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NEWS 2017

02.03.2017: YOU WILL BE A STRATONAUT! The Stratosphere is the 2nd layer of Earth's atmosphere. On the south and the north pole, it started in altitudes at 8 km, at equator regions of Earth it starts at 15 km altitude. The Stratosphere is up to 50 km, where the Mesosphere is starting. Inside the Stratosphere the temperature rises as higher you go.

Since the year 2000, we fly into the Stratosphere with high-performance fighter jets. We call this region "To the Edge of Space" or "Edge of Space" because the FAI ("Fédération Aéronautique Internationale") named it decades ago. It is a fixed term in aerospace. The physical border, so the real edge of space, is at 100km altitude, called the "Karman Line." At this point, aerospace is transferring to astronautics.

Flights with the MIG-29UB "Fulcrum" are nowadays the only possibility to get high as possible with tremendous speed. Altitudes between 17 and 21 kilometres can be reached, depending on the situation of the day. Mostly, such "Edge of Space Flights" are performed in winter times between October and April, because the temperatures below the Stratosphere are deeper like in summer times. That gives more lift to the plane, and because of speed, it can go higher than like in summer times.

So, when you want to go high up, flying with Mach 1,7 (around 1,850 kph), you are strapped to your ejection seat, packed in layers of special clothes and an anti-g-force full body suit. That all keeps you alive! You can enjoy the view high above; you will see Earth curvature like never before!

Afterwards, you will feel the g-forces during aerobatic manoeuvres, what the test-pilot will show you. You go up as a human and will come back down to Earth as another one. No doubts! And you are an STRATONAUT!

Your carrer as a Stratonaut starts here!

18.02.2017: YOUR ROAD TO THE STARS! A change in the launch schedule for 2017 because of decisions of the Russian Space Agency Roskosmos, makes it a little bit more challenging for us to take you on your road to the stars. The two first launches of the year will be in March and May, but this year it will be April and July. Because of a problem of the Soyuz MS-04 spacecraft, there was done the decision to change the missions. For human spaceflight, everything is done to be on the safe side! Soyuz MS-04 will lift-off now on April 20, 2017, and Soyuz MS-05 will lift off on July 28, 2017! It is a really "hot" adventure to be in July at Kazakhstan, but it is also a very nice time to stay there, if you don't have any problems with high temperatures, what can be behind +40 degree Celsius in the early morning. But no worry, in the nights the temperatures falling to +10 degrees for cooling you down! Soyuz MS-05 will lift a three men crew to the stars. Also, Italian ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli will be on the flight. To see the road to the stars in real belongs to a "must-do" trip for any space enthusiast. Interested fans, we will set on the participant's list for no costs, contracts will only be made min. +45 days before a confirmed lift-off. More info about our trips are here!

Road to the stars!

10.02.2017: GETTING RID OF WEIGHT! Getting rid of the attraction of gravity means to go into a huge plane in Russia, the Ilyushin 76-MDK. This aircraft used for decades for cosmonaut training and scientific research of behaviour in weightlessness. Since the year 2000 we fly with this big bird, what represents the largest wide body parabolic aircraft in the world, zeroG flights, in which you can float free like the astronauts onboard the space station ISS. We do each year several fun flights and also specific flights for purposes of filming commercials. Depending on the demand, we can fly 10 to 20 parabolas in each flight, maximum two flights a day. When you want to get onboard during our fun flights you will come back full of emotions. Your personal boarding pass is waiting on you here!

14.01.2017: YOUR PRIVATE VOID! You are sitting in a turboprop aeroplane, equipped with different skydiving gear and hooked to your very experienced HALO jumpmaster. The aircraft is flying up to 30,000 feet, you trying to relax. When reaching the altitude, you hear the command "EXIT! EXIT! EXIT" and the master chief of the drop flight opens the door. You will move with your jumpmaster quickly to the open door, and then you have your private void in front of you! You were looking down in a 30,000 feet abyss! You will have a more than 2 minutes free fall to do, then 3 minutes longer before reaching Earth's soil again. Your pulse is rising more, and then you jump out! Sounds incredible? Try it in this year, your abyss is still waiting here!

02.01.2017: WELCOME TO ALL OF YOU IN 2017! New challenges, new endeavours, new programs and new adventures are on the drawing boards. Also, SPACE AFFAIRS will have a tremendous change in this year, we will make the next step in our evolution after 17 years in business! Watch out, and hope to see you!



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