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Space Affairs

NEWS 2011

30.12.2011: We wish our globally scattered team of networkers, partners, promoters, friends, acquaintances, family members and above all our customers in the last 12 years a good lift off into 2012 with lots of love, joy and confidence. Of course added with health. We want to thank all those who accompany us for many years and constantly present new challenges, may they still appear impossible! The year 2012 will be exceptional and we will turn the adventure and aerospace world upside down! We promise!

12.12.2011: H.A.L.O. Jetflights and space adventure, these are the specialities of us for more than 10 years. Well, we thought of introducing something new. We are glad to acquaint you with our new HALO adventures. HALO means 'High Altitude Low Opening', a type of skydiving, better known as MFF (Military Free Fall). You ask yourself, what does this have to do with space adventures? Well, the commercialization of the HALO is just the first step up to the 'Space Jump'. Of course, we also work with international partners at this level, but it will take some years on top from now, until a man can fly to an altitude of 100km, and then just jump out and falling towards Earth! As long as it is to wait, and we take you to altitudes of 30,000 ft, where the sky begins already to be black and the curvature of Earth is to see! If you are hooked only once on your tandem master, the door is open and you stare into the abyss, there's no turning back! A 2-minute free fall will follow, and this will lead you to your limits! Most definitely. We have designed with his American partners exclusively for the European market, individual programs, which are themselves also could be used as a new enrichment as incentives, team training and coachings! So look forward to the new programs that you can find on our specially designed website at www.halojumpers.com. And remember: always climb high and drop safe!

Since 2005 we are offering expedition tours to the Russian Baikonur Cosmodrome. Many of our customers were only 1.5 miles away, when the Soyuz rocket with three astronauts in the capsule lift off in an 8-minute journey toward Earth orbit, by nearly two days later to dock with the International Space Station. In March 2012 (end of March TBD) we will conduct a new expedition, you are faced with the Russian space technology! First 3 days in Star City on the trail of Yuri Gagarin, then with one of the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center planes towards Baikonur. There you will see in 4 days most of that what the cosmodrome has to offer! The Cottages of Sergei Korolev, the Russian space shuttle 'Buran', Energia launch pad and you will accompany the cosmonauts at the various press conferences. You accompany the Soyuz rocket on the way to Gagarinsky launchpad to see the missile being erected there, to watch from a VIP viewpoint the launch preparations before launch. After liftoff, you fly back to Moscow for to see two days later the docking of 'your' mission in the Russian flight control centre at Korolyov live with the International Space Station. We have two programs to choose from: a long program as described above, as well as a 5-day short program, which will lead only to Baikonur! Thus, you can choose yourself on which expedition you would want to participate. The experience factor is guaranteed for both! Here you will find your Soyuz Baikonur Liftoff ...

26.11.2011: MIG-29 'Fulcrum' AEROSPACE ADVENTURES.
If you have always dreamed of it once, to move with supersonic, then the Russian MIG-29 'Fulcrum' is the climax of jet flights! Since 2006 we are using flying opportunities on the Russian airbase of SOKOL in Nizhny Novgorod. Also in 2012 we will continue the flights, with a few special highlights that you can only get from us. You will be well prepared for the different flight opportunities with the MIG-29 in the skies over Nizhny Novgorod. Whether you want to have aerobatic manoeuvres during the flight or you want to use the machine appeals to fly high as possible into the stratosphere: after the adventure, customers are speechless and want to try the same again! Click here for the MIG-29 ...

18.11.2011: Zero G Flight Campaign 2012.
Since 2002 we 'kidnapped' customers in zero gravity. This also in 2012. We have scheduled several flights with the Russian Ilyushin 76 MDK distributed throughout the year 2012, for which we want to make our long-proven specially developed program. So if you want to take this opportunity to finally lose even the ground beneath your feet, then come with us to Star City, to experience the hospitality of Russia and other attractions such as the Monino Air Force Museum, which is one of the best museums of aviation and aeronautics in the world. Surely you will also learn some historical facts about the first man in space, to today's aerospace, and you will get an insight into the training programs what the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center conducts for all the regular teams of the International Space Station. However, the highlight of the trip will be the parables, you can experience weightlessness in free fall. The instructors train the astronauts and cosmonauts normally, but what you can experience all in weightlessness, we do not want to tell now, of course not! To weightlessness ...

