SPACE AFFAIRS Partner Program


We developed a lot of programs and services in the last 15 years. Not in theoretical- in practical ways. We tested and done it all by self. When it was approved, we released the programs to the customers. Meanwhile, you will find a lot of programs on the web what are comparable with ours. It makes us proud, because if your programs are copied from others that mean, they must be good.

WE were first in Europe who invent space tourism programs from a European base. For us, it's valid: quality instead of quantity. We are experts with a large knowledge of space tourism, aerospace adventures, expeditions to the farthest places on Earth and finally also specialists for the space business. It doesn't matter if we speak about suborbital or orbital, human spaceflight or cargo options. And we are doing this for more than 14 years for now.

We are offering only real existing programs. Of course, if we speak about suborbital space tourism, we have to wait what will come in the future.

If we missed something, and you have something special what we could also offer in an open partnership with you, then please do not hesitate to tell us about your service, programs or special offers. Contact us to discuss your programs and services. We are also to see as an interface between customers who are out and don't know, that there are existing providers who could satisfy their needings. Also in the other direction: There are providers out who are offering unique and special services, and they try to locate where the customers are. Exactly this is where we are also situated.

Space tourism and anything that is connected with this new kind of business are still a very innovative product. We know it because we guided and influenced a part of ways in the past.

We are operating worldwide, from Hawaii in eastern direction to New Zealand. We try to cover any timezone on planet Earth.

Also, we are open for to discuss a partnership with you so that you can offer our services and products under your label, brand our service.

If you are interested, send us a submission to info[at]space-affairs[dot]com or use easily our contact form and we will love to talk with you.

SPACE AFFAIRS partners are handcrafted, and we know the people of the companies very well. With some of them, we are operating for more than a decade, some of them are very new on the market and representing a new light of the new way of humankind to space. For the special kind of business, the people behind the desks are 'space entrepreneurs' in development with new kind of transportation vehicles and to put them out into the market. As we are by self with spreading the new space age around the world, and out into the universe!


Mantis Extreme

London based Mantis eXtreme is an extraordinary collection of journeys which combine once-in-a-lifetime encounters and experiences, with iconic places to stay in the world’s most awe-inspiring settings. For travellers with a taste for style and an appetite for adventure, the Mantis eXtreme portfolio takes the passion for globetrotting to a whole new level — offering the ultimate in high-end experiential travel. Mantis Extreme is our partner and offers our tailormade aerospace adventures for their very unique worldwide clients.

XCOR Space Expeditions

XCOR Space Expeditions based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, is since 2011 the exclusive worldwide sales point for U.S. manufacturer XCOR's "Lynx" suborbital space plane what will take off to suborbital altitudes in 2017/2018. SPACE AFFAIRS is offering the co-pilots seat of the Lynx since 2009 and is supporting XCOR Space Expeditions with training possibilities worldwide like zeroG flights in Russia or flights with high performance fighter jets like the MIG-29 to the edge of space. More to come!

BLOON - zero2infinity

Barcelona based zero2infinity is a private company developing technologies to enable cost-efficient access to Near-Space with zero-environmental impact flying solutions. SPACE AFFAIRS is the first real space tourim provider who is offering the BLOON. The BLOON is a helium balloon with a gondola what will take people to near space, up in altitudes nearby 40 kilometres. Overview effect exclusive! The Bloon will have its maiden flight in the year 2018.

Haltinner Space Experiences

HALTINNER Space Experiences based in Berlin, Germany, considers the human way in to space as an inevitable necessity and understands the shift of commercial business as a promising opening to support human progress and to explore new opportunities. HALTINNER Space Experiences is Space Affairs new partner for adapting buisness into the future to present it to a high level customer range. Founder Henning Richard Haltinner is a really creative business man, in some cases he is still a mastermind. The collaboration between him and Space Affairs will be emmerged in the next upcoming years.

Air Zero-G

Bordeaux based Air Zero G is a partnership involving Novespace, a CNES subsidiary, dedicated to scientific parabolic flights for 25 years, and Avico, French airline broker leader. Since 2013 there is the possibility to experience zeroG flights for anybody onboard Novespace's Airbus.


Bremen based ProFlight is the leading agency of Europe who is providing real flights on full flight simulators. ProFlight experience flights take place exclusively in Level-D Full Flight Simulators from Lufthansa Flight Training. They are certified by the German Federal Aviation Authority and replicate a real aircraft down to the last detail. SPACE AFFAIRS is using ProFlight's capabilities for real cockpit flight experiences for it's special training programs.

HALO Jumper

Halojumper is the only certified company who is offering under US FAA license High Altitude Low Opening skydives for individuals. They are located at Memphis/Tenessee USA and operating HALO jumps in tandems for individuals out of altitudes between 28,500 and 32,000 feet. SPACE AFFAIRS is offering the unique and full adrenaline skydive adventures in USA since 2009.


TRANS-TECH, based in Italy, is up to provide to small and medium enterprises a tangible support for technology innovation and business development. TRANS- TECH is SPACE AFFAIRS reference point in Italy for promotion, development of technology and marketing services related to Space Tourism and they are our certified partner for offering all the aerospace and space related adventures and scientific payload options of our network.


PRO TOURA, founded in 1992, is nowadays Europa's leading agency for corporate events in the world of aerospace. Located in Frankfurt, Bremen, Berlin, München and Wien, PRO TOURA designed very exclusive events with using original locations like the Lufthansa Flight Training Center (Frankfurt) or ESA's Astronaut Training Center (EAC - Cologne). For corporate clients SPACE AFFAIRS is using the capabilities, experience and knowledge of PRO TOURA and for business activities in general the office network.