MIG-29 'Edge of Space' Flight

Information: After 11 years in service for civilian flights, the legendary adventures with the MIG-29UB at the Sokol Building Plant at Nizhny Novgorod stopped in September 2017. We are sorry about the decision made by new owners of the plant.

The good news is, that we found a new destination for such flights and running at the moment with the suppliers the investigations under high-quality management, safety rules and governmental support to have probably in the second half of 2019 a new flight opportunity for MIG flights again. Stay tuned!


The world is big - especially from above!

When the morning arise I woke up, I am not really rested. The whole night I was almost awake, although I had no reason to lie awake, yet I had all the time thinking about what I would expect on this day, I would set off with one of the best jets in the world towards the stratosphere!

Looking on the runway strip

In an amount of time that would make me on that day to the highest flying person (of course next to my pilot!). Only above us the crew of the ISS, in Earth orbit, drawing their curves. 16x a day!

With the excellent support of Space Affairs in the weeks before I had a preparation behind me, which I promised to find myself inside absolute safe and professional hands. The guys know about what they are talking, because ultimately they operate these kinds of flights for more than 13 years. They are one of the most experienced companies on this planet who provide such aerospace adventures! They have a huge experience, not only with such program development, also with thousands of customers from around the world.

A view to Niszhny Novgorod after take-off

I knew that there were earlier flights with MIG-25. However, these have been discontinued unfortunately, after it went on with the MIG-31. But this isn't also since 2008 no longer available.

I knew the story of an aviator, who wanted to fly MIG-31. Three days before was the 'Foxhound' out of a crack in the front cockpit window was grounded and the big question was how long it would take for maintenance. But, one of the pilots of the Sokol Airbase said this: 'No problem! I fly her with the MIG-29 in maximum height!'.

So, they completed in March 2008 the first "Edge of Space Flight" with a MIG-29UB in the height of 23,000 meters or 75.000 feet at the Sokol airbase! They were first! They done that also with a flight of a MIG-29 in 2004 from Zuchowksy, because there occurred a technical problem with the MIG-25 on the planned flight day.

Altitude 6,000 meters

I have the pictures on that flight in my mind as I enter the airbase on the selfsame day. I feel at home and completely secure. I am amazed how big this team is what is around me.

Andreas, my mission director had told me once, what a burden this would mean to put a flight participant into the cockpit of a MIG-29: one count all together, who are responsible for one, comes to over 50 people!

Misleading - I think to myself as I stand next to my pilot, who tells me the flight route of the day. Sergey Kara, test pilot and hero of Russia. The boy has more than 4,500 hours of flight experience, he explains to me, and he has flown with all kind of jets. His professionalism needed no further words more! I eagerly listen to him when he explains me everything and I initially think I have misheard: Andreas had mentioned it, I will fly the MIG-29 itself!

Altitude 12,000 meters, going supersonic

After the briefing I am still with my head in the clouds. A medical examination is in order. My blood pressure is slightly high, but the physician of the airbase says to me, it would go down during the flight already. I should simply think of something else. Ha, easy to say!

During the investiture, I feel like an astronaut. This full-body pressure suit, which is also used as an anti-g suit, read me look more like a creature in a science fiction movie!

Fireproof underwear, the suit and it still felt just as an overall, I would now leave with a Space Shuttle in the direction of space. I would do it if you offered me the opportunity! Absolutely! But, I think - one step after another!

Altitude 20,000 meters, on the top of the world

Then it finally happens! I am taken to the flight line. There she is in front of me; the jet what is in the history of aviation not comparable with another! The MIG-29 is a very nice plane for the Russian-designed jet.

Where the Russians came for their ideas? I know a lot about flying, even I am a hobby pilot, but I never came so far beyond a Cessna or similar aircraft. And in a few minutes, I will take off with this Jet, controlled by Sergey, into the sky! A not easy task! Today, I would try to fly nearby almost three times as high as Mount Everest! Can you imagine?

Altitude 22,000 meters - Mach 1,8

Again a few minutes later I am sitting in the professional security training strapped in the cockpit. And 15 minutes later I find myself at a flight level, what was unimaginable for me to this moment! What I see up there is unique! It reads my breath away! The blackness of the sky above me, the turquoise blue clouds on the horizon, 95% of the total atmosphere mass of my home planet Earth is below to me! I can say it: Enjoy it! If you have long had a dream as I had, do not think a long time but do it! Today!"

We are offering a special flight: fly the MIG-29 "Fulcrum" in highest altitudes. Altitudes of 64,000 - 74,000 feet (19,500 - 22,500 meters), depending on the day of the current weather conditions, are possible!

Experience a single flight in one of the best fighter jets in the world! Feel the g-forces acting on you! See a breathtaking view of the beauty of the planet. You'll see colours you have not seen it with your own eyes before!

We can bring you the best experience of your life!

Feel free to contact us and ask us whatever you want to ask. We will also be happy to contact one of our "Edge of Space flight participants" with whom you can talk about his experience, to fly with us to "Edge of Space".

After this experience you will know: The world is big, especially from above!