We developed from 2005 to 2008, together with Russian partners a very special program: an expedition to the landing of the Soyuz spacecraft in Kazakhstan. In April 2009 we started with 12 people on it as part of a corporate event to attend during the landing of Soyuz TMA-13. First, in Star City, the group was made familiar with the Russian space history, we walked in the footsteps of Yuri A. Gagarin. Then to Astana, the capitol city of Kazakhstan. Further to Karaganda to the south. Here, the waiting began on the date when the group would leave the hotel by jeep to drive several hundred kilometres far at night with jeeps. 6 hours later in the middle of nowhere, our group met the rescue unit of Roskosmos, the Russian Space Agency. Several hours later a loud bang in the clear blue skies over Kazakhstan: the landing of Soyuz TMA-13 capsule. The capsule opened the last giant parachute and floated towards in direction to its landing point. This is a remarkable journey, can't describe with words if you would not even there. We will conduct again in 2012 expeditions to the Soyuz landing, aiming for the first time, the landing of Soyuz TMA-04M in June 2012. Whether you are in the process, you can decide by early May 2012. Also, there is a landing earlier in March, but this is something for die-hards because the weather conditions can be somewhat barbaric! To the Soyuz landing expedition ...

17.09.2011: SOYUZ TMA-22 LIFTOFF:
Out of a malfunction of a Soyuz rocket in August, the flight schedule of the manned flights to the International Space Station has changed. Now our SOYUZ TMA-22 LIFTOFF MISSION will be starting on November 9th up to November 17th, 2011. We have to programs, a longer one and a shorter one. Both programs are unique and will show you the Russian and international spaceflight with the liftoff of the only at the moment available spaceship to the International Space Station ISS. The booking for both adventures is still possible up to October 8th, 2011. Do not miss the opportunity to be with us in Kazakhstan! Baikonur is a very special place to visit the historical places, where Yuri Gagarin made his first flight to space in 1961! More ...

Are you dreaming of a flight through the sound barrier? Do you want to experience a special class flight, high as you can go? Then, our SUMMER EXTRA is just right for you! Up to August 31st, 2011 special prices applies to all those who are really interested in to fly in this year and take a jet ride with the world famous Russian MIG-29! Nowhere else in the world, you can fly this kind of jet, and nowhere else you can fly like in Russia! Adrenaline pushes with the most safety guarantees! We are performing the flights with the MIG-29 'Fulcrum' since 2006, and we were with some programs first in providing, as with the "Edge of Space Flights" possibilities with the MIG-29! About the price we want to reveal anything here yet, so please do not hesitate to contact us and talk with us to arrange your own special flight adventure! More ...

25.07.2011: NEW! HALO TANDEM JUMP EXCLUSIVELY. We are pleased with our U.S. special partners for Europe to introduce an exclusive program: HALO parachute jumps! HALO stands for High Altitude - Low Opening! These parachute jumps from high altitudes include a very long free-flight phase. Your plane will take you in Memphis/Tennessee/USA at an altitude of at least 8534 m (28,000ft). A day before you have learned in a special training with the HALO-specialists in Memphis all the basics that put you in the situation, to jump hooked at your highly experienced jumpmaster out of the plane. Normally on these altitudes airliners are flying here, but this may not affect you at your jump day! You will rush min. 2 min hanging on your jump master towards the ground before the parachute is pulled. Another jumper takes from your jump a HiDef video. High-resolution images also of your jump! A unique adventure which has not made yet by many civilians! These programs are arranged exclusively for European customers. And they are also particularly suitable for incentives and team training. Do you want to know more? Click here to fall down ...

