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Street sign in the direction to Star City You sit in the Sokol pressure suit in the bucket seat of the Soyuz space capsule. You have the flight controls. Your task: docking the Soyuz Spacecraft at the International Space Station ISS.

You have to do manually. Situation: automatic docking system failed. On a small screen, there is all needed data in front of you. Adjust speed. Power up speed. Control the distance.

The computer will display your attitude. Your approach will guide further and further for 500 meters. 400 meters. You fire the braking thrusters to keep your speed - which amounts to a little matter of about 28,000 kilometres per hour - slow down to 3 meters per second approach velocity. Not an easy task to keep the course now, out there in the vastness of space!

The Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (GCTC) in Star City near Moscow is now for more as 50 years the centre for the Russian space training. Here, Yuri Gagarin starts his training for his first spaceflight and since decades, for now, international crews are here on training for to fly to space. They have to participate months and months, sometimes years on training before they will go on their missions to space.

View of a part of the GCTCOriginally built in 1960 as a "military area 26 266" it was named after Yuri Gagarin's death to honour the first human in space. Now it is the "Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center" or shorter "GCTC".

Until 2009 the centre was under supervision in a relationship between the Russian Defence Ministry with the Russian Space Agency Roskosmos. Now it's the main responsibility of the space agency. The current head of the centre is the Russian cosmonaut Sergey Krikaljov.

The main tasks of the GCTC are mainly in the field of training of cosmonauts for various space missions, including simulation of spaceflights. G-Force training, mission specific training for EVA's (Extravehicular Activity - working in outer space directly outside a space station or a space ship). Medical investigations and test of cosmonaut candidates and monitoring their training, survival training for out of control landings of Soyuz and taking care of the cosmonauts before and after the flight. Also, the centre is conducting training for cosmonauts in the fields of celestial navigations.

Inside the Soyuz TMA simulatorThe GCTC also offers services for commercial purposes, as for private individual space training, as complete mission training simulations as such like EVA training (EVA=Extra Vehicular Activity) for open space adventures or training with other mission profiles.

You can experience real cosmonaut training with the professional Russian aerospace professionals!

You will train exercise sessions, and you will learn what you have to do during special missions for a flight to the stars.

On the rotating chair, as an example, you will experience how astronauts need to capable of suffering their vestibular system: Sitting two and a half minutes on the rotating chair, and try not to lose control of your perceptions. Despite the helpful advice of your instructor is that hard enough. Cosmonauts must persevere in this chair 8 minutes at a time and operate switches and thereby solve other tasks that require complete concentration.

Inside the Hydrolab - GCTCIn the Hydrolab, the huge pool of water, are mainly due to the astronauts prepared to work outside the space station, known as EVA (Extra Vehicular Activity).

By balancing the buoyant forces, the trainee will feel inside his heavy Orlan space suit weightlessness, and you are nearby the conditions close to work in outer space.

Here you pass under the guidance of experienced instructors your daily workout.

You learn to work in the Orlan spacesuit with tools and undertake excursions into the world without gravity, and with the lift-off to the helicopter training, you will practice rescue operations after an emergency landing of the Soyuz capsule somewhere in the ocean.

For all exercises, different modules of spaceships and space stations are available in various models in the GCTC in their original sizes. You will be extensively acquainted with the functions and operations of instruments before you run it as a cosmonaut. You will learn in real surrounding fields on a specific mission plan, how to dock the Soyuz spacecraft eventually under your manual control to the International Space Station ISS. WE can tell you: this isn't an easy task!

At the end of your training program is a proper farewell ceremony: You will receive out of the hand of a GCTC official certificates for completion of your training and then you will celebrate your success at a large dinner in Russian style.

The training facilities at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center are so varied so that they can hardly enumerate here. We are in a position that we open to your various options if you want to use the centre for your needs. For your training or other purposes as a major international television production as actions shows or documentaries.