HALO tandem Skydive Experience!



Attention: Since July 1, 2017, we do not offer any kind of HALO Tandem jumps anymore. Thank you for your understanding.

A HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) jump is describing a parachute jump from high altitude beginning between 28,000ft and 35,060ft (8.600-10.686 m) with an extra long free-fall phase until the parachute will be opened. We bring you up to where the sky begins to turn black, where you can see the curvature of the earth and the air is thin too, to breathe without an oxygen mask. You are in the death-zone up there!

When you are at the exit at 30,000 feet, only the abyss is down below you

Normally airliners are flying at this altitude, but instead to enjoy the comfortable flight, you put on harnesses and oxygen equipment, open the door and jump out. In a tandem with one of the most experienced HALO jumpmasters of the world: a breathtaking experience, but also a unique challenge and fulfilment of humanity's dream of flying.

You fly to Memphis (Tennessee) and meet at Whitefield the HALO Jumper Team. Very experienced former military instructors who frequently train paratroopers of NATO forces. You will find because of your HALO jump a lot of new friends in the upcoming days. The best civilian HALO jumpers are there!

The first day on Sunday you will spend in the theoretical and practical training with your team and your personal jump master. Here you will become familiar with the equipment and all necessary safety precautions. Your instructor has made thousands of such HALO jumps, including jumps over Denali (Mount McKinley) and Mount Everest.

Exit with your HALO-tandem master at 30,000 feet

On Monday morning, then it goes off early: After adjustment of your personal equipment you start in the direction of the airport and you must be there at 6:30 am. There, the Beechcraft King Air and the rest of the team is still wating. This aircraft is particularly well suited to bring you in the required jump altitude. Before the take off, you and your jump master will suit fitted and you will receive the last instructions and training issues of the event of your lifetime.

The exact start date depends on the weather. This may mean well, that you spend a few hours at the airport until your team leader gives the GO.

The final jump altitude depends on conditions during the flight day and can only be determined shortly before the take off with the plane. The flight will be performed in any case only if a jump of more than 28,000 ft (~ 8,500 m) is possible.

You will expect a 2 minute freefall with 220 km/h

And then there's your big moment: hooked to your instructor, you jump with your tandem master out of the plane and you will have a free-fall experience, which have so far seen only by a very few civilians. The free fall lasts approximately 2 minutes, and you will enjoy every second - the longest, most intense minutes of your life!

If everything goes according to plan, your jump will take place on Monday morning, after you left the rest of the weekend to the HALO jumper team to celebrate your extensively experience. The team is great, and you will love them very much! You will be welcomed there as a family member! But you should always plan on Monday as a backup day, as the weather cooperates not always as desired.

The best season for HALO jumps is mid of April up to November.

The sky belongs to you!

We are happy to offer you a tourist package to organize the complete trip to Memphis. Do not hesitate to contact us!

The HALO Tandem jumps are perfect as incentives and as a challenge in the context of coaching and team training.


  • Jump & safety training before the jump
  • HALO tandem jump - complete jump equipment, helmet, oxygene device, flight suit
  • Video and photos from a special GoPro HD Action cam, mounted on your wrist.
  • Participation Certificate

  • After the HALO-tandem you will belong to an unique circle of people who did it!

    Attention: All dates are planned. There will be NO guarantee, which jumps on these dates will be performed. 45 days in advance (latest) of the planned schedules there will be given a "go for it"! For special jump purposes, it is possible always to plan with 45 days in advance for a particular date on demand if available. There is also no guarantee if the open slots are available all the time until the end of booking period. We are selling the slots "first comes, first served" and will mark the schedules what aren't available anymore in bold.

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