08.07.2011: SOYUZ TMA-21 LANDING EXPEDITION. The landing schedule of the Soyuz Mission TMA-21 was changed. The landing is now planned for September 8th, 2011. Our expedition tour begins now on September 5th, 2011. More information ...

04.07.2011: TO THE EDGE OF SPACE - SPACE AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE: Since 2002 we are performing 'Edge of Space Flights" with fighter jets. To take our customers high as possible. We flew the MIG-25, the MIG-31 and the Electric Lightning. The only place, where you can do that nowadays is Russia! There, you can fly together with a very experienced test pilot to the 'Edge of Space'. Space is in real at 330,000ft (100km) altitude (at the so-called 'Karman Line') US-Airforce declared the altitude of space with 262,467ft (80km). However, today the only possibility is to fly as high as possible, our MIG-29UB 'Fulcrum'. We are now celebrating the 100th 'Edge of Space Flight'! That means we sent since 2002 100 people to the 'Edge of Space'. We were first in the world, who performed in 2008 with a lady an 'Edge of Space Flight' with the MIG-29. So, we are celebrating this with a special flight rate! If you want to know the conditions and the rates, do not hesitate to contact us. Our Mission Director, by himself a very experiences space- & jet flight trainer will explain you all the things and will give you all the answers what you need, to do this by yourself. We can guarantee you: This flight you will never forget in your lifetime! Your adventure will start here! More ...

01.06.2011: SOYUZ TMA-21 RETURN. On April 4, 2011, Soyuz TMA-21 rises up in the heaven of the Cosmodrome Baikonur in Kazakhstan. This flight was named "Gagarin" to honour the 50th anniversary of human spaceflight. We were in 2009 the first aerospace operator, who made it possible to bring people to the landing site of the Soyuz spacecraft when it comes back to land in the wilderness of Kazakhstan. We attend the landing of the (until now) last space tourist Charles Simonyi, who made his second spaceflight as a "spaceflight participant". Our Soyuz LiftOff tours to the cosmodrome Baikonur are very popular since 2005, but this landing tour is very special because this is comparable with a unique adventure tour, what combines the characteristics of human spaceflight with a unique tour to into the "middle of nowhere". Depending on, where the landing will be estimated, we drive more of 400km with 4-wheel-cars to attend the rescue team for the landing operations, or we fly directly with MI-8 helicopters to the landing site. With the Soyuz TMA-21 landing on September 16, 2011 (TBD) you will take apart at one of the unique adventures in human spaceflight, the "Return of Soyuz". More ...

31.05.2011: STS 135 "ATLANTIS". Just one more chance you have to experience a space shuttle launch live. On July 8, 2011, the U.S. space shuttle Atlantis with the Mission STS-135 will head from Florida to space, to dock two days later at the International Space Station. After this start, it will never be another space shuttle launch! We put together a special tour to bring you closer to the Space Shuttle program with getting in touch with the history of the US space program. You must hurry up, because the deadline for to participate on this tour is June 5, 2011 More ...

20.04.2011: SPRING AWAKENING. The easter weekend is short infront of the door. The weather conditions now in Germany starting to be very good. We hope, that you will find time to have a nice time with your family and friends on easter. Maybe, you will also have the time to think about, how to steel your mentalizm and physis for your working routine? Our Jet-Pilot training is unique! It will help to sharp your senses. So, try to think about a very special training, what will help you to deal with your workflow! For a short time, We are offering this Jet-Pilot training for only 2.850,00 Euro. Nowhere you will have the same high quality program! More ...

17.04.2011: YURI'S NIGHT. The contests of "YURI'S NIGHT" 50th anniversary, what we sponsored as big prices, ended on April 15th 2011. Up to April 22th 2011 you can vote on the YURI'S NIGHT FACEBOOK WEBSITE for your best picture. The winners will be announced live on April 28th 2011 during the live vidcast of SPACEVIDCAST (www.spacevidcast.com) during the launch of STS-134 'Endeavour'. Maybe also, you are beloning to the lucky winners?

