Your ZeroG-Style

Video of the month: "FIRST ASTRONAUT STEPS - Zero-G by Space Affairs!"

Bringing Space to Earth! Space is our new frontier. With us it is reachable and touchable and will enhance your life with many new experiences, too!

SPACE AFFAIRS - the first commercial Space Agency of the world, will give you new insights and wíll create new feelings.

We are focussed on special events concerning of flying and being in space. For private customers as well as for corporate clients. You would like to fly a supersonic jet to feel the g-forces? Absolve an astronauts training-scheme whilst feeling the weightlessness?

Discover extraordinary places where other humans explore the secrets of space? If you dreamt about the aforementioned points since your childhood, then there is no need to worry, because nowadays nothing´s impossible: With us, dreams will become reality!



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Information: September 2017

Last edited: 04.09.2017