Soyuz Liftoff Baikonur

Lift-Off: July 20, 2019 (TBD - shifted from July 6!)

We are offering a high exclusive tour that takes you to Baikonur to participate in the events for the lift off of the Soyuz rocket. Of course, and that is out of question, you get the high quality and support from Space Affairs. We developed this tour in 2003 and running it since then.

We will start with the group mostly from Frankfurt/Germany with a direct flight to Kazakhstan, then to Kyzylorda to reach the city of Baikonur via a tour bus. For most participants (EU, CAN, USA, AU) it is not necessary to apply for a Kazakh visa by not staying longer as 30 days in the country. Even Baikonur is Russian territory it is not necessary to apply for a visa for the Russian Federation. This is only necessary by starting the trip from Moscow first to Astana and going home again via Moscow.

SPACE AFFAIRS group at Baikonur - (c)2008 by Space Affairs

The tour is for single travellers, as well as for groups of up to 20 people. Booking is possible for this tour up to January 15, 2019. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. Attention: International flights to and from Astana aren't included in the tour program, but we will give time and location information to start with.

Event Schedule Baikonur LiftOff "Soyuz TMA-MS-13":

Mission Day 1:
Flights directly to Nursultan (formerly Astana), Kazakhstan from Frankfurt/Germany.(*)

Mission Day 2:
Arrival at TSE (Nursultan International Airport), arrival ca. 05:40h local time.
Flight from Nursultan to Kyzylorda, arrival ca. 09:00h local time.(*)
Pick-Up airport, drive with a tour bus to the city of Baikonur (ca. 3,5h) Check-In Sputnik Hotel (4****).
Lunch in Baikonur, then a historical city tour lead by a special guide.
Dinner in the hotel.
One accommodation in the hotel (single room).

Mission Day 3:
Breakfast in the morning with lunch packets. Early in the morning, participation at "roll out" of the Soyuz Rocket at the Soyuz Integration hall. It is a tradition at Baikonur that this process starts exactly at 07:00h local time. After this accompanying the rocket on the railway to the "Gagarinsky" launchpad.

Participation in the preparations on the launch pad Gagarinsky (Pad #1). Visiting the Sputnik Monument on Launch Pad #1.
Lunch in the hotel Sputnik between 13:00h and 14:00h local time.

Transfer to the Proton launch pads (Pads #81 or #200). These launch pads are in 70 km distance of the hotel, the transfer will take approx. 70 minutes. We will see during the transfer most of the famous launch pads of the Baikonur Cosmodrome. Visiting the Proton launch pad with a special guide.

Transfer back to the hotel, dinner ca. 19:30h in the hotel Sputnik.
One accommodation in the hotel (single room).

The Soyuz train on the rail road to the Gagarinsky launch pad - (c)2013 by Ton Schudelaro

Mission Day 4:
Breakfast in the hotel Sputnik.
Transfer to Energia/Buran launch pad #250. Visiting the Buran control rooms and the bunkers. (The launch-pads itself can't be visited anymore because of safety issues, but we will do a stop over nearby to see them by distance and taking photographs.)
Transfer to the Nedelin launch pad (Pad #41).

Here, in October 1960 the worst disaster with a rocket happens during launch preparations, in which between 78 to 130 people; technicians, engineers, high ranked military personnel and senior level engineers have been killed as it comes to an electrical circuit in the prototype ICBM launcher rocket R-16. It is known by “The Nedelin Disaster”, named after Chief Marshal of Artillery Mitrofan Ivanovich Nedelin, who was responsible and who also was killed in that accident. The chief designer of the rocket, Mikhail Yangel and the commanding officer of the pad only survived, because they left the pad to smoke a cigarette.

It is a tradition for visitors to lay down red carnations at the monument of the Nedelin Monument, what still is a relict on the destroyed launchpad. It is a place of grief, but also a place of new horizons and belongs to the purpose of spaceflight to humankind like Baikonur itself.

Lunch at a restaurant at Baikonur.
Excursion of the Baikonur museum Pad #2. Afterwards, visiting the International Market at Baikonur.
Dinner in the hotel Soyuz.
One accommodation in the hotel (single room).