12.04.2011: YURI GAGARIN. Today, exactly 50 years ago, Yuri A. Gagarin became the first human to flew to space and thus make an age-old dream come true. Midst of the Cold War, and at first unnoticed by the world, Yuri Gagarin flew into space, orbited Earth in 1 hour and 48 minutes before he landed. Only after he had landed safely, the Soviet Union spread the message of this adventure, which then spread like wildfire around the world. A man has penetrated for the first time ever space! Yuri's flight was a milestone in the history of mankind. We and YURIS' NIGHT INTERNATIONAL offers you the opportunity, to walk in the footsteps of Yuri Gagarin or even to be weightless. You can participate up to April 15 on our cooperation contest, what you can reach directly on the YURIS' NIGHT WEBSITE.

FIRST ORBIT is the title of the film of the British filmmaker Christopher Riley. In FIRST ORBIT, the film shows almost the first flight path of Yuri Gagarin's spaceship "Vostok 1" around Earth, so the "First Orbit", and you can fly with us. We present the movie on our website. More ...

11.04.2011: JET-PILOT TRAINING IN GERMANY. We are since June 2007 the first provider of jet pilot trainings in Germany, when we start to work with a L-39ZO "Albatross" jetfighter. We noticed from the beginning to the legal rules that apply to this type of training. Many customers enjoy since then the opportunity to complete a special training, and after this training the free-flight, too. Because if you were able to conclude the training successfully before. Again, our quality speaks for itself. Spring is coming with big steps now, and we would like to make you more familiar with our program, which will introduce you to a day in the mysteries of jet flight. The price of this adventure (Jetpilottraining including the possibility of free flight), including 2 video cameras that film your free flight (30min) and the 4-hour training program itself, is 3.250, - €. The program is also ideal for corporate incentives and team trainings. Please contact us if you need more informations. More ...

07.04.2011: STS-134 ENDEAVOUR.
There are only two space shuttle tours in this year left. NASA postponed now the liftoff date for STS-134 Endeavour to 29.04.2011 because of scheduling of a Russian Progress Cargo ship, what will have it's liftoff on 27.04.2011. The STS-134 tour is overbooked, but there is still open one option, STS-135 Atlantis in June 2011. We have to see, if the launch date will not be changed, but you will have still the opportunity to see the last space shuttle liftoff finally. It is always very hard, to fix this tours because of the rescheduling of the liftoffs of the shuttle. But most of our customers want to participate on exactly this tour, because its unique. More ...

06.04.2011: SOYUZ TMA-02M.
The next Soyuz Liftoff tour of Soyuz TMA-02M was planned around 30.05.2011. The Russian space agency announced, that now this takeoff will be postponed to a date, what will be between 07.06. and 10.06.2011. So, we have to change our planned tour to Russian and Baikonur a little bit, and we will let you know, when the final liftoff date will be announced. More ...

15.03.2011: YURI'S NIGHT 2011.
Interested in taking a Zero-G flight in the homeland of Yuri Gagarin, or seeing a rocket launch at the Baikonur Cosmodrome? Today, we’re announcing two contests that will give Yuri’s Night fans and space devotees around the world a once-in-a-lifetime chance at these experiences: the “Call to Humanity ” Space Exploration Ad Competition, which calls on talented graphic designers, artists, and other creative individuals to create a powerful and inspiring print campaign that will move people to think about and support humanity’s future in space, and the “International Space Sweepstakes”, a free global drawing. More ...

27.02.2011: BAIKONUR. Unfortunately it is not possible to have access to Baikonur at the planned Soyuz liftoff on March 2011, honored to Yuri A. Gagarin. The Russian state and the Russian space agency Roskosmos invited special guests from around the world to be a witness for this event, and so they increased the security level for Baikonur in this time. But, don't worry to much: in 2011 will be 3 more additional liftoff's of Soyuz which you can attend. We have also 2 different tours, our longyear tour "VIP in Star City and LiftOff in Baikonur" (9 days with a lot of special highlights), and a shorter tour for 5 days, for people who want to go only to Baikonur. So, we have in this year more possibilities to keep you in touch with this special place on planet Earth. It will be a special visit, anyway, in the year in which it is 50 years ago, since Yuri A. Gagarin made the first human step to space! More ...

