jet and doing all others by yourself. We have the most best experience with such flights, not only because we done the edge of space flights with the MIG-29 first of all (in 2004!), also because of the experience with a lot of satisfied customers. If you would like to contact one of them, we are pleased to help you!

On the top of the world

Day 1:
Flight to Moscow (*)
Pick up at Airport from a guide and personal instruction in the next few days.
In the afternoon ride on the train to Nizhniy Novgorod (first class compartment), or flight with S7 Airlines to Nizhniy Novgorod (depends on the weather conditions, mostly in the winter, we use a train ride)
Pick up at the train station or airport in Nizhniy Novgorod from personal guide, drive to the hotel "Alexandrovsky Garden", one of the best hotels in the town.
Accommodation in the Hotel

Day 2:
Breakfast at hotel.
Pick up at 9:00 clock from personal guide, transportation to SOKOL Airbase.
Pilot Briefing, medical check, suit fitting.
Flight on MIG-29UB "Edge of Space" (about 45-50 minutes flying time)
Presentation with your personal certificate.
Visit the SOKOL Airforce Museum (unique in the world)
Accommodation in the Hotel "Alexandrovsky Garden"

Day 3 (BackUp Day*)
Breakfast at the hotel, then check out.
Sightseeing Nizhniy Novgorod with many cultural attractions.
Lunch in Nizhniy Novgorod.
In the afternoon train ride to Moscow (1st class compartment) or late evening flight back to S-7 Airlines to Moscow.
Accommodation in the airport hotel included breakfast

Day 4
Departure from Moscow to your home country (*)


(*) Not included in price. Of course we can arrange anything for you for your travel and flights.

Rate: please ask about our day price

Always flyin' high!

You can book of course the flight package only, what consists of:

Rate: please ask about our day price

We will give you recommendations in time scheduling and suggest hotels etc. to you.


6 Cam Multi Angle!

Because of a new and specially invented technology, we are now able to offer you the possibility to cover your flight in a very exclusive HD video! This video will be done out of the footage what will be recorded with six cameras during your trip! Also, the flight data as altitude, speed, Mach number and g-forces will be shown as real-time data. The footage will be delivered as an iso.file to your side via online download, and you can burn your own Blue Ray Disc! Ask us about conditions!

General information flying the MIG-29:
Medical certificate required. Documents on request at our side BEFORE booking. Restless ECG necessary because of crossing the sound barrier (during this the blood pressure is always decreasing). No surgeon flight investigation required! If you own a pilot license (e.g. PPL) with a valid medical, no additional medical research is necessary.

For your stay in the Russian Federation, you need an actual passport with a min. the validity of +180 day validity after your first planned day of immigration and a health insurance what covers your stay. Invitations and vouchers for obtaining your visa you will receive by our side if necessary.

Security clearance required for the airbase. All documents must be at last 60 days before the flight event at our side. Documents on request for the security clearance by booking.

Flight Options: All year (except Russian holidays and Saturday and Sunday).

For further questions please e-mail us to info[at]space-affairs[dot]com or use our request form. Our Mission Director, a very enhanced space & jet flight specialist, will answer all of your questions and will care personal care about your demands.

Prices are valid since January, 2017. We only can give a price guarantee by booking. Could change daily.