Press conference of the prime and backup crew - (c)2005 by Markus Gloger

Mission Day 5:
Breakfast in the hotel.
Visiting of the "Cosmonauts Hotel", attending the leaving of the ceremony when the main- and back-up crews leaving the hotel to drive to the Energia building for suit fitting. After the ceremony, we will visit the "Cosmonauts Alley". Every human who flown from Baikonur planted a tree, starting with Yuri Gagarin. All the trees showing the names of the cosmonauts and astronauts.

Transfer to the cosmodrome pad #2 (Energia Check-Out Building) to see the crew's official report "Ready for Flight" to the State Commission Chairman.

Visit of the museum pad #2, Korolev and Gagarin houses and the space shuttle 1:1 sized "Buran", which is located infront of the museum.

Transfer to the observation point pad #18 (V.I.P. launch gantry, not the new installed public viewing points for tourists) in the distance of 1,2 km from Gagarinsky start. We do arrive around 60 minutes before lift-off time.

Attending the launch preparations and lift-off of Soyuz!

After the lift-off event, we will have a transfer to the International Space School at Baikonur.

Farewell-Dinner in a local restaurant at Baikonur.

Attention: If the decision was made Soyuz will dock only after 6 hours to the International Space Station ISS, we will visit the live docking stream at the Baikonur town hall attended by family members and officials of the space agencies. One accommodation in the hotel (single room).

Mission Day 6:

Prime crew during their pressure suit testing - (c)2005 by Markus Gloger

Breakfast in the hotel, afterwards check-out.
Transfer to Baikonur to visit the Roskosmos-Shop for buying suveniers.
Transfer from Baikonur to Kyzylorda.
Flight from Kyzylorda to Nursultan.
Departure flight from Nursultan to Frankfurt/Germany.

Night launch - Soyuz TMA-10M - (c)2013 by Manfred Uhlig

All times are TBD.Times are related to the mission schedules, days and schedules of visiting locations can change, also during the tour.

Price: Please send a request via mail to mops[at]space-affairs[dot]com or use our Request Form to get in contact with us. We will send you immediately a personal offer!


Not included: International Flights to/from Astana, tips and personal expenses.

For immigration to Kazakhstan you need a passport what has a validity of min. +90 days by immigration. EU, US, Canadian and Australian citizens do not need a Kazakh visa application. Please check visa requirements for your country first, we will assist you if you need a visa for Kazakhstan. It is not necessary to apply for a Russian visa for visiting Baikonur and the cosmodrome.
Weather conditions:
April 0 - 25+ celsius, in October -10 - 20+ celsius.

Attention: Bookings can be done until +45 days before the predicted launch date by transmitting your personal data. We will put you on an expedition list and only when a date is confirmed we do contracts and bookings.

Planned lift-off's 2019:

Lift-off Soyuz MS-13 (ISS Expedition 60), July 20, 2019 (TBD) - Aleksandr Skvortsov, RSA (RUS) - Luca Parmitano, ESA (I) - Andrew R. Morgan, NASA (USA)

Lift-off Soyuz MS-14, August 22, 2019 (TBD) Unmanned test flight Soyuz-2 booster with the manned Soyuz digital spacecraft.

Lift-off Soyuz MS-15, (ISS Expediton 61), September 25, 2019 (TBD) - Oleg Skripochka, RSA (RUS) - Christopher J. Cassidy, NASA (USA) - Hazza Al Mansouri, MBRSC (UAE)

Planned lift-off's 2020:

Lift-off Soyuz MS-16 (ISS Expedition 62), April 15, 2020 - Nikolai Tikhonov, RSA (RUS) - Andrei Babkin, RSA (RUS) - 3rd crew member to be assigned

Lift-off Soyuz MS-17 (ISS Expedition 63), October 21, 2020 (TBD) - Anatoli Ivanishin, RSA (RUS) - Ivan Vagner, RSA (RUS) - Stephen Bowen, NASA (USA)

Changes in the travel expiration and dates under reservation. Adventure to/from Moscow. Bookings are possible up to 60 days before the planned trip.