14.01.2011: SPACE SHUTTLE FAREWELL TOUR STS-134 'ENDEAVOUR'. Out of the postponing and delays of STS-133 'Discovery', now targeted for liftoff not earlier as February 24, 2011, also STS-134 'Endeavour has received a new launch date, not earlier as April 19th, 2011. Out of this, our Farewell-Tour has a changed date. We scrubbed all booked flights for the formerly planned flight and retarget them now, that our tour will start on April 16 and will run to April 25, 2011. This is the last shuttle flight (there is one in addition at some months in consideration, but not fixed yet) what will occur. So, join the group and see the fantastic worlds of human spaceflight on the East coast of the United States! More ...

Our V.I.P. Tour to Russian Star City, flying to Baikonur to stay there during the preparations of the Soyuz liftoff and afterwards visiting the Mission Control Center in Korolev is unique! For smaller budgets, without losing of safety and quality, we have also compiled a short trip to Baikonur only, what is suitable both for individuals and for bigger groups! Right now, the special launch what is dedicated to Yuri Gagarin is targeted for March 30. This liftoff is a very special event, a lot of celebrities are invited from the Russian Space Agency Roskosmos for the launch of Soyuz TMA-21. You will see many amazing and fascinating things during your trip. And these 5 days in the Kazakh steppe will be never forgotten! More ...

13.01.2011: SPACE SHUTTLE FAREWELL TOUR 'DISCOVERY' STS-133. 'Safety first' is the motto, and we can understand completely that the NASA engineers have to do a very good job and to do their best for making the Space Shuttle Launch STS-133 'Discovery' as safe as possible. Now NASA announced, that the liftoff will not take place earlier on February 24, 2011. But, this date is also not of hundred percent, because other transports of cargo ships occurring in this time to deliver goods to the ISS. We can not yet say if it comes to this liftoff or there will be further shifts. Certainly, the tour what we have developed is unique besides the shuttle launch. With the launch, of course, a little bit more special. We asked many participants if it might be a good idea to make the tour whether the liftoff of the shuttle will occur or not. Let us know your thoughts! More ...

12.01.2011: 50th ANNIVERSARY OF HUMAN SPACEFLIGHT. We are providing since 2005 very special tours to the cosmodrome Baikonur in the Kazakh steppe. Also, in this year will be some lift off's, but the Soyuz flight in March of the mission 'Soyuz TMA-21' will be a very special flight, which honours the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's first flight into space. Soyuz will rise up in the sky of Kazakhstan again. You will take part at all of the launch preparations, what will begin if the Soyuz integration hall will open early in the morning the doors, and the Soyuz will carry out on a train to the launch pad. You will follow the train to the pad. Before you visited world legendary Star City and you saw the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center. You will be ready to watch the liftoff of the Soyuz rocket only 1.5km away from the pad, nowhere else in the world you will have such an opportunity to come closer. You will be a part of the history, when the Astronauts and Cosmonauts will head into the direction to meet space station ISS two days later, and you will follow on in the flight control centre of Koroljov the docking procedure. But everywhere, you will feel the presence of Yuri Gagarin and Sergey Korolev. Both men made it first possible; the encounter of mankind with space. More ...

01.01.2011: THE NEW YEAR 2011 ARRIVED.
We wish all our customers, friends, acquaintances, partners and families a happy new year 2011 with good health, happiness and confidence. The new year 2011 will give you a lot of surprises, it will be a year full of adventure, events and experiences that has not existed before. Many new things have come to the time in, however, "Psssst!". We will then announce it when the time is right to do so. In any case, it will be exciting and unique! In the coming days and weeks there will be something new to discover, and as you expect from us, we will let you know. Join our newsletter simply, and you will hear it immediately!


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